Hail the King Chapter 82.1

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Chapter 82: Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake (Part One)

When you enter Chambord Castle through its main gate, the first thing you would see was a wide main street that could easily run six carriages in a row. Residents of Chambord liked to call it [The Road of Gold].

The street was paved exclusively by one type of yellowstone. Due to its age, green moss has grown in between the fine stone crevices. Looking from afar, it appeared as if there were strips of beautiful emerald inlaid into the pure gold.

The street extended throughout the entire Chambord Castle until it reached the square in front of the King’s palace.

Looking down from the sky, [The Road of Gold] was like a sharp gold sword that was wrapped in a magical green aura, as if an unknown God firmly placed it horizontally into Chambord Castle.

It was close to evening, the golden light of sunset flowed onto the wide street.

This was the most beautiful time on [The Road of Gold]. The residents of Chambord loved strolling on this road, while talking and sharing with friends and neighbours about interesting things that they experienced.

The moment of sunset should be the most peaceful and calm time of the day.

Even Fei who was the king had put on a cloak and sneaked into the crowd during the evenings sometimes; just to feel the thick family and intimate atmosphere. In this atmosphere, Fei’s anxious and irritable mood would become calm as ever, and he could forget all the heavenly burdens on his shoulders. He even felt like he was a ranger that had all the freedom he wanted in the world.

However, the calm atmosphere at [The Road of Gold] was altered by some people’s intrusions.

When the residents of Chambord were strolling on the street and greeting each other like always, a series of sudden “Clip-Clop” noises came from the distance and shook the ground. A cavalry formation with six cavaliers per row, dressed in bright red capes appeared on the horizon from a distance. Like a cyclone, they rushed through the Castle’s main gate, and raised horsewhips as they sprinted on the main street.

The cavaliers were like a raging wind, they didn’t hesitate at all and rushed into the crowds of residents.

The whips made loud noises as the cavaliers lashed them in the air. They went on a rampage and deliberately rammed into the young and elders. Instantly, elders who couldn’t dodge were trampled to the ground with their arms broken and heads bleeding. There were also some women who turned around and covered their kids with their backs to protect them; the horsewhip in the cavaliers hands ripped apart their clothes and left strips of raw and deep wounds and bloodstains……

In a blink of an eye, the peaceful atmosphere on [The Road of Gold] was gone; as if a kid was playing prank and threw a damn rock into the calm surface of a lake. The cavaliers’ ridiculing laughter, children’s cries, elders and women’s miserable voices……Heavy harsh sounds instantly resounded throughout [The Road of Gold].

“Lowlives, get out of here, quick!……The supreme pope Platini of the Holy Church and his most faithful servant, Mr. Zola, the priest who was personally appointed to Chambord’s church by the thirty fourth Bishop of Zenit Empire Sergievsky are about to arrive. Soldiers of Chambord, listen up: go and tell your King Alexander to come and pay a visit……All unrelated personnel must leave immediately. If there are any stupid lowlives who dare to stand in the way and disturb priest Mr. Zola’s carriage, they shall be executed on the spot.”

A series of titles that were hard to say and remember were shouted out of the swaggering Cavaliers leader’s mouth.

It was a huge guy that was about 7 feet tall. He was in a set of shiny silver armour. The Holy Church’s fiery sun symbol was engraved onto his silver chestplate. The red cape on his back fluttered in the mild wind. The bright red cotton undershirt that was under the armour was exposed. His appearance as a whole looked like as if he was a cloud of burning flame. His bearded face showed a superior expression without any disguise. The whip in his hand was hanging by his iron boots; it was stained by the blood of the woman who protected her child with her body and got her back mercilessly whipped. The blood was dripping onto the ground drop by drop from the whip……

“Blockade the street, take control of the high points on both sides of the street! Make sure Mr. Zola’s safety is protected.”

“Quick, quick! Investigate and check for anyone that looks suspicious!”

“If there are people that looks suspicious, arrest them immediately. Anyone that dares to resist the arrest shall be executed instantly!”

As the cavaliers rode their horses back and forth on the street while ordering and yelling, more than one hundred of their retinues that were in scale armour and round iron helmets rushed into Chambord from outside. The retinues looked vicious. Some of them were holding the lances and swords that cavaliers would use during battle, the others were carrying the cavaliers’ holy bucklers and other daily living necessities…… Without exception, everyone of them viciously yelled and rushed away the crowds that were walking on the street. Quickly, they had formed a guarded security zone.

Then, farther away under Chambord’s huge gate, a long carriage fleet slowly and leisurely entered the castle.

Table of Content

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