Leave Me and Go Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild

My new adventurer’s card was issued under the name Rock.

The job, a warrior. I have the Devil King’s sword, so it should be fine to become one.

After issuing the card, Gran said,

「This card is imbued with information concealment magic, and only the name Rock is shown」

「In other words?」

Gran then explained it to me. It is impossible to falsify adventurer cards.

Therefore, fake cards cannot be made.

「But the name on this card is Rock, not Rakku?」

「That’s because your real name is Rakku Rock Franzen」

Somehow somewhere, I gained a middle name.

「I made it so that only your middle name will be displayed. If the concealment magic is dispeled, your real name will show」

「Even the job?」

「Your primary job is the Great Sage, saviour of the world, strongest S-rank mage, and your secondary one is a F-rank warrior」

Usually the primary job’s rank is the adventurer’s.

「Can’t you do something about the ‘Great Sage’ part?」

「Nope. It’s a nickname given by the guild」

It’s a really unpleasant nickname. I will only hate this nickname, not like it.

This is the result of Gran and Eric behaving recklessly, thinking that I was dead.

「You can’t falsify your information. That’s why I made it so that it shows your secondary job」

Gran tried his best thinking of a way to not make the adventurer card, which cannot be falsified, stand out.

I am extremely grateful for his efforts.

There’s a lot of various information within these adventurer cards.

Whether the person’s parents are still alive, their names, jobs, ranks.

Their birthplace, monster subjugation rank, the number of quests they accepted and their success rate, and the total reward money they received.

However, all these aren’t usually displayed.

After all, this bundle of information isn’t something you want others to know.

If you wanted to view them, you couldn’t just go to any guild reception.

You would have to pass it through a special magic equipment only available at large guilds to display the information.

Furthermore, you can only use them during every rank up or down. Either that or when you are expelled from the guild.

Using that system, Gran extended the scope of concealed information.

With this, this unfalsified and official card shows an F-rank instead.

「Thanks, Gran」

「Don’t mention it. It’s not a big issue or anything」

He was feeling embarrassed.


After that, we moved to Gran’s house, and made merry, drinking late into the night.

Dawn came, and after Gran and I drank ourselves unconscious, Eric returned.

For important jobs like the king, his professional duties are definitely waiting for him tomorrow as well.

I then decided to just stay over at Gran’s house.

It’s been a long time since I last lay on a bed. It was really comfortable.


「Rock-san! Rock-san!」

I woke up to steady knocks on the door.

I felt like I had a really pleasant and long sleep.

As soon as I woke up, I felt the hunger which had been surpressing itself.

「Rock-san! Rock-san!」

「……Rock? Oh yeah」

The name Rakku had become too famous, so we decided to go with Rock.

We also made sure Gran didn’t spill it, so he introduced me to his family as Rock.

His servant had been stubbornly knocking on my door.

「Yes. What is the matter?」

As I opened the door, I saw a butler standing outside. He’s probably Gran’s.

「Thank goodness you are still alive」

「Well of course I am」

「You haven’t come out from your room for a week so we were worried」

「A week?」

The butler then said to a surprised me.

「Yes, we’ve been watching over you because our master said not to wake you up…… but one whole week of sleeping really worried him, so……」

「I see……」

That is indeed worrying. Even Gran is worried about me.

If I had really died, it should be enough for my body to rot.

Even so, for me to sleep in for a week is a little too much.

It’s probably because I was too exhausted after fighting for ten years.

「I am sorry for troubling you」

「No, no, you did not trouble us」

「Is Gran in?」

「Yes. He asked for you to have your breakfast with him」

Led by the butler, we headed towards the dining hall.

「Ra……, Rock, you woke up!」

「Morning. Sorry for making you worry」

「Don’t worry about it. I assume you’re eating?」

What he prepared for me was a bowl of rice gruel.

Well, I certainly fasted for a week, though not intentionally.

He probably decided that solid food wouldn’t be good for me.

「Thank you for the food」

「Rock, do you have anything planned from now on?」

「Nothing in particular」

「I see」

Though I said so, I do feel curious on how the world has changed.

I wonder what’s the best thing I could do to know more about it.

I pondered for a while.

「Oh yeah. I’m thinking of starting from the beginning as an adventurer again」

「Isn’t that boring? Wouldn’t fighting stronger enemies be――」

「I’ve had plenty of them already」

「That’s true」

I’ve fought ten years worth of formidable foes. That was way too much than I would like to fight.

Gran who knew what happened seem to agree.

10 years ago, I was an adventurer. I have always been one.

It’d be the best if I could adventurer while feeling for myself the changes in society.

After breakfast, I thanked Gran before deciding to depart towards the adventurer’s guild.

When I exited the gate, the guard lowered his head.

「Rock-san. I am truly sorry for the previous incident」

「No need for apologies. It was your work after all. Don’t worry about it」

「I thank you for your forgiveness」

The gatekeeper once again bowed deeply.

I introduced myself as Rakku to the guard. Gran probably corrected it.

I am sure the guard thinks that he misheard me.

He called me Rock. I am grateful for that.

After parting ways with the guard, I walked towards the guild.

The last time I came, I was dragged to the back the instant I entered.

This time, I thoroughly looked around the floor open to the public.

This brings back memories. Especially the bulletin board with requests stuck all over it.

Just as I did 10 years ago, I started looking from the high-rank quests.

The town’s more peaceful now. There aren’t any dragon or devil subjugation quests.

This is a good thing. It makes me really happy.

With peace of mind, I surveyed the elementary rank quests even F-rankers can accept.

「Gathering medicinal plants…… It’s okay, but the reward’s really high, huh……」

I am a fake F-rank adventurer, so to speak.

I have to let the young ones carry out these safe jobs. All the more if the reward’s this high.

I have to pick the jobs which are troublesome, dangerous, and offer little reward.

「……This one」

After careful selection, I decided to accept a goblin extermination quest.

Table of Content

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