Hail the King Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Combine Kill

However, Fei didn’t plan to challenge the final boss at 【Rogue Encampment】 just yet. After he entered 【Monastery Gate】, the first place he went was a small map on the exterior of the Monastery – 【Barracks】.

The magic hammer was in the deepest part of the 【Barracks】. Once he obtained the hammer and brought it back to Charsi at 【Rogue Encampment】, she would add a couple attributes and properties to one of his items.

Fei followed his memories about the map from the original game. After searching for a while, they quickly found the 【Barracks】. This place was more like a huge maze. There were numerous chained corridors and many dark chambers attached to them; it made both Fei and Elena dizzy by just looking at them. It felt like this place was more like an underground tomb rather than a barrack. The atmosphere was very depressing; the inexplicable screams and whistles in the wind, the squeaks of the big black mice running around and the stinky and bloody smells made it feel like hell.

There were monsters and demons wandering around throughout the corridors and chambers; they were all high level, such as 【Devilkin】, 【Death Clan】, 【Black Rogues】 and 【Bone Fire Mages】. Blood spilled whenever they stepped forward. Danger was hidden everywhere.

After they stepped into the 【Barracks】, battles occurred nonstop. After about half an hour of bloody fighting, Fei and Elena were covered in thick blood and white rice-like bone fragments. However, they finally found the chamber where that hammer was stored in.

“Elena, the hammer that we’re looking for is in this chamber. A powerful boss 【The Smith】 is guarding it with a crowd of monsters. After we charge in, you have to stay behind me. Don’t rush in like last time in Tristram, alright?”

Before they challenged and took on 【The Smith】, Fei remembered what happened before and urged Elena to listen to him.

“I got it, mister.” Elena lowered her head again. She stood in the dark like a quiet, lovely orchid. The burning flame far away “engraved” her beautiful figure on the dark floor. She said lightly and gently, “Mister, I won’t disappoint you this time.”

Fei was surprised.

For some reason, he felt that Elena’s behaviour was weird sometimes. During battle, she was the cold, aggressive warrior; every arrow that came from her hand meant death. Under the light of the magic and rare items, she looked like a Valkyrie……But when she was talking to him, she was extremely obedient, gentle and even a little bit shy. The two completely different personalities fused together in her.

“Hehe, does this sturdy chick have feelings for me now?”

Fei was stoked. He instinctively cared for Elena, so he turned around and continued reminding her, “Also, safety is your main priority. If the situation becomes too dangerous, you have to retreat instantly……Don’t worry about me, I have my own method of escaping.”


After three minutes.

Fei finally understood that his worries and reminders were excessive. 【The Smith】 was very powerful in his memories, but didn’t even stand a chance under the joint attacks of him and his mercenary. 【The Smith】 roared a couple times and died like a pedestrian in a superhero movie; Fei didn’t even have to use any 【Healing Potions】.

“Pooh, this b—–d died too fast. Not a single good item dropped!”

After seeing three or four blue magic items on the ground, Fei kicked 【The Smith】’s corpse. The 7 feet tall (210 cm), blue skinned monster didn’t have any merits except for his strength.

“You’re also a boss, but why is there such a huge difference between bosses? Although 【Countess】 at 【The Forgotten Tower】 didn’t drop any good items as well, she at least “gifted” me 5,000 gold coins. You didn’t drop any good items or many gold coins!” Being poor and stingy, there was no way that Fei wouldn’t be mad.

The only thing that calmed Fei down a little bit was that 【The Smith】 granted him a large amount of experience.

Fei finally leveled up again.

After counting his level up while getting through the corridors and battling with the monsters and demons, Barbarian Fei was already level 14. Fei thought about it and continued the same distribution of attribute points; on top of that, he put one of the two skill points into 【Find Potion】 and the other one into 【Sword Mastery】.

The normal items that the monsters dropped weren’t even close to Fei’s standards, so he didn’t bother to pick them up. He checked his current status and realized that after two rounds of battles, the durability of his weapons and armour was very low, and the potions he was carrying were almost depleted. As a result, he used a 【Town Portal Scroll】 and went back to 【Rogue Encampment】

He found Charsi and gave the magic hammer to this sullen girl.

“Wow, unbelievable! You really killed 【The Smith】 and brought back the hammer. This is amazing! Young warrior, you have won my friendship. As thanks, I will now imbue one of your items with magical powers!” The female blacksmith’s eyes shined as she saw the hammer. Her sullen and sad mood instantly disappeared. A bright smile shined on her beautiful face, as if all the happiness and liveliness was restored into her body. She suddenly looked younger and her attitude towards Fei was unusually enthusiastic.

This change made Fei a little surprised, because it wasn’t like this in the actual game.

A light bulb suddenly lit in Fei’s head, and he went along with Charsi’s enthusiasm and started chatting with her. They had a friendly conversation, and Charsi delightfully offered a 20% discount on the repairs for Fei’s current items; she even expressed that if Fei wanted, he could buy armour and weapons from her at a 20% discount.

The result pleasantly surprised Fei.

However, he didn’t choose to imbue an item right away. This was an invaluable opportunity, so Fei wanted to think about it thoroughly and decide what item would be the best to add magical powers to.

Fei also sold all the blue magic items to Charsi; with all the additional gold coins, Fei was now a rich man who had a net worth of 54,000 gold coins. He looked at the hot mercenary to his side and thought of something. He bought a couple suitable items for Elena as well.

“Mister Fei, thank you for your generosity!”

After putting on the new items, Elena appeared even more valiant, slender and beautiful. Her red hair fluttered in the breeze. Her hair looked like a crowd of burning flames, contrasting her white, smooth and milky skin. An indescribable temperament exuded from her body; no wonder she was called the most beautiful 【Rogue Flower】 in the camp.



“……When flowers see her face, flowers would wither

When the wind hears her voice, the wind would quiet down.

When sunshine sees her smile, sunshine would shy away.”

The beautiful poem was what traveling poets used to describe the young nun Andariels. A long time ago in the monastery on the 【Tamoe Highland】, there was a beauty that made the whole continent proud. Her name was Andariels; numerous men went crazy over her, and numerous women were crazily jealous over her…….This woman was an orphan and had the name of an angel, attracting the attention of the whole continent. Even the most pious priests would be distracted when they looked at her.

Later though, for some unknown reason, the most beautiful woman on the continent had inconceivably fallen in love with the legendary demon –  Lord of Destruction Diablo, and accepted the demon’s power and turned into the scariest female monster on the continent. She took over the monastery and murdered all the nuns and priests. She turned the monastery on the 【Tamoe Highland】 into a living hell. At the same time, it blocked the only path from the 【Rogue Encampment】 to the city to the east 【Lut Gholein】 and turned 【Rogue Encampment】 into a deserted land.

On the way to the Monastery, Fei learnt about this distraught history from Elena.

“A nun fell in love with a demon?” Love is so powerful……Elena, the finally battle is about to begin. After we kick open this door, we will be facing the scariest monster on the rogue continent. Remember, no matter what happens, stay at least 30 yard (m) away from her, do you understand?” Fei stood in the fourth underground level in the catacomb under the Monastery and warned the hot mercenary seriously.

In the last hour, both of them wiped out the monsters in the monastery and found Andariel’s base. Behind the wooden gate in front of them, the super Boss Anderials in the 【Rogue Encampment】 was waiting for them. There would be an ugly battle waiting for them, no question about it.

Elena was nervous, but she still nodded decisively.

Table of Content

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