Hail the King Chapter 56.3

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Chapter 56.3: Breakdown

Everything was quiet. There were white clouds in the blue sky.

On the bridge.

With the gold sword in his right hand, the half transparent shield filled with hooks on his left forearm and the head of the three star warrior Landes in his left hand, Fei stood tall and firm. Blood was dripping on the ground and left a series of blood stains……

Behind Fei, blood spurt towards the sky from the neck of the headless corpse of Landes.

“Tink!” The sword slid out of the corpse’s hand and made a crisp sound when it hit the ground. Then, the body that had infinite strength a second ago slowly fell down powerlessly, like a rotten tree……

A three star warrior couldn’t even handle one strike, and ended up beheaded.

Landes’ eyes were still wide open on the head in Fei’s hand. It seemed like he didn’t even have time to process what had happened. His nasty grin froze on the face; there was no life left in his eyes.

The majestic three star warrior was powerful and unchallenged when he was alive, but now he was no different from a beggar after he died.

Fei sneered as he slowly walked forward. His steps were light, but every time he took a step, his enemies who were in shock and panic backed off ten steps……

Fei gave no dominating speeches, nor any murderous stares. He just walked forward quietly.

He didn’t even look at the thousands of enemies in front of him. His looked past the scared enemies and stared at the black energy cloud further away. An intense pressure came from that magic field, and the sense of danger Fei felt in his mind was continuously getting stronger.

“How can I kill this mage?”

Fei thought to himself quickly.

His fight with Landes looked easy, but it wasn’t at all for him.

First of all, he switched to Sorcerer Mode and used all the three skills he had – 【Fire Bolt】 to attract Landes’ attention, 【Charged Bolt】 to numb Landes’ body and alter his movement and 【Ice Bolt】 to freeze Landes up for a half a second. The whole process was precisely calculated and Fei had executed it perfectly; that was how Fei was able to kill the tough enemy.

Speaking of actual strength, Fei wasn’t anywhere near as strong as Landes. However, the skills in the Diablo World were mysterious and bizarre. Fei used that to his advantage and took Landes by surprise, which was how he was able to successfully challenge the three star warrior.

However, the figure in the black energy cloud was way stronger than Landes. Moreover, since all of Fei’s trump cards had been used on Landes, that mysterious mage probably observed all of them. The skills from the Diablo World wouldn’t be as effective anymore because the enemies had now taken precaution. Moreover, Fei’s tricks and strategies were child’s play considering the significant gap between the power levels.

Numerous thought rushed into Fei’s head, but he didn’t slow down his steps.

He approached the enemies slowly. On the other side, the enemies felt like they were a bunch mice facing a lion and couldn’t help but step back chaotically. They even lost the courage to look at Fei. The monster’s series of incredible battle records—especially his terrifying performance of taking the three star warrior down with one strike—had dismantled the morale of the elite enemies, causing them to fall apart.

“Drip, drip.”

Thick scarlet blood and white bone fragments slid off the deformed and ruined armour. Fei left a shocking trail of blood as he walked forward. It felt like Fei was walking through a garden; there wasn’t any noise or violence. However, the enemies were devastated and fled like the plague. They were retreating so quickly that although the supervising team tried to execute the escaping soldiers, they couldn’t stop them. Some enemies even rushed up towards the executing supervising team to escape faster……

“AHHHHH……Archers, shoot him! Quick! Shoot him!!”

After seeing Landes beheaded by that ‘Iron Beast’, the silver masked knight almost fainted. He screamed at the archers harshly.

Seeing the large gap on the bridge, he felt defeated. He knew that there was no reason to fight anymore today. Chambord was now an invincible castle. To the silver masked knight, he had thousands of ways to conquer Chambord easily, but somehow he didn’t know why he had lost so tragically. He felt that his strategies were very carefully planned out. He utilized all his resources properly and didn’t underestimate the enemies……But he lost, and his troops suffered a heavy loss.

After staring at the figure who was slowly walking up the half collapsed bridge without any soldiers daring to stop him, the silver masked knight suddenly realized that he had ignored something important in this battle – He never thought that the enemy king’s strength could improve this fast. The king was only barely able to force Landes to back off yesterday, but now the king was able to invincibly charge into his formations and behead Landes with a single strike.

“Going from one star rank to three star rank?”

No one could have thought of that, but it was a weight that could change the balance of the scale of victory. All of the silver masked knight’s strategies had turned into Fei’s advantages…… If he had known that Fei had a strength similar to a three star warrior, he wouldn’t have positioned all of his formations on the thin bridge .

“But, how?”

“Could it be …… that man increased two star ranks in a single night?”

The silver masked knight’s pupil contracted. He was shocked by his hypothesis. “If that’s true, then what kind of monster is this man? Is he the reincarnation of God of War himself?”

“No, I can’t let a man like this live on, or else……”

After thinking about the reign of terror that could occur if the enemy’s strength was fully developed, an unprecedented fear overtook the silver masked knight’s mind, and a cold sweat covered his body. The mysterious mage’s wish of keeping Fei alive was thrown out of his mind, and he screamed at the arrow piercing formation, “Follow my command, shoot the piercing arrows……Shoot him down! Quick……quick, quick, quick! Right now! Quick!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

This was probably the only command that the silver masked knight sent in this battle that was on time and effective. After his command, numerous bowstrings were drawn, and they left a series of afterimages from their vibrations. In the sounds of the vibrations, many huge black piercing arrows were shot into the air; like a crowd of bloodsucking leeches, they grinned as they covered the entire sky over the top of the bridge.


After seeing this, the mysterious mage in the black energy cloud shouted angrily. He was planning to capture that beast alive and obtain his secret of easily switching between powers, but after this round of arrow rain, even if the beast was made out of iron, he wouldn’t have any life left inside him.

On the half collapsed bridge.

Fei suddenly raised his head and saw the sky covering arrow rain; it felt like the call from the Grim Reaper……the enemy commander didn’t care that his own soldiers were on the bridge and would be caught up in the arrow rain.

Facing this danger, he lifted his left arm and covered up his handsome face with the 【Azure Spiked Shield】. Then, “Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!” like many hammers smashing against his body, painful sensations overwhelmed his nervous system……

At the same time, on the bridge.

Many black armoured enemies wailed as they fell down under the arrows of their fellow soldiers. Like the saplings under the axe of a lumberjack, they were instantly shot down without any resistance. Blood spilled everywhere and the sounds of wailing and crying were louder than the whizzing of the current. The lethal arrows pierced through the enemy soldiers’ eyes, thighs, heads, chest, and feet…… Some severely injured, but not yet dead soldiers wailed as they tried to crawl back to their base, dragging along with them a long trail of blood.

The bridge became a literal hell.

Further away, the silver masked knight stood on a hill on the south bank of the Zuli River and watched everything tensely. The blood, wailing and cursing of his own soldiers entered his vision and ears, but were filtered out instantly. The only thing that he cared about was the figure.

But what made him angry and scared at the same time was that after the first round of arrow rain, the monster that was fully armoured and covered in blood all over his body was swinging his sword and circular shield. He was struggling to block the arrows, but he wasn’t injured fatally.

“Archers, don’t stop, keep on shooting!”

Table of Content

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