Hail the King Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: The Black-dog-riding King

The person that stormed through the sky was of course his Majesty the King.

Not waiting for his personal bodyguard officer Torres to finish, the moment Fei heard that Best was injured, he instantly switched to Barbarian mode. Not caring about the mana consumption, he continuously used the Barbarian skill [Leap], leaving the underground stone cave maze after a few flashes, not hiding his level 21 barbarian’s domineering force in the slightest as he flew back to the King’s Hall.

What happened in the palace?

How did his father-in-law actually get injured?

What happened to Angela?


Fei was anxious like a ticking time bomb as he crash landed onto the stone steps before the palace. The giant boulder steps under Fei’s feet began to crack like a spider net with Fei at the center, as if a meteor crashed into the ground from the sky… This was the result of him not controlling his terrifying power.

The four little beasts on Fei were all tightly clutching onto his clothes and hair, shouting “wow wow” during the high-speed flight. Fei didn’t pause at all as he kept on using the skill [Leap]. His figure flashed again, leaving behind a series of after-images in the sky, and he instantly arrived at the palace’s back garden.

There was the sound of a riot.

“Which b—–d dares to make trouble in my f*cking palace?”

Fei was furious and he rushed inside like a storm.

But after stepping into the back garden, the scene in front of him suddenly stunned him in place.

He saw that his future father-in-law’s originally combed, meticulous black hair was now a weedy chicken coup, with strands of bloodstains trickling down his arm. His chest was violently moving up and down as he breathed heavily… However, his father-in-law’s situation wasn’t bad, because he was the one doing the “murdering” right now.

The old white face Best right now, how was there any trace of an elegant aristocratic appearance left?

His feet were bare; he didn’t know where one shoe flew to, but the other one was gripped in his hand as if he saw the murderer of his father or something. He used the shoe as a weapon, roaring frantically and chasing a black big horse that Fei didn’t know where it came from.

This old handsome man did indeed get hurt, but it was just a little skin injury, and there was completely no need to worry. Otherwise, how could this old white face still have the spirit to rage around the garden to catch that black horse, jumping and running like the wind.

Angela and the blonde little loli Ji Ma were unharmed. They didn’t know whether they should cry or laugh as they led the guards and followed the old handsome man, trying their best to calm down the Best in his berserker state.

But this crazy old man’s strength surprised a lot of people. Coupled with the guards who didn’t dare to use too much force, this royal official who didn’t learn the slightest martial arts had actually easily gotten out from the “net” formed by the guards and continued to chase that big black horse.

“Uh… This… What is really happening right now?”

Fei finally relaxed, but then black lines ran down his forehead like a waterfall. Just as he was asking, he saw that the big black horse finally got forced into a dead corner between the garden rockery and the wall by the old handsome man Best. With no way to run, seeing the old man’s murderous approach accompanied by a “hey hey” sneer, the big black horse finally made noise from its mouth.

Bark bark bark… Whine*

What the f*ck? Fei was shocked, is that a dog barking? He almost thought that he had a problem with his ears.

Even the white feather owl beast, winged parrot beast, little fishing cat and double-winged golden hair Denglong that were all tightly lying on his shoulders had their hairs suddenly become erect, as if they encountered great danger. The small fishing cat hid itself inside Fei’s hair, and the golden hair Denglong directly covered its eyes with its paws.

Fei took a closer look.

Amitabha the f*cking Buddha, ah, what a guy, the beast that was forced into the corner, how was that a big dark horse? It was clearly a giant disobedient black dog. Its powerful legs firmly grasped onto the ground, and between its toes were sharp snow white claws. Its huge body tilted backwards like a giant bow that was fully extended, and from its throat it issued a threatening roar. Its whole body of muscles flexed, fully demonstrating its wild power.

At this moment, Fei thought there was something wrong with its eyes.

Too cruel, too strong, too violent!

Such a look, how did that belong to a dog? It was clearly a beast from the abyss of hell… But who could f*cking tell me why the f*ck was there a horse-sized super black dog in my palace?!

