Leave Me and Go Chapter 33

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The Princess and the Fowl

Eric sat down as I tried to start the discussion.

And he told everyone else to sit as well.

When everyone except for Marie, Charlotte and Serulis had taken a seat, Eric opened his mouth.


“So, there is something urgent?”

“There is. The vampires have been acting strangely.”


I said, then looked at Marie.

I was wondering if I should continue with such violent talk in front of them.


Marie was petting Gerberga. Charlotte was watching over her from behind.

And Serulis was standing behind both of them and watching.


“Miss Serulis. Gerbergie is so cute!”

“Yes. Very cute.”

Serulis said as she patted Marie’s head.


As Goran and Eric were good friends, their daughters were likely well acquainted.


Charlotte was watching Marie pet Gerberga.

She probably wanted to pet him too.

It seemed like she was trying to play the big sister in front of Marie, but she was still young.


Serulis noticed this and gently nudged her.


“Why don’t you try petting him?”

“…Mister Luchila, may I touch Lord Gerberga?”


Charlotte asked Luchila.





Luchila and Charlotte smiled at Gerberga’s answer.


“He’s so soft.”



Charlotte and Marie laughed.

Gerberga looked happy as well.


Serulis watched them both with kind eyes.

It reminded me of when she tried to forcefully dote on me as her younger brother.

She probably treated Charlotte and Marie as her younger sisters when she could.


Goran watched and then said,


“Let’s see. Serulis, why don’t you go and play with the princesses? Is that alright, Eric?”

“Of course. Please do.”



Serulis said with a big smile.

She was happy to be able to play with them.


“Then, let’s go and play over there.”

“Yes. Miss Serulis.”

“Miss Serulis, I want to play with Gerbergie too.”

Marie said.


“Marie, you mustn’t be so selfish.”

Her sister Charlotte admonished her gently.


Just then, Gerberga cried.


Its wings beat the air and it landed on Serulis’ shoulder.


“Will Gerbergie come and play with us?”



Gerberga cried as if in answer to her question.

Serulis turned to Luchila.


“Do you mind, Luchila?”

“Please treat him with care.”

“Thank you.”


And so the three of them and the fowl moved to a different room.


After that, Eric said,

“I inconvenienced you there. Thank you for indulging my daughters.”

“Oh, don’t mention it.”

“I knew that you had come on business… But I really wanted Ruck to meet them.”

“I see.”


So that is why Eric had brought his daughters.


“We…no, I would never have even met Charlotte if it were not for Ruck.”


Apparently, Eric usually referred to himself as ‘We.’

I suppose it was normal for royalty. But it was still surprising.


“Now that I think of it, Refi was pregnant during our fight with the Devil King.”

“Yes. And the baby was Charlotte. So of course, Marie would not even have been born if it were not for Ruck’s sacrifice.”


Refi was Eric’s wife’s name. In other words, the queen.

She was also the former healer of our party.


“Refi also wants to meet you, Ruck. But she has caught a cold.”

“That’s worrying.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. She is already better. But we can’t have it spreading everywhere now, can we?”


Eric was concerned about our health.

Eric took my hands now.


“Thank you for allowing me to meet my daughters.”

“Alright, but this is getting embarrassing.”

“That’s why I just had to show them to you.”

“I see. Thank you.”


And then it was finally to the matter at hand.

I told Eric about the movements of the vampires.


“Vampire High Lords are not gentle creatures.”

“Yes. Well, don’t worry. I will be killing the High Lords.”

“That’s a relief.”

“And can you protect Lord Gerberga at the palace in the meantime?”

“Protect him in the palace? Can you tell me the reason?”


I explained to him of Gerberga’s power along with Shia and Luchila.

Including the part about the vampires filling up with curses if they drank his blood.

Upon hearing this, Eric’s face became very serious.


“Then we cannot allow the vampire to get ahold of the God Fowl.”


“I understand. I will take responsibility to ensure the Lord God Fowl’s safety in the palace.”

“Thank you.”


Luchila bowed.


“You should stay here and protect it too, Luchila.”
“Of course. The Lord God Fowl would feel safer that way.”


And then Eric asked Luchila.


“Please tell us what kind of environment would be the most comfortable for the Lord God Fowl.”

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”


Eric looked at me.


“Is there anything else you need? I will do everything I can to help.”


That was a heartening thought. But there really was nothing in particular.


“I’m grateful for the sentiment.”

“I see. But don’t ever hesitate to ask.”


And with that, preparations were finished.

Now we could set out to kill the vampires without any loose ends.

Table of Content

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