Hail the King Chapter 82.2

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Chapter 82: Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake (Part Two)

The body of the leading carriage was covered fully in huge Holy Church’s fiery sun symbols that were gilded with gold. The huge carriage had easily attracted everyone’s attention. Although it was stunning how luxurious the carriage looked, what was more surprising was that it didn’t have any wheels. Two clouds of rotating and whistling grey wind took the wheels’ places. The horses were able to lightly dragged the heavy body of the carriage; like a light feather that was floating in the air. When the horses were pulling the carriage, it slid smoothly through the air.

It was the special magic carriage that only Holy Church had. The bottom of the carriage had a middle-level wind magic array engraved on it personally by senior priests. The magic array was powered by magic crystals, and it made the carriage look extremely mysterious and luxurious. Only senior priests had the status and eligibility to use and enjoy such a magic carriage.

On both sides of the luxurious magic carriage, there were about forty novice priests that were in black vestments with marks of the Holy Church embroidered onto their red collars. They were all wearing black cloaks, and followed the carriage alongside slavishly; they were ready to serve the priest humbly.

The novice priests were known as friars as well. They were half students and half servants to the priests, and was known as the humblest servants to the God. Everyone of them were burdened with a long black chain on their backs; even when they were just walking slowly, the metal chain would sway and make the tinkling, metal colliding sound. Many tinkling and colliding sounds combined together gave the bystanders an unspeakable pressure, gave them a chill to the spine and made them distance from the fleet of carriages.

Holy Knights and Priests were the two pillars of strength for the Holy Church on Azeroth Continent.

They were the best partners. The relationship between them somewhat was similar to warriors and mages. One specializes in short range combats, full of strength; and the other one specializes in magic and spells, long range combat, and their powers were more mysterious. In battles, they were complementary to each other. Therefore, whenever the Holy Church set up a new church in wherever, in terms of choosing delegate from the candidates, a priests and a knight would be appointed at the same time.

The street was quickly “cleaned up”, residents of Chambord was forced to stand on both sides of the street earnestly. Any insincere or unusual movements would be considered disrespectful to Priest Zola by the cavaliers’ retinues. If they get executed or killed on the spot, there won’t be any place for them to complain to.

The gilded magic carriage slowly travelled on the [The Road of Gold], as if it was inspecting its own subjects.

People on both side of the road stared at the fleet of carriages with deep awe.

Of course, there were also a bit of deeply oppressed hatred and disgust.

When Chambord was under the attack by the black armoured enemies, and was in severe danger, the priests and knights from the Holy Church who could boss people around and enjoyed all the privileges at Chambord didn’t hesitate at all, ditched the kingdom and ran away like homeless dogs. But as soon as the danger was eliminated, these greedy and vicious bastards couldn’t wait to come back to force their own “prestige” and supremacy onto the people of Chambord…… “Doesn’t the Holy Church have any shame?”

As if he felt the unfriendly stares from people standing on the sides of the street, the gilded magic carriage suddenly stopped. The door opened and the black curtain behind the door was lifted. A slightly bald old man leaned forward, paused for a second, and walked out. He stood on the front footboard.

This was Priest Zola.

A greedy, smart, vicious and nasty guy. He wasn’t tall, only about 5 feet 6. He was also thin; occasionally, terrible coldness would flash in his eyes. Someone had described Zola like this – “This little old man, he could think of more than a thousand secretive deadly tricks and traps in a blink of an eye.” The people of Chambord gave him a very appropriate nickname behind his back – [Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake].

This vicious rattlesnake and the bearded knight leader Luciano who lashed the poor woman with his horsewhip were the two figureheads that the Holy Church sent to Chambord. Both of them together managed everything that was related to church and the religion of Chambord Kingdom. Due to the significant status that the Holy Church had on Azeroth Continent, and the fierce name that the Inquisition Branch made for itself; there were too many kingdoms that were destroyed by the iron hoofs of the Execution Knights who dared to resist the Holy Church’s order. Therefore, although these two people were little characters that were unknown inside the Holy Church, but once they arrived at Chambord Kingdom, they were the highest status people at Chambord and could rival with the king.

Zola gently rubbed his beloved scepter with his palm.

His gloomy eyes glanced through the people who were standing on the sides of the street. The crowd suddenly was having a little commotion; no one dared to look at this vicious rattlesnake in the eyes.

Next moment, Zola causally pointed at a few people in the crowd.

The people who got pointed acted as if they received the invite from the Grim Reaper; they were so scared that their faces turned white, and cried and struggled desperately…… However, it didn’t matter if they were crying or struggling, none of it mattered. The novice priests on the side of the magic carriage opened their eyes widely, and looked at the people that Zola’s finger was pointing at. Then, like loyal hyenas that heard their master’s command, the novice priest rushed out, and without considering anything else, they locked the chains in their hands onto the people’s necks, and viciously pulled them out of the crowd like chickens.

Cries filled the street, but once anyone resisted the “arrest” a little bit, the dog like cavaliers’ retinues would circle them as they punched and kicked the “arrestees”. There were women who had their kids in their arms that got pulled out of the crowd, but there were more younger girls, as well as a few clean dressed middle aged men……

Instantly, cries resounded on the street, as if it was a living hell.

Table of Content

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