Hail the King Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: North Battle Region No. 8

When Fei got out of Diablo World, it was already 2’o clock in the afternoon.

Since the competition that was of vital importance was the next day, people in the camp area were all busy. The 50 Sword Testing Stages would be the dance floor of the master warriors, and a lot of royal mages and craftsmen were fixing and bettering them under the protection of imperial soldiers. The setup of the magic arrays around the stages would help the stages endure the damaging forces of the warriors and protect the viewers.

The camp area was chaotic and noisy.

All of the affiliated kingdoms were doing their final preparations. According to the rules, the kingdoms were divided into five battle regions: East, West, South, North, and Central. There were two rounds.

First one was ranking matches.

In this round, every affiliated kingdom would send six of their most powerful warriors or mages to participate in six individual ranking matches. Also, fifty elite soldiers from each kingdom would participate in group ranking matches. The top ten masters from the individual ranking matches as well as the top ten kingdoms in the group ranking matches would get to meet with Emperor Yassin and receive heavy rewards. All of the points in this rounds would be added towards the Kingdom Ranking Matches.

The second round was challenge matches.

In this round, each affiliated kingdom could choose another kingdom to challenge. Normally, there weren’t limits. A kingdom could repeatedly challenge multiple opponents. But since these matches were deathmatches, a kingdom typically can’t partake in two matches. The challenging kingdom had to challenge a kingdom who was of a higher level than them. If they win, they would get the level of the losing kingdom. This round was very cruel; many high-level kingdoms dropped in levels, and many low-level kingdoms that were unknown became high-up affiliated kingdoms.

After the two rounds of competition finished in all five regions, the most important competition would occur – Kingdom Ranking Matches.

The master warriors from the five regions would get to compete in a final competition for their regions.

The true king would step on the bones and blood of the corpses and become the number one warrior among all affiliated kingdom, and his or her kingdom of origin would get crowned as the number one affiliated kingdom.

Both of the titles represented endless glory. When Yassin was still a prince of Zenit Kingdom, he became the number one warrior among all affiliated kingdom in Spartax during a similar competition, and his kingdom got crowned as the number one affiliated kingdom. He was instantly famous, and he used this opportunity to raise up and break free from Spartax Empire. Since there was this history, the two titles represented even more things. Didn’t matter if it was the royal family or the affiliated kingdoms, they treated these titles very seriously.

Also, the king of the winning kingdom would be crowned as the Imperial Duke; it was almost equivalent to the identity of the royal family.

This reward was enough to get people to go crazy for it!

Except for the six affiliated kingdoms that were eliminated in connection with the assassins, the 244 kingdoms were all trying to get the most reward from this competition.

In the afternoon, all of the kingdoms sent a representative to get their randomly generated number from the center of the camp area; a temporary administrative building had been set up.

Typically, the kings of the kingdoms would go there to get the number, but Fei wasn’t interested in it. Peter-Cech who was the chief commander of the Chambord Military got send there as the representative.

“North Battle Region No. 8?”

After an hour, Cech came back with the final result. Fei laughed and said that Cech was his lucky weapon.

This was a good number.

Chambord was located in the most northern region of Zenit, and it was naturally categorized into the north battle region; there were 50 kingdoms in the northern region. As someone who was Chinese, he liked numbers such as “6” and “8” since they represented luck and wealth.

In the afternoon before the competition, a meeting of the leaders of Chambord took place; it was held by the king himself. The king praised the leaders and the soldiers for their huge increase in strength. He then rewarded the people who made extraordinary contributions and stated his goal for the competition. He also wished that the soldiers and the warriors of Chambord could especially focus on hard work, battles, and killing of the enemies……

At the end of the meeting, the roster for the individual ranking matches was determined, and a fifty-people legion that comprised of Saint Seiyas and Bylaw Enforcement Officers was constructed.

After that, everyone prepared and got ready for the competition.

In the camp area, people shouted and the horses roared. The weapons were sharp and the flags were bright. The murderous spirit soared into the sky…….



The moon in the sky was silver.

Inside the battlefield in Moro Mountains.

A fist mark dashed through the air and into the dark night. After a series of sparks appeared, the loud and ear-piercing noise sounded.

“Nice.” The mysterious man lightly commented, but his lips twitched a little.

He didn’t expect the young king in front of him to grow so fast.

Fei’s fist mark surpassed sonic speed, and it created a red mark in the sky. The fist mark soon turned into a star in the sky…… This strike was identical to the one that the mysterious man used last night. The control of force was so good that the mysterious man thought he was one who punched out.

This was on the level of “granular control” that warriors had a hard time getting.

What was more terrifying was that the mysterious man sensed the increase in the king of Chambord’s strength again; the king was now at the peak of a mid-tier seven-star warrior. To the mysterious man, this king was more genius that all of the young warriors he had seen!

“What a monster!”

The mysterious man thought to himself.

He thought it would take a while for the king to comprehend the knowledge in the notes, but it looked like that some of his “teaching material” won’t be useful.


The mysterious man waved his hand and another green package dashed towards Fei. Then, he disappeared again.

“Come again tomorrow!” The emotionless voice sounded in Fei’s ears.

Although Fei’s strength had been increasing dramatically, he still couldn’t see how the man left; the man was just too powerful.

What Fei got was another delicate book; it felt the same as the notes he got last night. It was also made from a light yellow fur and was folded vertically in a neat fashion. The only difference was the title and the content –

[Warrior Energy Spiral Force Technique and Hidden Force Overlay Technique].

The fine print on it was the same; “Presented by Elder Prince Yassin to the king of Zenit.”

Fei thought about it and understood what the man meant.

Spiral Force Technique and Hidden Force Overlay Technique were advanced techniques. By overlaying force, it would increase the damage of strikes dramatically. However, these advanced techniques could only be achieved through granular control. That was the reason why the man gave him the notes yesterday.

This mysterious man was like a teacher who didn’t like to talk. He was pointing out a cultivation path for Fei.

Maybe he saw that Fei was strong but lacked the fundamentals. That was why he pressured Fei at first and made Fei realized what he was lacking.

“But why is this man so nice to me?”

Fei didn’t know the answer.

Although the king loved himself and thought of himself as charismatic and handsome, he knew that there weren’t unexplained hate and love. The mysterious man must have been planning something…….

Table of Content

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