Hail the King Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Flowers and Feces

Of course, the reason why Fei was interested in that handsome, blonde young man wasn’t because he was homosexual. In fact, his sexual orientation was very normal; he wasn’t interested in men. The mysterious young man gave Fei a strange feeling. Sometimes, the young man felt powerful like the vigorous and vast sea, while other times he suddenly felt weak and fragile like a dry candle wick that was about to extinguish. It was very bizarre.

You could say that except for quelling and intimidating the two bad eggs Zola and Luciano, and somehow gaining “[God’s Favorite Child]” status by using his Paladin mode in this conflict with the Holy Church, what gave Fei the most vivid impression was a glimpse of the blonde young man.

Fei was also sure that when the carriage passed by him, the mysterious young man was observing him closely as well.

The crowd on the street slowly dispersed.

Fei held Angela’s and Emma’s small hands and started walking home. He listened to the two pure and cute girls‘ chat about what had just happened and simply smiled. The golden light of the sunset shined on their bodies and dragged out three perfectly contoured and warm shadows of different heights.

“Alexander, why did those two call you master? When did you join the Holy Church?” Emma jumped around and asked curiously like a sparrow.

“I don’t know, maybe they were dizzy and mistook me for someone else!” Fei gave Emma a perfunctory answer.

“Mistaken? Impossible……Huh! If you don’t want to tell me, then forget it!”

The girl got a little mad and wanted to pull her hand away from Fei’s grip, but somehow, as if she couldn’t give up the warm feeling from Fei’s big hand, she hesitated a little and let Fei hold onto her hand obediently in the end. She pursed her lips “grumpily” and stared at Fei.

Fei smiled back and didn’t say anything more.

He couldn’t really explain himself, because those two bad eggs didn’t make a mistake.

However, what Zola said alerted Fei.

He didn’t expect that the Holy Church would know about the battle that occurred in Chambord and accurately identified that necromancy was used in the battle on the stone bridge. It revealed a lot of information.

First of all, Fei could confirm that the power of Necromancer Mode was not allowed by the Holy Church in the real world. He had to be extra careful when he planned to use Necromancer Mode in the future. At least before having the power and strength that could take on the Holy Church alone, he couldn’t leave any clues that might be traced back to him. This was a precaution so that he wouldn’t be arrested by the crazy priests and be tied to a burning cross.

Next, he knew that the Holy Church had a terrifying intelligence system; they knew about the battle on the stone bridge and sent out orders in just a few days. The speed of collecting and transmitting information in this world was almost as fast as the internet and phones on Earth; they probably used a special channel or media that Fei didn’t know about. From that, Fei could infer that the intelligence system of their mortal enemy – the Level 4 Eindhoven Empire was of no comparison to the Holy Church. But if they really wanted to find out what had happen to the black armoured troops, it probably wouldn’t take long. As a result, the safety of Chambord would be under a big threat. If everything wasn’t handled properly, the secret of the Mythical Ruins would also be leaked out……

Fei felt like his position as the king was very tragic. After he got to this world, he hadn’t relaxed a single day and enjoyed time with the beauties. Instead, he was being a typical firefighter; he had to handle every problem as soon as they came up.

After they returned to the Palace, the servants had already prepared the dinner.

Fei was not used to the culinary culture in this world – Except for fruits and roasted meat, there was only whole wheat bread and smelly milk. It was alright just for a few meals, giving it an exotic feeling. But once Fei had it for a while, he felt like throwing up every time he saw the same dishes over and over again.

But after seeing Angela and Emma enjoy the food, Fei could only pinch his nose and sit farther away as he started biting on an apple innocently.

“Looks like it’s necessary to transform the culinary styles at Chambord. At the very least, I have to hire a few talented chefs and train them well. They probably can’t make food like KFC or McDonalds Burgers. I don’t know the recipes, and even if I did, I probably couldn’t find the ingredients on Azeroth Continent. However, they could at least make food like hotpot, Kung Pao chicken, crepes and French toast.”

As Fei was thinking to himself, Angela and Emma on the other side of the table had already happily changed into the Pirates of Caribbean styled dress that Fei designed earlier. The “clothing reformation” was obviously having success; it motivated Fei and boosted his confidence; he was already planning how to set off a “diet storm”.

