Hail the King Chapter 76.2

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Chapter 76.2: There’s one more bottle (2)

However –


Peter-Cech who was standing quietly beside Brook suddenly moved first and grabbed the 【Hulk Potion】before Brook did. He pulled open the lid on the bottle and chugged down the entire bottle.


Brook panicked.

Cech was only pardoned more than ten days ago by the King and barely got out of Iron Prison – Water Dungeon alive. He got ill from the moist and dark environment and the torture in the prison, so his body was very weak. His two energy swirls that represented his two star warrior strength and status was torn and ruined by the former Head Minister Bazzer’s vicious methods. All of his two star energy had mostly disappeared and his strength dropped significantly. Although he could get it back and return to being a two star warrior, it would take a long period of time. Cech’s body was at its weakest stage; by taking this 【Hulk Potion】 which had a terrifying side effect, if he wasn’t able to endure through it, his life might even be on the line……

He knew that Cech didn’t want him to take the risk which was why he took the potion first.

At this point, Brook was very nervous. However, there was nothing that he could do. He could only stare at Cech closely; he didn’t even dare to blink his eyes, because he was afraid that he might miss some signs of dangers.

Fei on the other side was secretly laughing to himself shamelessly.

After a few seconds, the side effects that Brook was worrying about appeared –

At first, a bright green light suddenly appeared on Cech’s forehead between his eyebrows. It gave off an indescribable magic power. Then, it gradually began to spread downwards in a cloudy fashion. The green light became more and more dense, and soon Cech’s head was dyed in green, and even his hair became green as well. It seemed very strange.

As the same time, drops of sweat the size of beans started dripping down his green forehead. The muscles on his face also started twitching unconsciously. Clearly, he was under unimaginable pain.

Brook was shocked.

He turned his head and looked at Fei, and found that he didn’t panic at all. Instead, he had a faint smile on his face. This calmed Brook down a little bit; he held back his worries and concerns and continued observing Cech’s state.

That green light was getting thicker and thicker and started spreading onto Cech’s whole body. Starting from his head, it quickly covered his neck, chest, waist, arms, hands and legs……After more than tens of seconds, the First Commander of the King’s Guard Peter-Cech had become a green person. Even his arm hair was glittering green like a jade. This condition was no different than getting poisoned by exotic toxins. What worried Brook more was that he could clearly see that it was as if there was something alive that was drilling and surging underneath Cech’s skin. It created many bulges that continued rushing around in Cech’s body. The blue veins bulged and sweat dripped down like rain……This process was obviously extremely painful.

“No wonder why it’s called [Hulk Potion], Cech is getting bigger and bigger.” Brook thought.

Fei had a chill when he saw that.

Fei tried the potion on himself when he was doing the experiments, and the pain of the body enhancement was unbearable; it was like having tens of thousands of ants crawling through his body and devouring every bit of his muscle, having someone cut the flesh off of him piece by piece and deep frying his entire body……even though Fei was tough, he didn’t want to experience this hellish pain ever again. This was especially true since the [Hulk Potion] wasn’t effective on Fei.

After half a minute, the painful expression on Cech’s face toned down a bit, and the dense green light dimmed down. Suddenly, a powerful sensation came off of Cech’s body. Brook was very familiar with this sensation. He often felt this sensation from King Alexander. It was the sensation of a breathtaking and dragon-like pure physical strength. What surprised him even more was that this sensation was getting stronger and stronger. This meant that the strength in Cech’s body was increasing very quickly.

After another minute, the greenness on Cech was almost negligible, and the sensation finally stopped growing stronger.


Cech exhaled heavily and finally opened his eyes.

He observed his body and felt the long-lost strength. This strength was even more powerful than his former strength at his peak. He was so excited that tears filled his eyes. Before when his energy swirls were destroyed by Bazzer, he felt hopeless and thought that he was going to become a useless man, but now the light of hope shined through the dark clouds. He instantly turned around and kneeled down before Fei and said with an uncontrollable excitement on his face, ” Thank you, Your Majesty! I have recovered……I can feel the monstrous strength in my body, and the energy channels in my body have widened by a few times. I can restore my two star warrior’s energy at my peak state in less than half a year……”

Cech was so excited that his sentence structures weren’t making any sense.

After some rough observations, Cech had completely understood the effect of the [Hulk Potion]. Although his energy swirls didn’t come back, his physical strength and his body’s firmness had reached an unimaginable level. He could fight a two star warrior with pure physical strength. The effect didn’t just stop there. What made him more excited was that the channels that the energy flowed through in his body was widened by a few times. This meant that when he started training his energy, his improvement speed would be faster than other ordinary warrior by a few times…… The actual effect of the little [Hulk Potion] was far superior than the epic potions in the legends.

Fei said calmly with a serious face, ” Peter, don’t be so overjoyed. [Hulk Potion]’s terrifying side-effect hasn’t completely passed yet.”

“Ah?” Cech and Brook who were finally relieved were surprised again when they heard that. “What other side effects are there?”

“It’s this green light. See? The greenness on your body hasn’t fully disappeared yet. According to my calculations, it needs three to five days to completely go away.”

Cech asked with a strange face, “Your Majesty……eh, was the terrifying side effect that you were talking about before this greenness over my entire body after taking the [Hulk Potion]?”

“Yes, yes.” Fei held back his laughter and nodded firmly. “This greenness will take a long time to disappear; isn’t that terrifying?” But right after he said that, he couldn’t hold back anymore and started laughing loudly like a kid who had just pranked someone successfully. His kingly temperament instantly disappeared.

Cech and Brook felt like they were about to faint.

That counts as a terrifying side effect?

“Brook……I……” Cech was a little bit embarrassed at this point. He was originally worried about the “terrifying side effect” and took the potion before Brook could react; he wanted to take on the risks himself. Who knew that the king was only joking? Now, it looked like that he had jacked Brook’s opportunity of becoming stronger. It didn’t matter if it were merits or official titles and positions; Brook deserved it more. Cech instantly regretted his action.

“Mr. Cech……” Brook was still used to calling his former leader mister. ” You’re being too polite. If Chambord can get another powerful warrior and increase the chance of us winning the upcoming Zenit Military Practice, it doesn’t matter who takes this potion.” Brook’s words were really sincere and didn’t feel fake or superficial at all. Cech didn’t know what to say. Fei on the side nodded secretly. He knew that he had chosen the right person. This one star warrior was just, dependable and had integrity. The best part of all was that he was extremely loyal to him.

“Actually, you guys don’t need to panic, hehehe……” As Fei was speaking, he flicked his wrist and another bottle of [Hulk Potion] appeared in his hand out of nowhere.” I have a few more bottles of this potion!”

Table of Content

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