Renegade Immortal Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Malicious Thoughts

While thinking about the three techniques, Wang Lin became excited. In an attempt to produce the Fireball technique, he formed the seal with his hand. However, forget about fire, not even a spark appeared. After a long time, he frowned and tried again.

Time and time again, he was ultimately met with failure. He only managed to produce a spark one time.

Wang Lin laughed bitterly. “Talent…it’s always talent!” He then practiced the Earth Splitting technique on a nearby rock. Although the results were better than what he achieved while attempting the Fireball technique, the crack was only the size of his pinky finger. This kind of technique was good for tricking mortals, but in a real battle, they were useless.

Finally, he practiced the Attraction Force Technique. He was still not satisfied with the result.

But considering that the success rate of the Attraction Force Technique was the highest, Wang Lin put all his effort into practicing Attraction Force. To put it simply, Attraction Force was really just controlling objects from a distance.

If one could control Attraction Force well, and has reached the second layer of Qi Condensation, they could practice the Repelling Technique. After one broke through the third layer and went into the fourth layer, they could go to the Sword Spirit House to select a flying sword.

After practicing for a long time, Wang Lin started to head home before it got dark. Now that he had reached the first layer of Qi Condensation, his eyesight and hearing had improved greatly. After entering through the east gate, he heard some familiar voices as he passed by the chore house.

“Brother Liu, when you first arranged for me to gather firewood, you said 100 pounds was enough to finish the task. Why is it 1000 pounds now? I, Zhang Hu, am not new, and over these past few years I have done much to please you. Do you really want to force me out of the sect?”

“Zhang Hu, don’t say that I’m making this hard on you. It is almost the end of the year, and even your brother here hasn’t had a good time. But you, instead of working, have come here to give me a sob story. When I brought the firewood that you gathered to the pill house, I was scolded. I took them back and checked them. You little bastard, you really are smart. In the 100 pounds of wood, there was at least 30 pounds of water.”

Zhang Hu was furious. He loudly said, “Not possible. You’re falsely accusing me. Wasn’t it because a few days ago, I saw Zhao FuGui give you an immortal talisman so you could pick an easier task for him? What’s the big deal? Among the honorary disciples, who doesn’t know how you act? As for trying to force me off the Heng Yue Sect, you really f*cked up, you bastard. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m going to tell the elders.”

“Zhang Hu, you forced me to do this. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for being unlucky to have seen something you shouldn’t have. Zhang Hu, stay here. If the elders know of this, your entire family could die with you.”

Disciple Liu’s cold voice came out of the room and Zhang Hu let out a scream. After hearing it, Wang Lin was surprised and kicked open the door.

Wang Lin first saw the youth named Liu’s hideous face. He was in the middle of thrusting a dagger toward Zhang Hu, who had a frightened expression and whose body was against the wall.

Wang Lin saw that he didn’t have enough time to help Zhang Hu. He quickly started to use the Attraction Force Technique. Luckily, it was successful this time. An invisible hand held down the attacker. However, the dagger had already cut Zhang Hu’s chest. Blood poured out from the wound.

The youth named Liu was extremely frightened. His whole body felt powerless as an invisible force held his body, preventing the dagger from being pushed down anymore.

Zhang Hu’s face was pale. Sweat filled his forehead. He looked at Wang Lin and quickly crawled to the side.

The youth named Liu was shocked, and immediately started to struggle. Wang Lin’s forehead started to sweat hard, as if he was starting to lose control.

This was the first time Wang Lin used the technique on a person. Obviously, he couldn’t control it well. Adding on to that, the person was struggling, so he had difficulty maintaining control. Wang Lin’s body trembled. Seeing that Zhang Hu wasn’t in danger anymore, he relaxed a bit and the Attraction Force Technique also loosened up.

Seeing that Liu was about to struggle free, Zhang Hu revealed a strange expression. He looked at Wang Lin, then at brother Liu. His expression turned ruthless. He picked up a wood-cutting axe and walked toward brother Liu.

Brother Liu’s face filled with fear and he struggled harder. Zhang Hu gritted his teeth and muttered to himself, “Not a man without poison. Brother Liu, you forced me to do this. You wanted to kill my whole family?”

“Zhang Hu what are you going to do?” Wang Lin was surprised, and the Attraction Force Technique lost its effect.

The moment the youth named Liu regained control of his body, Zhang Hu slammed down the axe toward brother Liu’s head. Brother Liu was too late to dodge. A sound like that of a watermelon being broken momentarily filled the room. Brother Liu’s body twitched on the ground before it stopped moving.

The axe in Zhang Hu’s hand fell to the ground. He looked at the bloody corpse with a complex expression.

Wang Lin was stunned. That was the first time he had seen such a bloody scene. After a long time, he bitterly started to ask, “Zhang Hu, you…”

Zhang Hu looked up at Wang Lin. His face looked distorted, revealing a grim look. He said, word for word, “Wang Lin, you saw as well. I didn’t want to kill him. If it wasn’t for you, I would have been killed by him. He forced me to do all that, he forced me!”

Wang Lin remained silent. He hadn’t for expected his to happen.

Zhang Hu took a deep breath. His face revealed a determined expression. He walked next to the corpse and searched it for a while. He took out a bag of holding containing hundreds of the talismans that honorary disciples used to visit their families. In addition to those, there was a thread-bound booklet. Zhang Hu glanced through the book and put it away in his clothes.

Afterward he searched the room. He eventually found a secret compartment under the bed. Inside it was a piece of yellow paper.

Pondering a little, he turned toward Wang Lin and said, “Wang Lin, today you saved me. I, Zhang Hu, will always remember this. As for the Heng Yue Sect, I won’t be able to stay any longer. When the sect finds disciple Liu’s body, they will investigate and find me in the end. I’m going to take these things. As for this disaster-causing immortal talisman, it must be a treasure, or else this youth named Liu wouldn’t have tried to kill me.” With that, he handed the yellow paper to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t take it. He let out a sigh and bitterly smiled. “You…why must you do this. If you hadn’t killed him…”

Zhang Hu frowned. He said, “Wang Lin, don’t talk about this anymore. I have suffered enough in these past few years. If you still consider me a friend, take this immortal talisman.”

Wang Lin bitterly took the talisman. He didn’t say any more.

“Wang Lin, I’m going to leave. This has nothing to do with you. If the sect investigates, they will only find me. By then, I will have already left the Heng Yue Sect. Hmph, the country of Zhao is very large. I don’t believe I’ll be an honorary disciple my whole life.” Zhang Hu’s expression was complex. After a long time, he slowly turned and left the room.

Table of Content

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