Hail the King Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Merciless Kill

The princess didn’t care about Susan’s reminder. She smiled, “Why does I have to care if he lets it slide easily or not?” Do you think Zhirkov letting Semak follow Tropinski around was due to his good intentions? It’s better for me if Semak dies now; it saves me the time to ask Knight Captain Romain to do that himself! Hehe, moreover, the one who will kill Semak isn’t me; it’s the King of Chambord, Alexander!”

The female knight Susan was stunned after she heard that.


At the middle of the square.

The sharp and murderous sensation that was approaching the prince felt almost like a tangible substance. The Little Prince Tropinski was shocked to find out that when he faced such pressure, he could barely stand up despite being a two star ranked warrior. However, he still bit his teeth and held himself together; he didn’t even take a step back although he was having a hard time breathing.

Fei continued approaching slowly.

Right now, everyone’s eyes blurred. However, the next moment, a tall figure appeared in the circle and stood in between Fei and the Little Prince.

“Who are you?”

Fei frowned slightly. The instinct of the Barbarian warned him about the foreseeable danger. The blonde haired smiling warrior who suddenly appeared gave him an unprecedented pressure. This man was at least a three star warrior.

“Knight Captain Romain-Pavlyuchenko of Zenit Empire.” The blonde warrior answered as he smiled. He didn’t have the arrogance and egoistic appearance that Semak and the cavalry had; when he spoke, he lowered his head and saluted to show respect to the king. That made everyone think he was warm and friendly.

Fei smiled back, “Oh? It’s the mighty Knight Captain Romain-Pavlyuchenko……So, have you appeared here to stop me?”

Pavlyuchenko still had the smile on his face, and his eyebrows rose and said, “King Alexander, to be honest, I wanted to battle with you. You are the one who is the most worthy of my respect among all the kings of the affiliated kingdoms……But, I have received the order from the princess. I’m not here to battle with you. I’m only here to take His Highness away.”


Fei was surprised by the answer. He looked at the Little Prince Tropinski who was sweating like crazy and enduring under his murderous pressure, and then something in his mind was triggered. He nodded and said, “I’m not a maniac; of course you can take him away……But the bug named Semak has to stay here. He insulted Chambord first, so he has to die!”

The Knight Captain Romain shrugged his shoulders, then turned around and grabbed the Little Prince by his shoulders. His body swayed and everyone felt a gold flame flash in front of their eyes; the smiling warrior and Little Prince Tropinski had disappeared into nowhere, just as if both of them had never appeared.

Fei’s pupil quickly contracted. He had the power of a level 12 Barbarian, but he didn’t even catch Pavlyuchenko’s movements; Pavlyuchenko was grabbing someone in his hands this time. “It looks like I was wrong in terms of his estimated strength. He’s even more scary than I thought. He’s way more powerful than a three star rank. He must be at least a four star ranked warrior.

At this moment, Fei felt the urgency of improving his strength again.

“After I solve all these issues, I have to go back to the Diablo World and level up as much as I can. It looks like parent empires are just a joke. A mere two star ranked knight captain dared to flirt with the future queen recklessly at the party in an affiliated kingdom; if some of the higher ups get greedy, it would be a catastrophe for the kingdom……To survive and live like humans on this continent that follow the rules of the jungle, power was essential!

Fei made a decision in his mind. He raised his head and sneered as he got closer and closer to the Knight Captain Semak. Fei didn’t rush to kill him. Rather, he approached him slowly. The clear and moderate paced steps stomped on Semak’s heart. Fei wanted this reckless and shameless b—–d to really taste the terrifying torture of silence before his death.

“No……No!! I’m a Knight Captain of the Zenit Empire. I’m a henchman of Prince Zhirkov……I can’t die, you can’t kill me!” After seeing his only savior, the Little Prince and Knight Captain Pavlyuchenko leave without even acknowledging him and the King who represented death approach him slowly, Semak was desperate. This was the first time he was this close to death, so he broke down. He screamed and yelled crazily like a cornered hyena who was roaring to threaten its opponents and protect itself.

However, the figure who was coming closer didn’t pause at all.

“Nonono……I apologize, I’m willing to kneel down and kiss your boots……I beg you, please let me go, please show some mercy……” Semak kneeled down and begged.

But it was no use.

Fei was still stepping forward coldly. Even the surrounding citizens were pumped by their king’s domination. They swung their fists and shouted aggressively, “Kill him, kill him……Kill that b—–d!”

Semak was still begging. Numerous angry faces were light up by the bonfires. The weak ant-like low lives who Semak disdained gave him unprecedented fear as he shivered uncontrollably.

Finally –

“Damn it……【Crack Rockburst】, die!”

