Hail the King Chapter 56.2

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Chapter 56.2: The Solution

“Why would I fight so desperately?”

“Is it for the weak, yet kind and beautiful Angela?“

“Is it for the loyal and brave Brook and Pierce, and my soldiers?”

“Is it for the desperate and defenseless weak and elderly citizens who see me as a god and their only hope?”

“Hehe, since when did I become this great?”

Fei taunted himself many times. He doubted and questioned his decision more than once. But at this moment, seeing the strongman standing in front of him, the strongmen on the other side of the bridge who were madly trying to get across and the soldiers who were trying to rush out of the castle to support their peers and their king……Fei suddenly felt like there was nothing to hesitate about, and that everything was the way it should have been.

This was the decision of a real king.

After breathing in the air filled with the smell of blood from the battlefield, Fei walked beside Drogba. He smiled and said to the strongman who was pumped and ready to die, “When you get back, pass on my commands. Tell Brook and Lampard to stop our soldiers and citizens and make them retreat immediately. Regardless of what happens, don’t leave the castle……Remember this. This is my command as the king. It doesn’t matter who it is, everyone must obey, or else it will be considered treason!”

“What? Back……” Drogba was confused. He didn’t get what Fei meant.

At that moment, Fei suddenly took the axe out of Drogba’s hands and held the strongman by his waist. He tensed up his upper body and lifted Drogba off of the ground. He turned around and used the momentum of the rotation to throw Drogba away.

Drogba didn’t any time to react. He just felt like his body was suddenly light.

The next moment, his vision blurred as he flew through the wind. In a series of gasps, he was thrown like a sandbag by Fei and flew over the big gap. He landed on the other side of the bridge. Fei’s throw had demonstrated the Barbarians’ ability to utilize their own strength; Drogba smashed into the other half of the bridge and glided four or five yards (m). There were tons of sparks on his metal armour from rubbing against the bridge. His body finally stopped gliding at where the rest of the strongmen were standing. Aside from a slight dizziness due to the fall, Drogba wasn’t injured at all.

“Go back! All of you!……Trust me, I will make it back!”

Fei’s voice came from the other side of the bridge. It went through the whizzing current and was clearly heard by Drogba, Pierce, Brook, Lampard, Angela and everyone else. It echoed in the sky and didn’t disappear for a long time……

After he shouted, Fei threw away the axe that he took from Drogba and suddenly charged forward. Like a blizzard, he rushed towards Landes and the enemies.

“You’re dead! AHAHAHAH!”

In this situation, after seeing another opponent escaping in like that, Landes was enraged. The series of losses despite having such a huge advantage was making him go crazy. He stomped his feet to push himself forward and took Fei head on; the red flame energy surrounded his body and shined like the sun. Landes was definitely at his peak.

“Hahaha, I’ll send you to hell with this one strike and separate your head from your body!”

Fei wasn’t scared, and he laughed as he provoked Landes even more. During his charge, Fei suddenly changed to Sorcerer Mode, A powerful magic field surrounded him instantly and the air beside him heated up.


A series of fireballs appeared and shot at Landes.

Sorcerer Fire Spell – 【Fire Bolt】

Next, “Crackle, crackle”, a series of silver lightning balls flew towards Landes from Fei’s palms.

Sorcerer Lightning Spell – 【Charged Bolt】

That wasn’t the end.

After the lightning, “Crack, crack”, the temperature of his surroundings dropped like crazy. A cloud of ice energy appeared in Fei’s palm; it formed into an ice ball and also flew towards Landes. It froze the air around it as it travelled in mid-air.

Fei didn’t hesitate and used all three skills of the level 3 Sorcerer. After depleting all the mana of his mana, he switched back to Barbarian Mode and sped up his the charge.

A gold light flashed by.

He called up the substitute weapon of the Barbarian – 【Azure Spiked Shield】 and 【Storm Sabre】.

On the other side, Landes was in a panic due to Fei’s Sorcerer spells.

Not even in his wildest dreams would he have guessed that the opponent was a mage too.

However, a three star warrior wasn’t that weak. He dodged the series of fireballs easily. But before he could adjust his position, the series of lighting balls was sent right in his face. Landes tried to block them with his sword, but the lighting balls exploded before they touched his sword. The silver lightning exploded in every direction and many of them landed on Landes’ body. It numbed his body and slowed his movement down for a little bit.

But after his red flame energy quickly got rid of the lightning energy in his body and he was about to fight back, the ice ball occupied his entire vision. Although he was strong, he wasn’t able to dodge this time.


The ice ball landed and a thin layer of ice covered up his body instantly.

Before he could use his red flame energy to melt the ice, he saw a quick flash of gold light and his neck felt cold. Landes felt like he was flying and saw a familiar figure. It was his body, the head on top of the neck was missing, and blood was spurting out like a water fountain……

“I’ve been……beheaded?”

That was the last thought that came to his mind. Before he could feel any fear, his consciousness faded……

Table of Content

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