Renegade Immortal Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – Exchange (2)

“Too showy. Apprentice-brother Zhao, beat him up and make the sect proud!”

“Let that pretty face see how strong our Heng Yue Sect is. Go, brother Zhao!”

“The Xuan Dao Sect is too arrogant. Brother Zhao, you must make him look miserable! They even dared to say something like only use 50% of their power!”

“The Xuan Dao Sect is too cunning. They already have an excuse ready for when they lose. I’ll be watching, brother Zhao! Go!”

All of the Heng Yue Sect disciples were riled up. Those words by the Xuan Dao Sect Elder hurt their self-esteem.

The elders of the Heng Yue Sect’s faces all darkened. They stayed silent, but theirs eyes became cold and their gazes toward the Xuan Dao Sect became less friendly.

Sun Dazhu chuckled. He smiled and whispered to Wang Lin, “Disciple, watch this carefully. This exchange will be more intense than before. This is the first time the Xuan Dao Sect has dared to be so arrogant.”

Wang Lin looked around at the angry inner disciples and then looked at Liu Feng. There was still a layer of black fog on his body that prevented Wang Lin from seeing his cultivation level.

Liu Feng stood on the stage and gently said, “Brother Zhao, since our sect elder has spoken, I’ll only use 50% of my power in this fight.”

Zhao Long was of medium height. His complexion was dark and his body looked very strong. Instead of a cultivator, he looked more like a warrior in the mortal world.

He cautiously looked at Liu Feng. He clasped his hands and said, “Brother Liu, please!” When he finished speaking, he took a step, then blooming white lotuses appeared one by one around him and floated around his body.

Slivers of sword qi appeared on the white lotuses. Sounds of wind hitting Zhao Long’s clothes could be heard, but there was no wind.

Sect head Huang Long smiled. “Zhao Long’s lotus blade has already reached the mid rank. Very good.”

The red faced elder proudly said on the side, “Haha, sect head, Zhang Long is my favorite disciple. His talent is very good and he is very hard working. This lotus blade is something he picked out himself from the sword pavilion. After 5 years, he has already reached the mid rank.”

Elder Xu smiled and said to the surrounding disciples, “The lotus blade is known for its attack power. You inner disciples should take this opportunity to learn from him.”

Wang Zhuo narrowed his eyes. He didn’t show it on his face, but he thought, “Lotus blade? Hmph, I know it as well. Give me 5 years and I’ll be stronger than him.”

“Brother Zhao is usually so quiet. I didn’t expect him to have already reached such a level with the lotus blade.” Sun Hao secretly envied him and watched carefully.

On the stage, Zhao Long shouted, “Brother Liu, this lotus blade of mine is very powerful. You have to be careful.”

At that moment, the lotuses floating around Zhao Long started to rapidly spin and sword qi rained down on Liu Feng.

Liu Feng’s expression remained calm. He quickly moved backward and formed a sign with this hand and shouted, “Water screen!” At that moment, the sky darkened and specks of light appeared. They were water droplets.

The water droplets gathered like lightning in front of Liu Feng, forming a screen of water. It shined rainbow colors and looked very pretty.

Elder Ouyang faintly smiled and said to the disciples behind him, “Heng Yue Sect’s Lotus Blade is a very hard technique to master. You all have to remember, if you meet this Lotus Blade, you mustn’t try to take it head on, but avoid it, unless you’re like Liu Feng, who has a pure water spirit root and can control the water at will.”

All the disciples nodded in agreement, all except the middle aged man in the back, who had a look of disdain on his face.

On the stage, the sword qi raining on Liu Feng hit the water screen. Zhao Long’s face sank. This water screen was too strange. The moment the sword qi landed on it, they disappeared without any effect.

He frowned and was about to use the same technique again, but he saw Liu Feng let out a smile. Liu Feng said, “Brother Zhao, you try and take on this lotus blade!”

The water rippled and sword qi shot out from the water screen toward Zhao Long. The same technique, the same sword qi.

Zhao Long’s expression changed. He quickly moved backwards, but the sword qi was too fast. He grinded his teeth and threw out yellow talismans from his bag of holding. The yellow talismans lit up without any fire and turned into a black mist.

The sword qi landed on the black fog and dissipated. The black fog managed to block most of the sword qi before disappearing, but some sword qi still got through it and pierced Zhao Long’s body.

Zhao Long was launched into the air by the sword qi. He coughed out blood as he was flying in the air. He finally crashed into the ground. After struggling for a while, he failed to get up.

There were many small holes throughout this body, however, none of them were that serious, so he wasn’t in any life threatening danger.

Liu Feng had a very proud expression on his face. He stepped off the stage and said, “Disciple listened to teacher and only used 50% of his power on the water rebound.”

The red faced elder quickly moved. His body turned into a red mist and landed next to Zhao Long’s body. His expression darkened as he patted Zhao Long’s body a few times and fed him some precious pills. After that, he said, “A very good water screen reflect. Only someone of 8th layer or higher can break through it. My disciple isn’t that strong yet, so defeat is normal!”

One by one, the Xuan Dao Sect’s disciples revealed looks of joy as they talked amongst each other.

“Just a 6th layer disciple and he thinks he can fight with brother Liu Feng. I knew instantly that we were going to win round 1.”

“So true. Brother Liu’s water screen is very powerful, even the elder can’t stop praising it. They must be dreaming if they think they can break it.”

“True. The Heng Yue Sect’s disciples are getting weaker year after year. In these past few days, I checked out the inner sect disciples and none of them are a threat to us.”

“That’s not completely true. None of the Heng Yue Sect’s purple clothed disciples have appeared yet. I heard from the elder that those are the Heng Yue Sect’s core disciples.”

Table of Content

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