Hail the King Chapter 59.1

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Chapter 59.1: Kneel Down and Kiss My Shoes!

The celebration party was entering its climax.

Fei held his wineglass and walked to the soldiers.

After experiencing the cruel battle that could repress anyone to the point of suffocation and turn them crazy, only fine wine and women could relieve these strongmen. Pierce and Drogba laughed as they drank with silver bowls the size of a kitchen sink. Wild and uninhibited laughter echoed in the square. The twenty three strongmen including Oleg had followed Fei and slid down the defensive wall and charged into the enemies like a death squad. Except for Breno who had sacrificed himself on the bridge, although the other twenty two strongmen were all severely injured, they made back alive. Fighting alongside the king had built a special friendship between these iron-like men.

On the north side of the square, the men gathered together and sat down on the stone tables and gulped down the wine. Some of them wrestled half-naked on the side, some arm-wrestled on the table and others danced with the joyful girls. Even Oleg who was unwelcomed by all the soldiers had gained many people’s respect after this deadly mission.

“Cheers! For our brothers!” Fei raised his wineglass and proposed a toast.

“For our brothers! Hail the king! Cheers!” The soldiers cheered as they also raised their glasses and bowls; King Alexander’s arrival made them feel very honoured.

“This second glass of wine is a toast to our hero Breno!”

Fei poured the wine in his glass onto the ground and said, “His parents will be all of our parents, and his son will be all of our son……Breno’s family will be supported by the Royal family of Chambord until his son becomes a real brave and strong man like his father!”

“For our hero Breno!”

The soldiers poured the wine in their hands onto the ground silently. At this moment, in many soldier’s drunk and bleary eyes, it was as if they had seen the figure whose heart was penetrated, but still dragged three enemies off of the bridge while yelling, “Hail the king!” in the dark, star filled sky……Breno was a hero, he was a comrade, and he was also a companion!

“The third glass of wine is a toast to our hero Breno’s comrades, a toast to the twenty two great warriors of Chambord, Pierce, Drogba, O’Neal, Essien, Ballack…… Fei said the strongmen’s names one by one. Every time he announced a name, the crowd would burst into cheers and applause; the person whose name was called shivered in excitement.

“May the God of War bless you, my warriors. Your names shall be remembered together with Chambord. Now, in the name of King Alexander, I shall grant you honour; the armour and weapons you guys used during the battle will be returned to you after they are repaired by the best blacksmiths in the castle……” Fei’s voice was like a burning bonfire and ignited every soldier’s blood. After seeing the strongmen’s incredible and excited expressions, Fei raised his wineglass filled up high with wine into the air and congratulated, “Yes, my warriors, as you wish, these are the most precious items in the royal family, and they shall be permanently granted to you guys, because they are the medals that represent your bravery and skill.”

The twenty three sets of armour and weapons were the treasures that the old king collected throughout his life time. Although they were not illustrious magic items and weapons, in a level six affiliated kingdom of a level one Empire, they were priceless. For an officer like Oleg, if he saved all his life time income, he still wouldn’t be able to get a full set of the armour and weapons.

So right after Fei stopped talking, the soldiers started to cheer wildly.

The king was clear towards who deserved rewards and punishments, especially for those who showed loyalty and risked their lives. Moreover, in the prior battles King Alexander was always on the very front line of the battlefield and charges, and he had blocked the enemies’ blades for his soldiers and companions with his own body. The series of behaviors had boost Fei’s influence in the military to an unparalleled level.

The King’s kind rewards had pushed the celebration party to its peak.

The intoxicating smell of wine diffused into the air.

Fei was inspired and even took off his own luxurious king’s robe and put on a thin armour. He wrestled with the strongmen bare armed and competed in drinking games; it was a men’s game and Fei was soon on the same page as the other soldiers. By using the Barbarian Mode to cheat, Fei easily flipped over a dozen famous strongmen in Chambord and completely showed off a king’s strength and courage ……

The delightful atmosphere embraced Chambord Castle after the war.

At this moment, suddenly a surprise occurred.

In the middle of the square where it was the most crowded, a series of female screams and curses was heard, in addition to the faint laughter of men mixed in with it……

Fei frowned.

The soldiers who were having a good time also froze their hands which were holding wine glasses in the air.