Just when Fei was wondering, something even more bizarre happened…

He saw his old father-in-law not caring at all about that giant black terrifying beast’s threat and fearlessly going up to it and smacking that big black dog’s forehead with his shoe.

That big black dog had a hateful face and growled threateningly for a long time. While it just needed one bite to cut Best into three pieces, it actually didn’t dare to fight back at all. It also did a very humanly action, using its forelimbs to hold his head, swallowing and whining. Its big eyes were full of grievances.

“I will let you dead dog bite me, let you bite me, ungrateful b—–d…” The old man fiercely slapped the dog, while acting like an angry kindergarten child, whirring in his mouth.


Angela cried and laughed as she led the guards to drag Best to the side.

Fei felt like he was looking at a world that he was completely unfamiliar of.

Best got dragged away by the guards, and that giant black dog was still using its forelimbs to cover its forehead which was covered in shoe prints. Its watery eyes rolled around a few circles, and it finally saw Fei who was standing in the distance.

Wang Wang Wang! (TL: Dog barking)

The black dog excitedly barked a few times, then putting force onto its hind legs, it leaped into the air, transforming into a black whirlwind, and suddenly rushed in front of Fei. Fei saw that this beast squatted down on the floor, its tail wagging like a windmill, breathing loudly, and its black eyes filled with an aggrieved and pleased look. Its long pink tongue hanged out; it was like a child that saw its parents, rubbing its head against Fei’s shoulder, and he just needed to give Fei a few licks on his face now.

After this dog had its short intimate moment with Fei for a while, it then acted as if it was in power, squatting to the side of Fei, and barking a few times at the old handsome man in the distance whose anger still didn’t completely go away yet…

This was the standard sample of the idiom, dog threatening based on its master’s power!

Fei’s mouth opened up to an O shape.

Ah god, ah buddha, are you serious? What a human-like big black dog. It gave people the illusion as if the dog’s intelligence suddenly reached enlightenment and became like a living person, instead of a beast.

Fei carefully observed it.

The more he looked at the black dog, the more familiar it felt.

In the end he suddenly realized.

What the f*ck, isn’t this the wild dog Angela picked up from the back mountains? It’s just that its size suddenly grew numerous times to an incredibly huge state. It wasl a bit taller than Fei when completely lying down. When standing, it was at least two meters tall and 4 meters long… was this still a dog?

Fei almost didn’t need to think, this must be the after effect of giving it the [Hulk potion].

Looks like this lucky big black dog finally persevered through the painful experience when the drug was transforming its body, and it bravely survived. Under the power of the drug, an incredible mutation occurred to its body, and the magical spiritual fluctuation contained by the [Hulk Potion] also affected the big black dog’s soul, letting him be filled with affection and loyalty towards Fei, otherwise this b—–d would be like before, gritting its teeth and growling and chasing Fei all over the palace, instead of being this intimate in front of Fei with its tail wagging like a windmill.

And after seeing the big black dog, the four little beasts on Fei also reacted.

Maybe it was due to the natural nature of being enemies between cats and dogs, but the chubby and meatball-like little fishing cat had all its hair shot up, curving its body as it stepped on Fei’s head to demonstrate to the black dog; the duo-winged golden hair Denglong looked around, and finally decided to side with fishing cat, revealing two bright snow white tiger teeth and showing deep hostility in its little eyes; but the white feather owl beast and wind-wing parrot shamelessly betrayed their little friends as they circled around the black dog, and after feeling that there was no danger, they landed on the black dog’s shoulder, helping it comb its fur to butter up to it.

What a group of animals, they all became geniuses.

“Wow, look at those two beautiful kittens.”

“Look, this little kitten also has wings…”

Angela and the blond loli Jima also noticed Fei’s arrival. The two girls’ eyes brightened up as they warmly and cheerfully ran towards Fei. Fei saw this scene and felt rejoiced. Since when did these two chicks become so open and passionate? He smiled with open arms to ask for a sweet hug, but who knew that these two girls stormed over, only to grab the fat fishing cat and duo-winged golden hair Denglong, completely ignoring Fei.