Cornered Semak picked up a sword from his subordinate cavalry and yellow earth energy rapidly swirled around him as he jumped up and suddenly attacked. The energy technique was used right away; the overwhelming momentum was like a tornado, and the strike whizzed as it flew towards Fei.

“Humph, child’s play!”

Fei waved the 【Storm Sabre】 in his hand.

The result was unquestionable. Semak flew back like a punching bag as blood spurted out of his mouth and he smashed into the huge stone god statue again. “Crackle, crackle” it was the sound of cracked bones. This time, the highly arrogant Knight Captain couldn’t stand up anymore.


Fei;s body swayed and suddenly appeared in front of Semak. He had lost his patience. He grabbed the knight by his hair and pulled him up. He aimed his sword at Semak’s throat and whispered into Semak’s ear, “B—–d, you want to see the roundtable dance? Go ask your mom!”


Under the terrifying stare of Semak, 【Storm Sabre】 penetrated his neck easily as if it were soft butter. The tip of the sword which was dripping blood appeared behind Semak’s neck. Fei waved the sword; after a flash of cold light, the arrogant Knight Captain was beheaded.

“Whoever dares to violate Chambord…… must be killed!!”

The head was thrown onto the altar which was in front of all the god statues on the square. Fei raised up his sword and roared. His figure was sturdy and tall like a god. The sentence “Whoever dares to violate Chambord must be killed!” struck many citizen’s heart. Regardless of whether it was a citizen or a soldier, they all shivered in excitement. In this era of war, they felt secure for the very first time.

“Hail King Alexander!!”

Beside Fei, all of Chambord’s subjects kneeled down on the ground humbly and bowed. Like the planets surrounding the sun, they all cheered “Hail the king” as they touched the ground Fei was standing on with their heads.


Far away on the stairs of the Palace north of the square.

The old and handsome Bast and number one warrior of Chambord Lampard stood side by side. At this moment, none of them talked, but their eyes shined on the bonfire under the star-filled sky.

As the steward of the Royal Family as well as the father to Angela, Bast should’ve been the first one to rush on site and resolve the problem. But after seeing Fei’s appearance, he held back the urge to rush to the situation. Later on, Bast was shocked when Fei raised his blade and killed the imperial cavalry; the first thing that came to his mind was the terrifying consequence of offending the Zenit Empire. He rushed forward and wanted to stop Fei’s reckless actions……but after two or three steps, he suddenly thought of something and went back to where he was standing before.

At this moment, Bast’s mind was completely calm.

He even saw the two cloaked figures standing beside the Little Prince Tropinski and Knight Captain Pavlyuchenko on the far side of the square. As a qualified steward, Bast’s eyes shined. He instantly knew who those two people were. He thought about his servitude on the way back to Chambord with the Royal Canonization Legion as he tried to figure out the intention of that women……but at this moment, Bast felt there was no need for pleasantries anymore. He straightened his back and stood even taller.

“Bast, you’ve worked hard this time.” Lampard who was silent suddenly said, “Although there are some misunderstandings between you and the soldiers and citizens and they aren’t friendly towards you, I believe that Alexander will eventually understand your good intentions.”

Bast turned around and smiled back, “Frank, you are wrong this time, it won’t be eventually. I believe Alexander have understood my intention all along!”


On the far side of the square.

Seeing the figure who was standing in the centre of the square and didn’t hesitate to kill Semak, as well as the surrounding crowd kneeling down by the feet of that figure, the silent princess suddenly sighed and turned around as she walked away.

“Let’s leave. We will treat this incident as if it never happened. None of the legion members can discuss this incident in private!”

This was her second command for today.



Although there was a bloody incident, the celebration party for the Chambord Defense War still lasted until the enxt morning. When the sky brightened up, the citizens and soldiers gradually went back home unsatisfied. Messy traces of the carnival remained on the square.

Fei got drunk after he was offered wined by everyone he saw. He stumbled back to the King’s Palace with the support of Angela and Emma; he went to sleep as soon as his head touched the pillow and didn’t worry about anything else.

The experienced and prudent Brook didn’t dare be so relaxed like the king was. Due to them killing the imperial cavalry and knight during the party, to prevent any forms of revenge, he guarded the residence of the Royal Canonization Legion himself with the other hundreds of elite soldiers.

The watchmen on the defensive wall and patrol guards of the inner castle were also operating smoothly under Brook’s commands. Pierce, Drogba and other soldiers also dragged their tired bodies onto the defensive wall to do night watch. Except for the incompetent king who was completely drunk, everyone else didn’t relax and slack off just because of the success in the war.

Finally, the sun rose to the sky from the mountains on the east side of the castle. The light brightened up the land.

A new day had begun.

In the King’s Palace, Fei felt his a-s get warm as he half-consciously rubbed his eyes and finally woke up.

Table of Content

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