“It’s probably a drunk punk forcing a kiss on his beloved girl recklessly……”

It was the first thing that came to Fei and the soldiers’ minds.

“Haha, although that kind of behaviour isn’t civilized, at this open and unconventional celebration party, we can probably forgive that h—y b—–d. The girls at Chambord are very bold and vigorous, haha, I hope the God of War can bless that poor punk.”

All the men had understanding smiles on their face.

But what was unexpected was that the chaos and curses didn’t calm down as Fei and the soldiers expected; it grew bigger and louder. Cursing and screaming were very pronounced when mixed with the cheer and laughter. Many people stopped dancing and crowded towards the middle of the square. The noise gradually stopped and everyone’s attention was at the source of the chaos.

Fei stood on a stairway beside him and looked at the source location of the chaos. The next second, his expression turned cold and a murderous sensation leaked from his body and diffused to the surroundings.

“F–k! Someone is messing with Angela!”

Barbarian 【Leap】 was initiated, and “Whoosh!” Fei jumped up tens of yards (m) into the air and rushed to the centre of the square in a few ups and downs.

At this time, the crowd formed into a big circle.

In the middle of the circle, Emma and a dozen young citizens formed a human wall and angrily stared at the couple of knights in front of them with red eyes. Behind them, Angela who was in the azure long dress crouched down as her face turned pale. A fifteen or sixteen year old teenage boy was leaning against her arms. The little guy’s neck was severely injured; there was a shocking slit that was cut open by a sharp blade; the teenage boy was having a hard time breathing, and blood and foam was coming out of his mouth. Like a person who didn’t know how to swim had gotten choked by the water in a swimming pool, his chest raised and fell dramatically. The blood and foam coming out of his mouth flew everywhere, and Angela’s azure long dress was strained by the blood.

“Puh! Reckless low class citizen, how dare you point your finger at a superior empire knight?”

A leading red caped Zenit Empire’s cavalry put the sword that had blood on it back to the scabbard. Cutting someone’s throat almost in half was a negligible matter in his eyes. He yelled at Emma and the citizens of Chambord disdainfully, “If you want to live, then kneel down and kiss my boots, and get the f–k out of here. Shameless bastards, the Deputy Knight Captain of the legion, Mr. Semak only wanted to invite your future queen to a dance……”

The red caped cavalry emphasized the words “Queen” and “dance”; any man would understand the obscene meaning behind it. After he said that, he winked at his companions proudly.

Behind him, a dozen similarly red caped cavalry held onto their shoulders and laughed out loud.

In between all the cavalry, the buffed knight who was behind prince Tropinski had a bright smile on his face after he heard that. He sneered at the citizens of Chambord who were crowding them and glanced around. When he saw Emma, his eyes brighten up; but after a short pause, his vision went through the crowd and landed on the goddess like azure dressed girl. An obscene expression came on his face; he didn’t hide his lust at all.

At this time –


A strong wind blew by. Everyone’s vision blurred and a majestic figured suddenly appeared in the middle of the circle……It was Fei who used Barbarian 【Leap】 to get here faster.

Fei glanced around and quickly figured out what was going on.

His face changed expression; he didn’t acknowledge the provocation from the red caped cavalry who were like mad dogs and rushed to Angela. He crouched down and placed his hand on the back of the dying teenage boy. He opened up his belt storage and took out the bottle of 【Normal Healing Potion】; he carefully dropped the last few drops of the remaining red potion into the teenage boy’s mouth and on his shocking slit on his neck.

A light mysterious magic power surged.

The 【Normal Healing Potion】 had displayed its incredible magical effect. Quickly, the teenage boy’s wound recovered at a visible speed; it formed a scar in just a few seconds and the scar soon shrunk and disappeared. He stopped spurting blood from his mouth and his dramatic chest movements calmed down as well. His breathing went back to normal and regained consciousness and opened up his eyes slowly.

Fei was relieved after he saw that.

Luckily, there were still some of the 【Normal Healing Potion】 left after Fei diluted most of it. Fei saved a little bit just in case of an emergency. He didn’t expect that it would be utilized at such a crucial moment. If not, this teenage boy would probably be a cold corpse by now.

Table of Content

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