Renegade Immortal Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Chased out

When he thought of those gourds, he just couldn’t control his anger. No matter how he looked at the gourds on his way back, they looked normal. He even hollowed them out to fill with spring water. He was spotted by fellow apprentice-brother and was laughed at.

Wang Lin sneered in his heart, but on the surface he wore an innocent face as he said, “I don’t know what spiritual energy is. I just heard you say that you’ll give me a spirit stone if I bring you a gourd. How about you explain to me what spiritual energy is?”

Sun Dazhu felt dizzy. He seriously looked at Wang Lin for a long time. He began to suspect that the gourd was really the only one and was picked up in a stroke of luck by this dumb kid.

After pondering a little, he realized that what Wang Lin had said was reasonable. Only after reaching the first layer of Qi Condensation would one be able to detect spiritual energy in the surroundings. After thinking about it, he regretted putting drug in his food. This kid’s talent was already bad, and now with the drug, it would take at least 30 to 50 years before he could reach the first layer of Qi Condensation.

Sun Dazhu sighed, but he isn’t willing to give up. He hesitantly took out a low quality spirit stone and tossed it to Wang Lin. “This is the promised low quality spirit stone. Take this to cultivate and quickly cultivate to the first layer of Qi Condensation.”

Wang Lin quickly took it and returned to his room after expressing his gratitude.

Sun Dazhu just stood there for a long time before sighing and muttered to himself, “This is the only way to see if he is lying.”

Soul Search was a simple immortal technique. The worst possible outcome for the person it was used on would be death due to their soul being shattered. The best would be becoming a retard.

But this soul technique also had drawbacks. Before one reached the Core Formation stage, if used on a mortal, the user would suffer the same damage as the target.

If one was in the Core Formation stage, then it was not an issue. However, it could only be used three times in one’s lifetime, and every time it was used, the user would lose one level of cultivation.

Wang Lin sat crossed legged in his room. No matter how he observed the stone, it didn’t seem special at all. However, when he was holding it, he felt his mind become very clear. He started cultivating.

The night passed by. Wang Ling sighed. He still didn’t get the feeling of ants crawling in his body. No sign of spiritual energy in his body. He smiled bitterly. At that moment, someone pushed open the door. Sun Dazhu walked in with a dark expression, carrying a bowl of black liquid.

“Drink this!”

Wang Lin was stunned. He cautiously looked at it. Before taking it, he asked, “Teacher, what is this?”

Sun Dazhu saw Wang Lin’s expression and became angry. He shouted, “Do you really think I would harm you? If it wasn’t to help you reach the first layer of Qi Condensation, do you really think I would spend the whole night and waste precious herbs to make this drug?”

Wang Lin hesitated and saw Sun Dazhu’s unkind gaze. He took the bowl and gulped the drug down.

After he finished drinking it, he felt a burning feeling coming from his stomach. It spread to his whole body, making him feel thirsty. It was as if he was being baked in a fire.

His vision turned black. He dropped the bowl and felt as if he was about to fall asleep.

“Quickly cultivate. I’ll help you absorb.” Sun Dazhu reluctantly put his hand on Wang Lin’s chest.

A cool feeling entered Wang Lin’s head, clearing his mind. He quickly started to cultivate. Sun Dazhu sadly looked at the bowl on the floor. He muttered a few words, then took out a few low quality spirit stones and placed them around Wang Lin. He thought, “Boy, this time I’m investing a lot into you. In the future, you better repay me for all this.”

After a little while, the feeling of ants crawling in his body came. Sun Dazhu could clearly feel Wang Lin’s body condensing the spiritual energy from the drug. A joyous expression appeared on his face.

Just at that moment, a foul Qi appeared within Wang Lin’s body and quickly destroyed the condensing Qi.

Sun Dazhu’s face was bitter. He knew that the source of the foul Qi was the Qi shattering grass he had placed in Wang Lin’s food yesterday. After all the spiritual energy from the drug was used up, there still wasn’t any Qi condensed in Wang Lin’s body.

Sun Dazhu sighed. He stared at Wang Lin with mixed feelings.

Wang Lin opened his eyes. His body felt light and very comfortable. He was about to thank Sun Dazhu when he noticed the elder’s bitter face. Sun Dazhu left without saying a word.

Wang Lin was stunned. He didn’t know what was going on with Sun Dazhu. He walked out and shouted, “Teacher, I’ll go to the spring and see how my luck is today!”

Sun Dazhu didn’t say a word, but the gate to the garden silently opened. As he walked out, Sun Dazhu still followed behind him, unwilling to give up.

One month quickly passed. In that month, Wang Lin went to the spring to cultivate every day, and Sun Dazhu followed him every day. He became more and more disappointed each day.

Throughout the month, he gave Wang Lin drugs everyday to help him condense his Qi, but they all failed. Sun Dazhu’s temper became worse and worse.

The most important thing Sun Dazhu noticed was that the spiritual energy in the gourd slowly disappeared. After only a month, the spring water that filled the gourd came out as just spring water.

Finally, the gourd became the same as a normal gourd. Sun Dazhu was disappointed. After analyzing it, he guessed that this was a normal gourd, but was somehow charged with spiritual energy. This kid must have just stumbled upon it by pure luck. The chances of him having more gourds like this was very low.

He was more and more convinced that this was correct, causing his heart to ache. This month, he didn’t do anything but spy on Wang Lin and made medication for him. Now, all that effort had been wasted. He angrily called Wang Lin over. He reprimanded him, and with a wave of his sleeve, threw him out of the yard.

Every time he saw Wang Lin, he would get angry. Now, he was out of sight and out of mind. After a while, he had completely forgotten about that disciple.

He thought again. Even though Wang Lin had been taking medication the whole month, it would still take eight to ten years for Wang Lin to reach the first layer of Qi Condensation, unless he kept taking the medicine.

Table of Content

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