Leave Me and Go Chapter 20

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 Chapter 20 – Let’s Accept a Quest

Goran had asked me to help Serulis.

If I refused, she would probably register as an Adventurer and work solo, just like he feared.

That should be avoided. Then maybe it would be better to form a party.

“Why do you want to form a party with me?”

“It looks like I could learn a lot from you.”


Perhaps she really wanted to form a party with Goran.

But Goran was too busy as the guild’s Grand Master.

So she wants to form a party with me instead.

“Well, I see where you are coming from.”

“So, are you agreeing to it?”

“No, but I have my reasons.”

And I explained it to her.

I told her that I had told Ario and Josh that I would help them if they ever needed it.

“I already made a promise to Ario and Josh.”

“But you won’t be constantly in their party, will you?”

“Yes, but…”

“Fine, then you can form a party with me when Ario and Josh don’t require help.”

“…Well, I don’t mind if that were the case.”


Serulis made two fists and smiled.

After that, we headed out for the guild.

On the way, I reminded Serulis.

“As you know, my identity is supposed to be a secret.”

“Of course, I know that.”

“And I’m prioritizing Ario and Josh.”

“I could also join their party with you.”

“I don’t know about that. The reward will go down.”

In a way, 4 people for an F Rank party was ideal.

However, Serulis was a B Rank in terms of fighting. It was hard to judge whether or not she would be good for Ario and Josh.

I told Serulis this.

“I understand, but…”

“I’m glad you understand.”

We arrived at the guild as we talked.

When we entered, Ario and Josh noticed us and walked up to me.

“Morning, Locke.”

“Good morning, Mister Locke.”

“Morning. What quest are you doing today?”

“We’re hunting demon rats.”

“Demon rats.”

Demon rats were the enemy of both cities and farming villages.

They attacked the food storages of farming villages and ravaged their fields. Their effect on the economy was huge.

Just 10 of them had the potential to ruin a village.

They were also hated in the city.

They ate through food supplies and spread diseases. There was nothing more troublesome.

There have been times when diseases spread by the demon rats ended up killing half of a cities population.

“The demon rats are hindering the cleaning of the sewers.”

“I see. Do you need any help?”

“We’re good.”

Demon rats were troublesome monsters, but they were not particularly strong.

They were a lot weaker than goblins.

And they did not move in packs, so it was easy to fight them individually.

“I see. Be careful out there.”


“You be careful too, Mister Locke.”

Ario and Josh left to kill some demon rats.

Serulis muttered from behind.

“So does that mean you will form a party with me?”

“…I don’t mind.”


Serulis seemed very happy.

“What quest should I do?”

“You need to register as an Adventurer first.”

“I already registered! But I haven’t gone on any quests yet…”

So saying, Serulis showed me her Adventurer’s card.

She was registered as an F Rank Warrior.

Goran had been right after all.

She had registered without telling him and was about to start working on her own.

It was incredibly lucky that I was here to help her on her first adventure.

“Which one should I choose…”

Serulis looked at the notices on the board with a serious expression.

I looked at them casually.

It was a lot more peaceful here than it was 10 years ago. That’s what I thought.

“Hmm. This is so hard.”

“Are there no goblin hunting quests?”

“Not today.”

Well, that was too bad.

“Then, why don’t you just pick one that is close by?”

“You don’t seem to care all of a sudden…”

“No, not really. But the other quests are all popular quests that someone will do even if we don’t.”

“You think we should pick unpopular quests?”

“I’m an old man, so I try to actively do quests that people don’t like.”

“Is that so.”

Serulis stared at the board for some time before saying,

“Mister Locke. What about this?”

“That looks good.”

“Look at it properly. Monster hunting. Unknown species and no details. It’s also close by. E Rank. And it’s the oldest notice on the board.”

If it was the oldest notice, that meant it went the longest without being accepted.

So you could say it was the least popular quest.

And E Rank was the highest quest difficulty that two F Rank Adventurers would be allowed to accept.

“I see. I think it is good.”

There was too much that was unknown. But there were quests like this sometimes.

Especially when the person who put up the request was so scared and confused upon encountering the monster.

The information that was given was too vague to be able to identify the monster.

That’s why other Adventurers would avoid it.

It must be very hard for the guild workers to have to add a difficulty rank to these.

“Alright, I will accept this one then.”

Serulis smiled and took the notice over to the desk.

The guild worker inspected the noticed and asked her,

“Miss Serulis. Are you going solo today?”

Apparently, she knew Serulis.

“No, I’m not. I’m going with Mister Locke today.”

“So you are partying up as two F Rankers?”

She remembered me.

And I was a mere F Ranker. What an honor.

“That’s right.”

“I see. But if it becomes dangerous, you must run away immediately.”

She advised. She was still worried because we were an F Rank party.

“Let’s go then. Oh, I’m sorry. But could I leave a message for my father?”

“Serulis. That’s mixing public and private affairs.”

“O-oh…right. I’m sorry.”

“No, I do not mind. It will not be that much trouble either way. And the other workers here sometimes receive messages from family.”

“Is that right.”

I didn’t mind, as long as it wasn’t an exclusive right for the Grand Master.

It wasn’t good to be too strict all the time either.

“I want to tell him that I’m going on a monster hunting quest with Mister Locke.”


The guild worker smiled as we departed.

Table of Content

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