Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Character List

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Shen Family
Old Shen Furen – Concubine of Old General Shen – Promoted to wife after giving birth to Shen Gui and Shen Wan

1st Household
Shen Xin – Master – Son and only child of Old General Shen’s lawful wife
Lou Xue Yan – Eldest Shen Furen – Lou Sui’s third child
Shen Qiu – Eldest Young Master
Shen Miao – Fifth Lady – Di daughter
Gu Yu – Shen Miao’s maid
Jing Zhe – Shen Miao’s maid
Bai Lu – Shen Miao’s maid
Shuang Jiang – Shen Miao’s maid
Gui Momo – Shen Miao’s momo
Mo Qing – Shen Miao’s bodyguard

2nd Household
Shen Gui – Second Master
Ren Wan Yun – Second Shen Furen
Shen Yuan – Second Young Master
Shen Qing – Eldest Lady – Di daughter
Shen Yuan Bo – Seventh Young Master
Wan Yiniang
Shen Dong Ling – Third Shen Lady – Shu daughter

3rd Household
Shen Wan – Third Master
Chen Ruo Qiu – Third Shen Furen
Shen Yue – Second Shen Lady – Di daughter of Shen

Xie Family
Xie Ding – Xie Marquis
Princess Yu Qing – Xie Ding’s deceased wife, mother of Xie Jing Xing
Xie Jing Xing – Little Xie Marquis – Di son of Xie Ding
Madam Fang – Concubine of Xie Ding, mother of Xie Chang Wu & Xie Chang Chao
Xie Chang Wu – Second Young Master – Shu son of Xie Ding
Xie Chang Chao – Third Young Master – Shu son of Xie Ding

Imperial Family of Ming Qi
Ming Qi Emperor – Emperor Hui Wen
Prince Yu of First Rank – Younger blood brother of the Emperor
Consort Xu Xian – Mother of Prince Zhou and Prince Jing
Consort Dong Shu – Mother of Prince Ding
Crown Prince – Empress’s Son
Fu Xiu An – Prince Zhou – Fourth Prince
Fu Xiu Xuan – Prince Jing – Fifth Prince
Prince Li – Sixth Prince
Prince Xiang – Seventh Prince
Prince Chen – Eighth Prince
Fu Xiu Yi – Prince Ding – Ninth Prince
Prince Chu – One of the 9 Princes
Prince Xuan – One of the 9 Princes

Lou Family (Lou Xue Yan’s family)
Lou Sui – Head of the Lou family – Lou Xue Yan’s father
Lou Lian Ying – First son of Lou Sui
Madam Yu – Wife of Lou Lian Ying
Lou Ling – First son of Lou Lian Yin (older than Shen Miao)
Lou Sa – Second son of Lou Lian Ying (older than Shen Miao)
Lou Lian Tai – Second son of Lou Sui
Madam Ma – Lou Lian Tai’s wife
Lou Tan – Only daughter of Luo Lian Tai (older than Shen Miao)
Lou Qian – Only son of Luo Lian Tai (same age as Shen Miao)

Other Ming Qi characters
Pei Lang – Tutor in Guang Wen Hall
Feng An Ning – Shen Miao’s new friend from Guang Wen Hall
Master Su – Court official
Su Ming Feng – First son of Master Su
Su Ming Lang – Second son of Master Su

Table of Content

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