Leave Me and Go Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Leave this to me and go

We, the Hero’s party, drove the strongest Devil King away into another dimension after a fierce battle.

We ambushed the Devil King who was on his way from the other dimension in the gap between the dimensions.

Even though we didn’t manage to finish him off, the Devil King was seriously wounded. For now, he will not be able to move.

With wounds all over his body, the warrior spoke as he breathed heavily.

「It was a long fight, but it’s finally over」

「It took us longer than expected, huh. It’s a shame that I didn’t make it in time to witness my child’s birth」

Said the Hero.

The Hero had married a former party member, a healer.

The party now consists of three people, the Hero Eric, the warrior Gran, and me, the mage Rakku.

All three are guys.

Facing the Hero, I said,

「Hey, you can live with your kid as much as you like from now on, alright?」

「I sure hope so」

「My kid too should be all grown up by now. He might even have forgotten my face」

Said the warrior, self-deridingly.

Both the Hero and warrior are married with kids. I’m the only one single.

「It’s about time. Let’s say farewell to this depressing place」

Just a while after we started heading back.

We noticed a large army of devils chasing after us from the other dimension.

They didn’t come in tens. They came in more than just hundreds.

We were already wounded. If we were to confront them directly, we will absolutely be annihilated.

「There’s still this many……?」

I shouted at the Hero who was looking at them dumbfoundedly.

「Leave this to me and go!」

「What are you saying? How can we just leave you here alone!」

「You do know how good I am in a drawn out battle, don’t you?」

I said that with a smile filled with confidence

「Rakku. But……」

「Your kid’s waiting for you, ain’t he!」 (TLN: …. I have no idea if it’s a he or she yet)

The Hero and warrior both displayed a complex expression of frustration and sadness at my words.

I sent them a smile.

「Hey, I’ll catch up immediately, alright?」


They both started running. Before they left, they left behind valuable healing potions among other things.

With these, I can fight for a while longer. I put them away in my precious bag.

The Devil King isn’t dead yet. When he comes back, the Hero’s power is needed to defeat him.

There’s no way I’ll let the Hero die here.

「Now then. Come at me. I don’t think you’ll ever get past me that easily」

I acted cool a little.

There are a lot of enemies. I will have to restrain my magic consumption.

I directly touched the head of the devil who came charging at me, and blew it away with a magic bullet.

After casting Bind on the devils who tried to chase after the Hero by rushing in from beside me, I blew them away.

At first I was doing alright. I killed ten, and then 20 of them.

My magic power decreased. My body started to wear out. I was losing consciousness.

The exhaustion from the fight with the Devil King was also settling in.



A devil’s arm slashed at my shoulder. A burning pain ran through the wound.

My hazy awareness immediately became clear again. I grabbed the devil’s arm and blew it away.

「I’m not finished yet!」

Some time after that, the tables started turning.


A devil’s palm hit my stomach. Immediately my energy was sucked away.

「Drain Touch!」

A magic only high ranking devils possess. It was my first time getting hit by it.

Because I was never in the front line, I have never been directly touched by devils.

The moment I got Drain Touched, I comprehended the technique.

My specialty is Magic Learning.

In order to heal my wounded body, I activated Drain Touch at a devil.

As I used it over and over, my wounds healed, and I recovered my stamina.

「Come. Now I can fight you no matter how many years it takes」

I fought them mindlessly since then.

The space within dimensions is dense with magic essence. Because of that, levelling up goes quickly.

I could actually feel myself rapidly becoming stronger. Even so, I can’t fight with ease.

My enemies are also rapidly becoming stronger, after all.

When I felt sleepy, I casted Marionette on myself.

Marionette is originally a magic used to manipulate enemies.

Using that, I could fight even when sleeping.

「I can’t feel the flow of time……」

I feel like I’ve fought for a very long time. I wonder how many days it has been.

It might even be months already. I did not eat, and fought even when I’m sleeping.

Somewhere in the middle, I plundered a magic blade from a Devil General and continued fighting with it.

I named the sword Drain Sword.

It really helped because I could absorb the vitality of my enemies as I cut them up.

On a certain day, I felt a powerful magic presence approaching me from the other dimension.


Appearing with the huge roar was the Devil King.

「So you’ve recovered. That was quick」

I thought that it would take him 10 years, or at least a few years to heal up.

This was beyond my expectations.

The Devil King fired white hot flames imbued with his enormous magic power.

Even if I create a protective barrier, the heat is still transmitted. My hair was singed.

Just before the Devil King finished his scorching heat magic. A gap appeared within the attack.

I slashed at him with Drain Sword.


The Devil King screamed. It was unexpectedly effective.

Facing the flinching Devil King, I activated Drain Touch without a moment’s delay.

However, the Devil King put up a magic barrier.

Drain Touch could not get through it.

While in pain, the Devil King swung his magic sword. He quickly took the opportunity.

Even so, a line appeared on the surface of his belly.

We both swung our swords, and the battle continued.

Our swords clashed tens of times. The battle dragged on.

Finally, my partner, Drain Sword, broke.

It seems that a Devil General’s sword cannot match up to a Devil King’s.


The Devil King became complacent. For a moment, it was as if smirked.

It was obvious that he is careless, and a chance arose.

I immediately grabbed it.

「So what. I’m not a swordsman, I’m a mage!」

I fired a flame bullet at the Devil King’s stomach. The Devil King burst into flames in a moment.

Seizing the chance, I jammed my hand into the flames.

Drain Touch.

To defend against the flames, the magic barrier’s source is all used up.

Drain Touch passed through to the Devil King.

My skin is burning and scorching.

However, with Drain Touch, it’s recovering using the absorbed life force.

My skin continued burning and recovering.

A staggering pain assaulted my hand. But it doesn’t matter. As it burned, it continued draining.

On the contrary, the Devil King had its body burned while its vitality was being absorbed.


In the end, the Devil King stopped moving.

Only its charred body remained. It’s magic source is also fading away.

A complete annihilation.

After defeating the Devil King, I looked around without letting my guard down.

The devils are also retreating.

「Did I…… do it?」

I muttered these words, but there was no reply.

Finally I have accomplished it. I have protected the Hero and the world.

Table of Content

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