Hail the King Chapter 56.4

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Chapter 56.4 : The Death

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The arrows covered the sky like “dark clouds” with pointed tips, almost like stars at nighttime, flying towards the bridge.


These arrows made for penetrating armor were harvesting all the lives wherever they were falling. The arrow heads were like the tip of the Grim Reaper’s sickle and had pierced through all the armor and obstacles in their way, even denting huge holes on the bridge.

The arrows had no emotions, they whizzed down on the bridge volley after volley, endlessly killing every soldier left.

Soon, there weren’t any lives on the bridge. The enemy soldiers who were wounded and whining and crying moments earlier couldn’t be more dead now. Every corpse had a ton of arrows attached to it; the white fletching made them all look like hedgehogs.

The silver masked knight stared at that figure.

Finally, what he wanted to see happened – that demon had finally stopped moving. Arrows were pierced into every part of his body, he looked like a giant chicken with all the feathers from the arrows sticking out. Soon, “Tink!”, the sword and shield fell out of his hands and disappeared when they hit the ground,and  “Bam”, that figure had finally collapsed to the ground..

“Dead, Hahahaha! Finally dead……He is finally dead!”

The silver masked knight shivered as he laughed crazily. He stooped and teared up while continuing laughing, unclear if he was happy or sad. To the last, he continued laughing as he kneeled to the ground. His voice became hoarse and filled with madness as his laughing turned into crying……

His grasped the grass on the hill where he was standing with his hands; and tears rolled off of the silver mask uncontrollably.

Finally dead.

That man was finally dead.

But his three thousand elite troops were also finished. Not only did they suffer heavy casualties, but the soldiers who survived were all frightened to death. They didn’t have any courage left in them to hold their weapons and step on a battlefield again. What made him even more mad was that he had lost more than half of his personal black knights who were all one star warriors, not even mentioning that the three-star warrior Landes also lost his life in the battle.

The silver masked knight was pushed to the verge of mental breakdown by that beast.

On the battlefield, after seeing that figure had finally fallen down, the enemy soldiers all held on to their neck and started breathing heavily, as if the Grim Reaper had let go of his grasp on their lives. The mountain like pressure that was on their minds had finally lifted and the shadow of death disappeared. Some enemy soldiers went insane. They laughed as the tears rolled down their faces.

Before this, they could never imagine that one man, only one man could dismantle an entire army.

The mysterious mage was enraged, but after he saw the collapsed expression on the silver masked knight’s face from afar, he held back his anger and decided not to argue with him. After thinking and changing expressions, he order a couple transfixed soldiers beside him: “You guys, go move that corpse and bring it to my tent.”

The majesty of a mage had called back the souls of the soldiers who were almost going to break down. Quickly, a couple strong soldiers rushed over to the corpse that was full of penetration arrows, lifted it up, and followed the mysterious mage back to his tent.

The corpse was heavy. With the ruined metal armor and arrows, it weighed almost three hundred pounds. The couple enemy soldiers who were carrying the corpse were sweating; they didn’t even dare to look at the corpse. The murderous sensation from the corpse was shattering their souls causing the soldiers who were following the mage to shake uncontrollably.

“You guys can leave now. Doesn’t matter what happens in here, don’t let anyone in and disturb me.”

After they had arrived at a black, gloomy tent, the mage ordered the soldiers to put the corpse in the middle of the tent and told them to leave. The soldiers felt like they had being given an amnesty and rushed out of the tent as if they were running for their lives. The air in the tent smelled damp and musty, and was faintly mixed with the smell of rancid corpses. Weirdly shaped sharp tools and bottles were hanging from everywhere. The whole place felt like a slaughterhouse and none of the enemy soldiers wanted to stay in there for even one second.

The mysterious mage closed the curtain to the tent. He also carefully placed a couple small defensive magic arrays at the entrance as security. Then a blue flame flew out of his hand and ignited the brazier hanging off of the middle of the tent. The blue flame was fainting and flickering. Although there was a fire, the tent was still filled with coldness; everything felt creepy as the hell.

