Leave Me and Go Chapter 31

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How to Protect the Lord God Fowl

Shia explained it carefully.

The blood of the God Fowl was most holy.

A vampire sucking its blood was like defiling the blood of a god.

And so it was blasphemous, which caused them to fill with curses.

“Taking in something holy fills them with curses…?”


Luchila and Gerberga were in a state of shock.

Shia saw this and added,

“Drinking human blood results in more curses than rat blood. Similarly, killing humans is more effective than killing rats.”

“That’s true. I understand that.”

Serulis said as she nodded.

“Then surely you can see how sucking the blood of a god, or killing a god would be more effective than doing the same to a human?”

“Indeed… I see it now.”

Serulis was satisfied.

So were Luchila and Gerberga.

“It is because he is holy and dignified that the dark ones are after him.”

“Yes, Lord Gerberga is sacred and inviolable.”

Luchila muttered with a serious expression.

I turned to Goran.

“Knowing all of that, I am even less inclined to take him with us.”

“Of course. I won’t argue with that.”

“And so I want to cast a barrier around the mansion.”

“That would be great, but…”

Goran thought a little.

Everything under a barrier would be under the control of the Sorcerer who cast it.

In a way, it would become their domain.

So his own mansion would be under someone else’s control.

It was not a particularly pleasant feeling.

“Or would you prefer not to?”

“No, I have no issue with the barrier being created. Hell, I would want it even without the God Fowl here.”

“I see.”

Goran had tremendous trust in me.

And I was thankful for that.

“I’m thinking about leaving soon and finding my own house.”


For some reason, Goran looked shocked.

It should have been obvious that I would not be staying here forever.

On top of that, Goran’s wife would be returning eventually.

It was one thing to live with a good friend, and quite another to live with their wife and daughter.

It was only normal to leave.

“It would be for the best in protecting the God Fowl as well. However, we must hurry now and deal with the Vampire High Lords.”

“Wait a minute.”

“And… What is it, Goran?”

There was no time to acquire a new house now.

And so I wanted Gerberga to be protected in Goran’s mansion until we finished killing the vampires.

I was about to say this, but Goran stopped me.

“Wh-why are you leaving? Was the food so terrible? Is your room too small?”

“No, the food couldn’t be better, and the room couldn’t be more comfortable.”

“I-is Serulis bothering you?”

“I’m not bothering…him…that much…I think…”

Serulis said with an apologetic expression.

I wouldn’t say that she hadn’t bothered me at all, but it was nothing noteworthy.

“I’m fine. No one is bothering me.”

“Then why are you saying such things?”

“No, it’s just that I can’t stay here forever.”

“But you can stay here forever?”

“I wouldn’t want to be a burden on you.”

“But you’re not a burden.”

Goran was trying to stop me at all cost.

“That’s right. You should just stay here forever, Mister Locke! Right, daddy?”

“Yes, you should just stay here.”

And now Serulis had joined him.

I had not expected them to try and stop me.

“We-well, we can talk about this on another day. Right now, we have to talk about protecting the God Fowl.”

“Oh, right.”

“So, are you fine with protecting the God Fowl here? I will create a barrier, but it is still a risk.”

“Because vampires may attack us, I presume?”

“Vampire High Lords won’t be able to get in the city, but there is a possibility that lesser vampires will.”

Large cities had protective barriers around them.

Or perhaps you could say that large cities were created in places with the barriers.

These barriers were harder to penetrate for strong monsters.

It would take a long time and immense power to break through it.

And it would be no easy task for a Vampire High Lord to break through.

And so even if Goran wasn’t here, Serulis could likely successfully protect the place.

“Well, I don’t mind the danger of that, but…”

“Is there a different problem?”

“Why don’t we ask Eric?”

The Hero Eric was now the king.

“The palace is the safest place in the city, no? The God Fowl is a god, and they will treat him better in the palace as well.”

“…Now that you mention it, you’re right.”

I hadn’t even considered the possibility of protecting it in the palace.

Of course, I was aware that Eric was now king, but I didn’t always think of him like that.

To me, Eric was a Hero.

And so even with that knowledge, the two things didn’t always connect in my head.

That was why I hadn’t thought of such an idea as to rely on his help.

“I have to admit I was not thinking properly. Indeed, the palace would be safer.”

“Yes. I too think the palace would be safer.”

Serulis said and nodded.

“Th-the palace? Is-is that really alright?”

Luchila seemed a little nervous about it.

“It’s fine. Eric is very nice.”

“Mister Locke, who are you? You just addressed the king by his name.”


Now that I think of it, I hadn’t told Luchila about my identity yet.

This was bound to happen.

It would be best to tell him now and make him keep it a secret.

“The truth is…”

I told Luchila that I was the Hero Ruck.



Luchila and Gerberga let out cries of utter amazement.

Table of Content

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