Fei’s mouth twitched.

His wide arms were only met with the wind, and became stiff in the air…

Only the duo-winged Denglong was desperately struggling in loli Jima’s arms, turning its eyes in dissatisfaction as if saying, “ah, stupid, who said I’m a cat. I’m the great magic beast golden Denglong… Golden Denglong, idiot girl, do you understand?”


One minute later.

A golden [battle ring] vaguely appearing under Fei’s foot. His hand was completely enveloped in a massive of golden flame, and he gently pressed his future father-in-law’s arm. With a shine of flame, instantly the two blooly marks on Best’s forearm left by the big black dog disappeared, not even leaving behind any scars.

“Damn that b—–d, I swear, from now on I will only eat dog meat!”

The old handsome man still didn’t recover from this anger as he looked at the big black dog like looking at the murderer of his father and fiercely cursed.

It was a shame to just think about it; the dignified majestic official’s first wound turned out to be his daughter’s dog’s bite… If this embarrassing story got out, how could he still maintain his majestic appearance in front his colleagues?

Best’s old white face was now dark green due to the anger.

Reputation was a problem, and it could be fatal too!

And at this moment Fei also finally figured out what happened.

It turned out that Best finished taking care of the recent administrative documents within the city and also went through the hard work of settling down all the messengers and princes from the guest countries. He came to the palace wanting to talk to Fei about how to welcome Lake City’s Prince Modric, but who knew that Fei wasn’t in palace. However, he got to see his daughter Angela instead. The old man rarely had relaxation time, so he thought that it was a great opportunity to chat with daughter and give his innocent daughter some tips to tightly grasp King Alexander’s heart, but who knew that the always sleeping big dog in the back garden suddenly woke up, and sleepily stumbled upon Best and took a bite…

“Haha, uncle Best, why are you angry with a beast!”

Fei laughed with his body bending back and forward, not bothering to hide his rejoice in the calamity of others, thinking that the old father-in-law should quickly pray to the god of war that he wouldn’t get rabies, otherwise…

Out of embarrassment, the old handsome man raged again, and was about to unleash it until…

At that moment, they heard a guard hurriedly coming in to report, “My king, Zenit Empire’s Princess Highness sent someone to meet us at the main hall.”


That mysterious princess finally couldn’t wait anymore and actually came to invite me first?

Fei felt rejoice in his heart.

At the same time, the future father-in-law Best on his side also stood up.

At that instant, Best seemed to have completely transformed. All of his anger disappeared without a trace. Although he was still barefoot and his feet were covered in dirt, and his hair was messy too, his entire temperament changed. An elegant and royal demeanor showed off his face, giving a completely bizarre feeling to those that were at the scene. He frowned in contemplation, and then said to Fei, “Alexander, you should go see this princess. There are less than 3 days until your ascension ceremony to the throne, so you must not offend that women, otherwise things will get troublesome.”

Fei nodded.

He lifted his foot and was about to walk to the main hall, but the big black dog actually blocked off Fei’s path as if trying to please him, kneeling on its forelimbs, wagging its tail. By the look and demeanor of it, it seemed to actually want Fei to ride on its back.

The people around them were stunned.

This big black dog, whether in size or strength, was indeed beyond an average horse, so using it as a mount was also a suitable choice. But… the problem was, Fei was the dignified king of the country, so what would riding on a big black dog make him?  A black dog knight?

But Fei didn’t hesitate.

He laughed and jumped on top of the back of the big black dog. The dog was extremely supernatural and it was very understanding of Fei’s mind, and it swaggeringly walked towards the king’s main hall, full of a king’s force.

Originally, Fei rode on its back just for fun, but who knew that gradually, Fei’s face became serious. It was a strange feeling, as if he was completely spiritually connected to the dog, and any one of his intentions were understood by the big black dog instantly, whether it was to run, jump, or suddenly stop. The one person and one dog seemed to have combined into one, without the slightest difficulty in cooperation.

This was much easier than horse riding.

It looks like this big dog was really a perfect mount choice.

So now, King Fei’s future mount was a vicious mutt.

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