Hail the King Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: A Hot Mercenary

After Fei picked up all the items and coins, he opened up his 【Character Status】-

Gamer: Fei

Class: Barbarian

Level: 7

Experience: 35100/40000

Strength: 51

Dexterity: 20

Intelligence: 10

Vitality: 34

Damage: 30-43

Accuracy: 114

Armor: 77

Endurance: 1124

Health: 126

Resource (Fury): 19

Fire-Resistance: 0

Cold-Resistance: 0

Lightning-Resistance: 15

Poison-Resistance: 0


These stats were way better than what he started with. But one thing was obvious, even with stats like these, it wasn’t enough to solve the problem he was having in the real world.

From Fei’s rough estimation, level 5 in Diablo world was equal to a one star warrior.

Between level 5 and 10, he could kill a one star warrior easily and would a big threat to the two star warriors, judging by how he killed Conca. However, when faced with actual two star warriors who could utilize their strength efficiently, it wouldn’t be that easy. However, it wouldn’t be impossible to win either. When facing a three star warrior like Landes or Lampard, unless Fei used sneak attacks, there was zero chance of winning.

If he reached level 10, Fei believed that he could fight Landes effectively without using abilities such as 【Howl】.

This was why Fei had to use his time wisely and level up as soon as possible. Once his barbarian character surpassed level 10, Chambord would have a better chance of winning.

Fei started his journey in the Diablo world again.


Fei opened his 【Item Slot】 and used a 【Town Portal Scroll】, and the blue oval shaped portal appeared beside Fei. He stepped into the portal and went back to 【Rogue Encampment】.

The first person he went to was Priestess Akara. He bought a 【Tome of Town Portal】 and a 【Tome of Identify】, which could each contain 20 【Town Portal Scrolls】 and 20 【Identify Scrolls】 respectively. They helped save storage room in his 【Item Slot】.

If each scroll took up a slot in his inventory, 40 scrolls would occupy the entire space and there wouldn’t be any room for anything else.

Because Priestess Akara was very cheap, Fei didn’t want to sell the items he didn’t need to her. He left Akara, and then went into an empty tent and started using 【Identity Scrolls】 to identity the items he obtained.

Fei started with the three yellow rare items. The first one was the shield that had black hooks on it. After using a 【Identity Scroll】, all the properties of the shield appeared in Fei’s mind –

【Azure Spiked Shield】

Defence: + 20

% Block: + 25%

Durability: 10/10

Required Strength: 35

Required Level: 7

Special Property: +9% Cold-Resistance, +17% replenish life (Increase life regeneration), +7 Resource (Fury), ethereal (Unable to repair)

The properties of this shield were too good. It was the perfect shield for a barbarian. With this shield, Fei’s defense had went up a level.

The only drawback was that the durability of the shield was only 10, and it couldn’t be repaired at all. Once the shield was broken, it would be gone forever. However, the pros outweighed the cons by a lot, and this shield was just what Fei needed right now.

He equipped it without hesitation.

Then, he continued the identification.

After using one more 【Identity Scroll】, the property of the golden sword appeared too –

【Storm Sabre】 (One handed)

Damage: 3-7

Durability: 24/24

Required Strength: 25

Required Dexterity: 20

Special Property: +1 Minimum Damage, +16 Accuracy, +51% damage to Undead, +69 Accuracy to Undead, +5 lightning damage, +6 poison damage over 2 seconds.

The sword’s properties were amazing as well, just like how rare items were supposed to be.

Fei thought about it and equipped it too. In the Diablo World, except for items such as armour and rings that a character could only equip one at a time, characters could equip two set of weapons and could freely switch between them in different situations.

Fei equipped 【Azure Spiked Shield】 and 【Storm Sabre】 as a weapon set. With the sword in the right hand and the shield on his left, they were a perfect set of substitute weapons. The massive double-handed axe was still Fei’s main weapon.

It was time to identify the last yellow rare item – the bronze gloves.

The properties appeared after using the scroll.

【Bronze Self-Repairing Gloves】

Defense: +6

Durability: 14/14

Special Property: +15 Accuracy, +10% fire-resistance, +15% cold-resistance, self-repair 1 durability in 33 seconds.

Another piece of beauty. Fei’s head was a little dizzy, and he had to pinch himself to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming. All three yellow rare items had amazing properties, and best of all, Fei could equip them right away as a level 7 Barbarian. It felt like the three items were tailored towards Fei.

He equipped the 【Bronze Self-Repairing Gloves】 to get rid of the old worn out leather gloves. The three yellow rare items were shining on him. It made him feel very powerful. He couldn’t wait to go to the moor to battle with monsters just to try out his new ‘outfit’.

After he finished identifying, he went to the female blacksmith Charsi.

He sold all the blue magic items that he didn’t need for 18,666 gold coins. Seeing all the 21,000 gold coins in his 【Item Slot】, Fei felt a sense of accomplishment, going from a pauper to a prince in terms of wealth.

Time was tight. After Fei finished everything, he repaired all his items at Charsi’s, bought a metal helmet and a pair of heavy leather boots and quickly went to the next location on his mind.

The next stop was Kashya, the military leader at 【Rogue Encampment】. He completed the quest 【Sisters’ Burial Grounds】 and was there to receive his rewards.

“Oh, god bless. Young traveller, you have really killed that sinful traitor……Congratulations, you have earned my trust and friendship. As a reward, you shall receive a powerful female rogue as a mercenary.”

Kashya was surprised that Fei had successfully completed the quest. After she finished speaking, a young pretty female rogue archer stepped out of a tent behind Kashya and walked to Fei.

“This is the most powerful magic archer at Rogue Encampment, Elena. Young traveller, Elena shall be by your side and fight for you from now on. Kashya introduced the female rogue fighter to Fei.

Fei took a close look. This young magic archer named Elena was about twenty one years old. She was only a little shorter than Fei. Her fiery red long hair was tied to the back of her head with a coarse cloth, and her figure was beautiful. She wore rough leather armour that only covered important spots on her body. A pair of leather barreled boots covered her calf, but most of her thighs were exposed; the leather war-kilt acted as a mini-skirt. Her appeal almost caused Fei to have a nose bleed. Despite her appeal, Fei felt that this female magic archer had a special feeling of courage and bravery that ordinary girls didn’t have.

“Hello, according to Leader Kashya’s orders, I shall fight for you, young warrior.”

Elena didn’t like talking. After she said that, she stood behind Fei like a bodyguard. Her expression was very calm. Fei felt that although she looked cold and independent, she was easy to talk to.

Fei remembered the effects of fighting with a mercenary that he learned on Earth from the original game.

If he wasn’t wrong, fighting alongside a mercenary would increase the speed of leveling up by a lot. He thanked Kashya and went to priestess Akara with his new hot bodyguard to receive the third quest – 【Search for Cain】.

This mission was a little bit more complicated.

Fei had to cross the 【Underground Passage】 and find a mysterious scroll in the 【Dark Wood】 under the Tree of Inifuss. He had to then go back to priestess Akara to get the scroll translated – which would give Fei a series of numbers. He had to then touch the five cairn stones in sequence at 【Stoney Field】 . This opened the portal that would send Fei to a mysterious space where the ‘obscene’ old man, Cain, was locked in a cage on a tree by a bunch of demons. Fei had to kill all the demons in that space and free the old man in order to complete the quest.

Table of Content

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