Hail the King Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: Same Strike

It was that mysterious master warrior. He did come again. A mysterious smile appeared on Fei’s face. Without hiding himself, he dashed down the mountains and got in front of the battlefield. Then, he used the same techniques in Assassin Mode and got through a magic array that was mid-tier among all the arrays there.

“Huh?” The mysterious master warrior was a little surprised by how Fei got through the magic array.

Although this man trained warrior energy, he had some knowledge about magic. Fei just got through a seven-star magic array, and there were more than three hundred magic pathings in it. These magic pathings were interconnected, and magic energy flowed through them at various speed and angles. If they were slightly triggered, the seven-star magic array would unleash a full-on attack. What Fei did using his agility and “predictions” was unbelievable! It was “miraculous”!

The mysterious man thought about it and realized that he couldn’t mimic what the king of Chambord did even though he was much stronger.

“Elder!” After Fei got through the array and rested for a bit, he stood up and greeted the man.

“Eh.” The surprise on the man’s face disappeared. After he observed Fei for a little, he nodded with a smile on his face.

“Elder, who are……?” Fei wanted to know who this man really was.

“Attack.” The mysterious man waved his hand and disrupted Fei. It seemed like he didn’t’ want to talk about it.

“Huh?” Fei was surprised; he didn’t know what was up.

“Punch me.” The mysterious man said. His voice was still emotionless. He then added: “Punch me with everything you have.”

Fei got it now.

“Damn, another battle?” He thought.

“He pressured me and attacked me yesterday, and it is my turn to attack? Looks like my guess was correct.”

Fei realized that this man had a distinct characteristic – He didn’t like to talk. He treated his words like treasures; if he could express himself using a word, he won’t use two.

“Elder, be careful!”

Fei shouted as colorful lights appeared on his body. All of the equipment that he got from the NPC in [Kurast Docks] appeared on his body. All of his body parts were protected: wrists, fists, forearms, shoulders, chests, back, abdominal, legs, knees, ankles, feet…… All of the armors had exotic shapes, and they made Fei look like a blood-thirsty battle beast.

In the next moment, after a surge of magic energy, Fei unleashed his level 49 Barbarian as he took a deep breath. He pulled his arm back and clenched his fist. As if this movement pulled all of the energy in the world onto his fist, it looked impressive from afar.

“Sky Frost Fist – One Strike to Kill!”

Fei instantly used his most powerful strike.

In the area above his head, a transparent crystal fist mark that was about ten meters long, ten meters wide, and ten meters tall appeared like a phantom lotus. It instantly dashed toward the mysterious man, who was standing among the fist spiritual spatial seals, mercilessly. It was so fast that it created a series of ear-piercing noises and sparks in the air.

“Huh?” The mysterious man was surprised for the second time today. He nodded and said: “Not bad!”

As he said that, he made his move. He finally moved the hands behind his back, and he lightly waved them as if he was getting dust away. In the face of the devastating fist mark, a huge green palm appeared from the green warrior energy in front of the man.

[Strike of Palm]!


The fist mark and the palm mark clashed.

The atmosphere was really tense. After a short moment of silence, the booming noise resonated in the battlefield. The chipped crystal fist mark and the green warrior energy flames together looked like a mad firework; it was beautiful yet dangerous. Under this firework, there were clouds of dust and chipped stones in the air. The ground even cracked as if the gods were angry.

This chaos finally settled down after four minutes.

The crystal fist mark and the [Strike of Palm] both disappeared.

“Your strength increased again.” The mysterious man was confused.

Fei nodded.

“Too fast, not good!” The man frowned.

Fei was surprised at first, but he soon understood what the man meant.

On Azeroth Continent, the master warriors needed their strength to be on the same level as their mentality and spiritual level. Too fast of an increase just in strength would tilt the balance. Although this imbalance wouldn’t cause harmful effects like the ones described in Wuxia Novels, it would hinder future potentials. There were a lot of genius warriors who rapidly advanced in the star-level. But due to the depleted potential, they were stuck at the nine-star warrior level and couldn’t advance to the moon-class.

The path of cultivation was very similar to other things in nature; a firm foundation was the thing that couldn’t be neglected.

The height of the skyscraper is dependent on the depth of the foundation.

The future of a warrior is depended on the firm foundation of the basics.

Accumulate fast then use them slowly; that was the key.

The mysterious warrior was shocked by Fei’s speed of increase in power. Compared with last night, Fei was now on the level of mid-tier seven-star warrior. The mysterious warrior must have thought that Fei only focused on the strength and neglected the fundamentals. He was worried that Fei would be like the genius who depleted their potential at young ages.

Fei was touched by the man’s kind words.

This was the first time that someone taught him ever since he came to Azeroth Continent. This simple advice made him a little homesick. Fei felt like he was sitting in the classroom and being taught by his professors in university on Earth.

However, Fei didn’t know how to tell this man what was going on.

His increase in strength wasn’t ordinary; he was using the golden finger Diablo World. Unlike the warriors and mages who relied on a daily accumulation of energy and power, Fei’s increase in strength won’t slow down. In fact, as Fei’s spiritual power increases, he would be able to stay in Diablo World longer, and he would level up even faster!

Of course, Fei won’t share the secret about Diablo World with other people.

“Thank you for the advice, elder.” That was the only thing that Fei could say.

Fortunately, the mysterious man didn’t want to know the answer. Thinking back to how Fei got through the magic array, he knew that the king of Chambord had unique trump cards. In the world, people all had their secrets. The mysterious man only wanted to warn Fei; he didn’t want to get to others’ secrets.

“Your strike was too direct and you didn’t have enough control. You couldn’t utilize the residual power in the strike.”

As the man spoke, he lightly clenched his fist. A similar fist mark appeared in the air; it was made from his green warrior energy, but it mimicked all of the essences of Fei’s strike. He punched out. Although the speed of this strike was faster, it didn’t create sparks nor make ear-piercing noises like Fei’s strike did. It was more agile and sneakier.

Like lightning, the fist mark dashed into the sky.

In the next moment, an ear-piercing noise sounded. Then, a “red scar” appeared in the sky as if space was bleeding after being tore. This red scar didn’t disappear for a long time.

Fei’s mouth opened, and he couldn’t say anything.

This strike was the same as Fei’s; same technique, same power-level, and same fist mark. But in the hands of the mysterious warrior, the damage the strike dealt was three to four times more.

Also, the speed was faster than the sonic speed; the booming noises only sounded and the sparks only appeared after the fist mark had disappeared.


Incredibly fast!

However, Fei saw a lot more than that.

“What did you see?” The mysterious man asked after he stared at Fei for a few moments.



“Elder, almost everything you used was the same as mine; movement, technique, presence, and etc. However, the power is four-time over. It is because of the control of your power is beyond a sane level. The power of the strike can only be fully unleashed with the god-like granular control.” Fei slowly stated.

The mysterious man nodded.

“You are good.” He said.

After that, he flicked his index finger, and a green package flew at Fei. Fei grabbed it and realized that it was a book. Before he could see what the book was about, the mysterious man’s figure blurred, and he disappeared without a trace.


Table of Content

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