“Hoo, hoo, hoohooo……”

The mysterious mage;s laughter sounded like an owl. A greedy light shined in his eyes as he stared at the corpse on the ground. He spoke to himself with a slight regret: “Too bad we didn’t capture him alive…… But fortunately I had acquired some undead magic, maybe I could figure out the secret to switching powers from dissecting his corpse. Hoo hooo hoo…… After getting this secret, I might be able to break through the bottleneck of the four star rank that had been holding me back for many years and advance to the five star rank. Advancing to the moon rank wouldn’t be just a dream anymore, Hohohooo!”

His laughed hoarsely. Stooping his back and not being able to wait any longer, he touched the armor on the corpse with his withered bamboo like finger and was about to take it off and started dissecting……

But when he turned the corpse around strenuously so it was facing upward and laid his finger on the buckle of the armour, his smile froze and an unprecedented shock came on his face.

Even though the mysterious mage was powerful and thoughtful, he was trembling in fear.

It wasn’t because he was timid –

Any one would freak out if they saw a corpse suddenly smiling at them. The mage’s nerves reacted normally.

“You……Impossible……You are still alive?”

The mage shouted as if he saw a ghost, but he quickly shivered in fear.

What was going to happen when a monstrous warrior was that close to a defenseless mage? The mage’s face turned pale. A dense cloud of energy appeared out of nowhere and started to spread throughout the entire tent rapidly. The mage wanted to protect his body, like a drowning hapless guy would try to climb up on a tiny piece of floating wood. To a mage, they had to protect their weak bodies with their magic powers, it was almost an involuntary reaction.

A series of obscure syllables float out of his mouth, but……

“Bam -!

One punch from Fei had stopped the mage’s effort for protecting himself. The low magic chanting was cut off, as if a someone was strangling a crowing rooster. Next, the black cloud of energy suddenly disappeared.

The mage’s mouth was wide open.

Transparent saliva and white spit sprayed out of his mouth which had been chanting majestic magic spells a second earlier. Like an assaulted virgin, an unbelieving expression came on his face as he held tight onto one of his body parts – His crotch.

“Damn! So the Dong is really the weakest part of a man!”

Fei laughed as he blew at his fist and thought shamelessly. Although he was laughing, he didn’t forget to seize the opportunity; he jumped up and kick the mage’s crotch again forcefully.

The mage’s body stiffed up after that kick. The deep hoarse growl akin to a dying beast came from his throat and he fell backwards onto the ground. The black cloak fell off of his body and an emaciated, skeleton like face appeared. He was so pale and skinny that his skin was stretched tight over his skull. There was not even a single hair growing on his head.

Due to the beating of the vital body part, the poor four star ranked mage’s face turned from white to black, then to green……The powerful four star ranked mage was tearing up due to the pain. He crouched like a cooked shrimp and rolled on the ground, but fainted quickly.

“DAMN, pretending to be dead like me?”

Fei couldn’t believe that he took care of a four star mage this easily. To make sure that this “human skeleton” wasn’t pretending the faint, he walked up to the mage, after thinking for a couple seconds, he spit and he smiled evilly as kicked the mage’s crotch again.

“Crack”, Fei heard a light sound, it sounded like some sort of egg had shattered.

“Looks like he really fainted.”

Fei was relieved. His tensed up nerves relaxed as the pressure on his mind disappeared. He felt a lot more at ease and sat on the ground as he took some deep breaths.

Everything went so smoothly, it was far beyond Fei’s expectation.

During the battle, after seeing the appearance of the enemy’s strong archers, Fei suddenly had an idea – faking the death. He had a layer of the heavy metal armour, and also could call up the armor of the level 12 Barbarian – Especially the 【Arctic Fur】in the 【Arctic Gear】. That armor had a ton of defense; with the two layers of armour, surviving under the arrows wasn’t going to be a huge problem. Next, only if Fei could get into the enemy base and sneak attack the four star mage out of the blue, he had fifty, sixty percent chance of taking out the powerful mage.

Fei was worrying about how to get near the enemy mage to sneak attack, who knew that the mage was really unfortunate, and was seeking his own death. He ordered the soldiers to carry Fei’s body into his tent and wanted to touch Fei “obscenely”.

Table of Content

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