“Angela, what do you think of these new dresses?” Fei asked with a smile as he bit into the apple.

The future queen was wiping the grease off of her alluring pink plump lips with a white napkin. After hearing Fei’s question, a joyful expression appeared on her face. She giggled, “It’s amazing! Did you know, now all of the girls in the kingdom feel that wearing the set of dresses that King Alexander designed is an honour. Great tailors such as Aunt Eliza have been super busy; some noble ladies had pre-ordered dozens of sets of dresses a few days ago. Even the silk and cloth merchants in the kingdom have made a fortune; all of them are now out of stock…… Alexander, do you know what the residents are calling these new dresses?”

“What are they calling it?”

“[King Alexander’s Wisdom]!” Emma who was struggling to take in a piece of roasted meat replied in a rush, “People named these dresses as [King Alexander’s Wisdom]. Even Viscountess Louise who had been to St. Petersburg, the capital of Zenit Empire claimed that the noble ladies in the Imperial Capital had never worn something so delicate and beautiful.”

Fei blushed; it was a rare sight to behold.

He didn’t expect that the designs he pretty much plagiarized from the Pirates of Caribbean would create such a buzz. “Should I plagiarize the rest of the battle uniforms of the female pirates?” At this moment, an idea suddenly flashed through his head, but he couldn’t get a clear grip of it. Fei shook his head and suddenly winked at Angela with a “you know what I’m talking about” expression on his face, “Eh……oh yeah, Angela, hehe, that……the last set of clothing that I designed……Eh, is that set popular as well?”

Angela’s face instantly got red.

But the girl didn’t run away like last time. She pretended to be calm and sat still as she said, “The piece that you named [Boobs Armour] was even more popular than those dresses. Aunt Eliza had modified it a little bit and made them in different colors and styles. It has been secretly spreading to all the women in the kingdom.”

When the girls were speaking, she tried to not to look as uneasy and act calm and collected…… However, her hands had twisted the edge of her dress into a ball of ragged cloth under the dinner table. Her heart was also pumping and beating quietly. All she wanted was to have the calm and cool demeanor of a future queen just like those noble ladies in the kingdom.

Fei’s recent miraculous performances didn’t just give courtiers such as Brook a lot of pressure; it also made the smart and beautiful future queen feel like there was an invisible gap that was enlarging between her and Fei. She was quietly putting in effort to make herself worthy enough to be the partner of the great King Alexander.

When Alexander was still a r—-d, many people felt sorry and pity for Angela who was like a peerless lotus flower that was about to be placed in a pile of dog sh*t. But now, their roles were slowly switching.

The King Alexander now didn’t only become normal. He was also becoming stronger and more powerful at an unimaginable rate. In less than a month, he had surpassed the former number one warrior at Chambord, Frank-Lampard, and became the undisputed number one warrior, securing the throne and winning over the admiration and respect of everyone in Chambord.

What about Angela?

She felt like she was still the same girl: kind, pure, innocent, a little weak, and a little clumsy. Except for when dealing with trivial matters, the girl felt like she slowly couldn’t keep up with the pace of this man. She could no longer take care and protect him like before. Just like a fine umbrella, you could shield the rain in a rainy day, but you no longer needed it when the sun came up.

Therefore, Angela was working hard to change herself all this time.

Today, when the novice priests from the Holy Church pulled out and arrested the innocent residents from the crowd and accused them of colluding with evil undead mages, Angela was scared and shivering when she stood up and refuted Zola. She didn’t even know why she stood up. Even though she was the future queen of Chambord, but she was no different than a regular civilian in the eyes of the huge Holy Church. With a single word from the [Two legged rattlesnake], she could be sent onto a burning cross…… However, when she thought that Alexander would stand up without hesitation to protect his people at a time like that, Angela somehow stood up and clearly and logically expressed her opinion as she suppressed the fear in her heart – Unfortunately, what made Angela dismayed was that her effort didn’t help the situation out. If Lampard and Alexander didn’t arrive on time, the situation probably would have worsened……

Table of Content

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