Hail the King Chapter 56.7

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Chapter 56.7: Reinforcements

Fei’s facial expression changed. He jumped up to a higher hill and took a glance. Far away on the horizon where the blue sky and the green plains met, numerous elongated silver flags appeared. The flags fluttered in the wind and looked like flying silver dragons. Then, the ground started to shake and numerous silver armoured cavalry charged in the direction of Chambord like a huge tidal wave.

“From what I can see and feel, it seems that there are at least six hundred cavalry in this formation…… are they help from the Zenit Empire or reinforcements of the silver masked knight?”

Fei observed carefully. He quickly found out that the silver armoured cavalry that suddenly appeared didn’t slow down their charges at all when they saw the defeated enemies, but rather started a merciless massacre under the sound of the loud bugles. Wherever the iron horseshoes stomped, blood and flesh flew into the air. The blades and lances penetrated the enemies; it was like letting hungry tigers into a cage of sheep. The one thousand enemies screamed and whined, but they had no strength to fight back; it was a one-sided battle.

“Phew……great, it looks like they’re the aid sent from the Zenit Empire.” Fei was a little relieved. He thought about something and jumped off of the hill. He returned to the mysterious mage’s tent and was surprised to find out that there were some signs of struggling. It was obvious that the four star mage had woken up and tried to break the ropes. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful at all—Fei’s sickening tying method proved useful. The poor mage was anally decimated, and his blood stained the ground. It seemed that the wooden stick moved when the mage was struggling, so he had fainted again due to the unbearable pain.

Fei lifted the fainted mage off of the ground and walked towards the collapsed black tent where the silver masked knight was at. Fei put the mage together with silver masked knight’s corpse, then he cut off a big piece of cloth from the tent with the 【Storm Sabre】. He wrapped the mage and the corpse together into a big package and put it beside him.

After doing that, he stood on the plains and looked at the aid sent from the Zenit Empire. At that time, the cavalry with their shiny armour were still rotating and charging to wipe out the remaining enemies. About twenty cavalries split off and charged in Fei’s direction.

Fei was about to ask them something, but he saw that the cavalry didn’t slow down when they saw him; rather, they laughed as they sped up their horses and yelled arrogantly. The lances in their hands were raised and shined with a murderous light under the sun. The tips of their lances were still dripping with the enemies’ blood and they were now aimed at Fei.

“Damn! Did these dumbasses mistake me for one of the defeated enemies?”

Fei was dumbfounded. As he was about to shout and explain himself, the knight in luxurious armour who was leading the charge suddenly laughed as he turned his body and threw his lance at Fei using the momentum of his charging horse. The two yard (m) long lance whizzed as it tore through the air and aimed at Fei directly.


Fei’s expression turned cold. He raised his left arm and the 【Azure Spiked Shield】 lightly tapped on the lances; the fierce lance was re-directed into the sky. Fei felt that the knight who threw the lance wasn’t even a one star warrior. That level of attack he put out wasn’t threatening at all to a level 12 Barbarian.

“You……you dare resist? Go stomp him into meat paste!”

The luxuriously armed knight didn’t expect that his most accurate attack would be so easily dealt with by a ‘defeated enemy’ who was covered in blood. After a brief moment of surprise, he felt his prestige being challenged.

“Tink!” He was enraged as he pulled out his sword from his waist and shouted as he pointed the sword at Fei. He and the dozen cavalry behind him kicked their horses with the spurs on their iron boots. The horses felt the pain and suddenly sped up and rushed towards Fei aggressively.

They wanted to send the enemy in front of them into the air.

“Wait……Stop! I’m from Chambord, I’m not an enemy!”

Fei had no way but to shout and explain himself.

Who knew that the luxuriously armed knight who was leading the charge didn’t rein the horses to slow down after he heard Fei’s shout. He lowered his head and accelerated the horse even more. The cavalry behind him did the same; they all had excited and mocking smiles on their faces, and the way they looked Fei was no different than looking at an idiot and a dead person.

