Hail the King Chapter 56.9

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Chapter 56.9: Old B—–d

“Finally back at Chambord.” All the Bast’s worries had disappeared.

After seeing the firm, basically intact defensive wall, Bast was relieved, “Good, the reinforcement didn’t arrive too late. The worst case scenario didn’t occur, and the black armoured enemies didn’t conquer the castle……” When he thought about it, he sighed, “The number one warrior Lampard is here, so Bazzer couldn’t do too much. Angela and that retarded king should be safe and sound.”

The numerous ruined corpses and marks left on the wall from the intense battle struck terror into Bast. He didn’t know how Chambord held up. It was a miracle; four hundred soldiers in the King’s Guards were able to defend for five days against the siege of more than two thousand elite enemies?

After he stepped onto the bridge, the calm, cool and collected Bast was finally stunned.

“Oh God of War……unbelievable! Breaking the stone bridge? Whose idea is this? Eh, Lampard and Brook are both strong-headed, there’s no way that it was their idea……Could it be Bazzer? Since when could that old dog do something good?”

Bast lowered his head and thought.

Suddenly, he heard the cheers on the other side of the partially collapsed bridge. That was when he noticed that numerous citizens of Chambord gathered on the side for some reason and were celebrating. Under the whizzing of the fast current, he faintly heard “Hail the King!”, “Long live His Majesty!” and other similar shouts. Bast was a little surprised, “Hail the King? Eh…… They aren’t talking about the retarded Alexander, are they?”

Bast quickened his steps and then he saw another shocking scene –

His beautiful and innocent daughter Angela was sprinting towards the bridge from the castle. She abandoned all her ladylike manners; like a beautiful butterfly fluttering in a trail of flowers, her face was all red and she was breathing heavily as she separated the crowd. She laughed and cried at the same time as she hugged and jumped into the arms of the young man wearing a ruined suit of armour and covered in blood.

Bast couldn’t believe his own eyes.

“God! Since when did my pure and obedient baby Angela become this open and bold? Embracing an unfamiliar young man in public? Did she forget that she’ll become the future queen of the kingdom? Or did something magical happen since I left Chambord?”

Bast felt jumpy as he thought about it.

He felt that he needed to remind his silly daughter to never be tricked by the playful and charming words of a young man. Bast rushed to the gap on the bridge and intentionally yelled, “Hey Angela, my sweetheart! I’m back!”


On the other side of the collapsed bridge.

Fei was enjoying the ecstatic feeling of the warm and soft hug. Although he was surprised that his beautiful fiancée rushed out of the castle and jumped into his arms, after being stunned for a brief moment, he was full of joy. This guy thought to himself happily, “Hahaha, this should count as a perfect match, right? The hero and the beauty……”

While Fei was so delighted that his teeth were almost falling off and he was holding back his drooling urges to just to feel the beauty in his arms, someone acted recklessly and made him feel really unpleasant by shouting, “Angela, my sweetheart! I’m back!”

Fei was enraged.

“Damn!” Who is this eyeless b—–d? Who dares to flirt with my girl so blatantly?”

The fire of anger started to burn unstoppably in Fei who was getting extremely jealous. Fei glanced around furiously and looked across the gap of the bridge by following everyone else’s sight. He saw a good looking “old b—–d” who was staring at the girl in his arms “indecently”. He was definitely up to no good.

“Who the hell is that old man?”

Fei felt his fists starting to itch.

After seeing the “old b—–d” continue winking recklessly on the other side of the bridge, Fei almost crushed his own teeth into pieces, and his knuckles were cracking from how tightly he held his fists. The soldiers and citizens beside Fei stopped cheering and looked at Fei with a strange expression on their faces.

Bast had left the castle with a ton of treasures from the king’s collections. Many people thought that the butler had abandoned his daughter and the r—-d son-in-law and ran off with the treasures. However, no one would’ve thought that he would return at a time like this. Everyone’s minds couldn’t react fast enough to this; that’s why their expressions were weird.

But Fei got it all wrong.

The king’s fiancée was being flirted at so openly, especially during his victory celebration. How was he supposed to react?  Fei subconsciously thought that the reason why everyone’s expressions were weird was because……


Fei instantly used Barbarian 【Leap】; like a tiger with wings, he jumped from the north side of the bridge to the south side. Without a word, he grasped his future father-in-law’s robe and lifted the “old b—–d” in his mind off of the ground; he was ready to teach this rude crackpot a lesson……

At that moment, Angela’s shaky voice sounded, “Father, you…… you’re back!”


Fei was surprised. A thought flashed through his mind like lightning as his expression turned weird as well, “Damn, this old man is……is actually Angela’s father?” Fei suddenly burst into a cold sweat. Before he could say anything, the old man in his hands yelled in surprise, “It turned out to be you, Alexander. You turned normal……Ay, what are you doing, I’m your future father-in-law, quickly put me down……”

Fei was embarrassed.

He felt that he couldn’t hold onto the situation, “Darn it! What is this? Jealous of my father-in-law? This is as tragic as Oedipus in Greek Mythology who married his own mom……What should I do?”

“I can’t panic, I have to hold everything together!”

After he thought about it, an idea flashed into his head. In a second, his ferocious robe grabbing turned into an intimate hug. Fei hugged Bast tightly with both of his arms and put up a surprised and cheerful smile. He laughed, “Ah, dear uncle Bast, I missed you so much!”

“Eh, really? Why do I feel like you want me dead?” Bast had a hard time breathing in Fei’s tight hug.

“Hehe, you’re just imagining things, that’s 100% your imagination……Eh, allow me to bring you over.” Barbarian 【Leap】 was initiated, and Fei held his future father-in-law under his arms and jumped from the south side of the bridge back to the north side.

Table of Content

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