“Damn, this isn’t right……These bastards want to kill me on purpose.”

Fei‘s heart sunk a little as he smelled something fishy. After looking at the taunting smile on the knight and cavalry’s faces, Fei knew that words wouldn’t solve any problems. He sneered as he positioned the 【Azure Spiked Shield】 onto his shoulder and bumped directly and aggressively into the charging knight and cavalry.

“Sons of b*tches, let’s see who’s tougher!” Their provocation had angered Fei.

Quickly, the one man and fourteen horses collided with each other head on.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!”

A series of loud muffled noises sounded as if they were smashing into a firm defensive wall. Filled disbelief, they were slammed off of their horses and fell to the ground hideously and couldn’t stop crying and screaming. The leading knight was especially worse off as he turned into a soccer ball and kept rolling on the ground. His luxurious suit of armour was covered in blood and dirt; his helmet was lost and his face was so dirty that he looked like a homeless beggar that hadn’t taken a shower in years.

The dozen horses were flipped onto the ground and struggled to get back up.

Fei turned around and stood still. He didn’t say a word; he just sneered at the knight and the cavalry who were struggling to get up. His expression was filled with disdain; it felt like a dragon was staring at a couple of dogs who dared to challenge him. It made the knight and cavalry feel so resentful that they almost vomited blood.

“You……” The leading knight pointed his finger at Fei, “You reckless b—–d, how dare you attack the knights of the Zenit Empire? Ahhhhhhh, you are dead……I’ll kill you!” Although he was yelling arrogantly and ferociously, none of them dared to charge at Fei. His domineering act of consecutively knocking over a dozen charging horses almost made them crap their pants.

Fei had nothing to say.

“Are you a dumb pig? You shot your lance at me first and wanted to stomp me into a meat paste because you had more men……If I didn’t defend myself, should I have stood here quietly and let you kill me?……So it’s reasonable for you to kill me, but if I block you then I’m a dead man?”

The botched manners and poor performance of these reinforcements suddenly wiped out all the interest Fei had in the aid from the Zenit Empire. He picked up the cloth package containing the mage and the silver masked knight’s corpse and walked back to Chambord Castle without saying a word.

“Don’t leave if you dare, you b—–d……”

Although the luxuriously armed knight was pretty scared, his didn’t shut his mouth. After seeing the opponent backing off, his courage was reignited and he pointed at Fei and cursed and provoked him.

Fei stopped and turned around; his expression was as cold as the arctic.

“If you say even one more word, I’ll kill you!”

At that moment, Fei really had killing intent. Because they were the help sent from his Parent Empire – Zenit, Fei didn’t want to make a big fuss about these dumb knights. But who knew that they would return in high spirits and provoke him again. After Fei said that, the 【Storm Sabre】 flashed a golden light. If those knights said anything more, he would show them hell.

Suddenly, a soaring bloody and murderous sensation was violently emitted from Fei’s body.

Including the continuous killings in the Diablo World and real world, no one knew how many monsters, demons and enemies died under Fei’s blade. Fei was literally stepping on mountains of corpses and seas of bloods for the last couple days. The murderous sensation had condensed in his body, and it almost became a tangible substance. Now, it soared into the sky and was as sharp as a knife when dismantling the opponent’s courage and morale.

The cavalry shut their mouths in fright; the leading knight who was the most arrogant of the bunch turned mute. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he felt the threat of death in the opponent’s cold eyes; he felt like he was in a freezer. He knew what Fei said wasn’t just a threat; he had no doubt that if he said anything more, he would definitely be killed.

“Pooh! Coward!” Fei swore and scorned. He walked back to Chambord with the huge package in his hands. He knew that everyone on the defensive wall had seen his fake death. He couldn’t imagine how sad and worried everyone must’ve been, especially Angela and Brook. He knew that if would definitely be in chaos, so Fei had to rush back to comfort everyone.

Table of Content

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