Hail the King Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: Top-Tier Warrior

In the next moment, all of the green arrows floated down and covered this mysterious man’s body. Each of the arrows was a meter long, and the symbols and runes also made the arrows look like they were real objects.

With the heads pointing outward, the arrows made the man looked like a huge hedgehog from afar.

As the mysterious man waved his hand, destructive power exploded. The arrows shot in all directions mercilessly, and the air-piercing noises also tore Fei’s eardrums.

Fei couldn’t hide anymore under this target-less AoE attack.

Faced with sharp and powerful arrows, Fei who was under Assassin Mode concentrated his Zen Energy onto his fists and punched out. With fire on his fists and the roar of a tiger, he used [Fists of Fire] and [Tiger Strike].

This dealt a huge amount of damage.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

More than a dozen arrows were smashed into pieces.

Because this [Strike of Arrows] was an AoE technique, the power contained within each arrow was a lot weaker than the previous strikes. This was the reason why Fei was able to deal with it.

However, this AoE attack forced Fei out of the stealth.

“[Strike of Finger]!”

The cold voice sounded again as a ton of dust floated in the air.

This time, the man finally moved. He changed his pose and pointed at Fei with one finger.

Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop!

It sounded like a series of bubbles getting popped.

Fei felt like he was locked inside an invisible prison; he felt like he couldn’t dodge this attack at all.

As the mysterious man moved, a huge finger that was more than four meters long appeared on top of Fei’s head. It was so detailed that even the fingernail and fingerprints could be seen. As if the man’s finger got magnified, it pressed down at Fei like a giant pressing down on an ant.

Fei’s face changed color. He instantly switched back to Barbarian Mode. Numerous crystal fist marks appeared again.

This time, he chose to use [Sky Frost Fist – One Strike to Kill]

Mixed with barbarian’s skill [Bash], this strike could double Fei’s strength in a few seconds. If judging based on the power, this was Fei’s most powerful strike!

However –

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fei’s most powerful strike only broke a small portion of the green finger. The rest of the green finger was still pressing down at Fei.



After twenty minutes.


The mysterious man put his hands back to his back after ten strikes.

His knife-like eyebrows relaxed. He looked at Fei with a calm yet emotionless expression. No one could tell what he was thinking about, and no one could tell that he almost killed the damn king a few minutes ago.

Fei who was standing about twenty meters away from the man was shocked to a great degree.

The battle he just experienced was the most dangerous and tough battle he partook since he arrived at Azeroth Continent.

Didn’t matter if it was power, experience, or attack angle, the man in front of Fei was far better than him. Close to the end of the battle, Fei had used all seven of his characters and planned numerous counterattacks and traps. However, everything he did was easily countered by this man.

In fact, this mysterious man didn’t even move his feet, but Fei got chased around like a monkey with its a-s on fire.

There was a huge gap between their power levels.

In front of pure power, any sort of fancy techniques and plans would be useless.

Fei was in a very bad situation.

All of his level 6 and level 7 equipment from Diablo World got completely broken. Their durabilities were below zero, and they could no longer be repaired. These items at least cost Fei more than 200,000 gold coins, and they were now ragged.

Except for these ragged items, the tough body of the barbarian was no match for the powerful strikes of the mysterious man. There were numerous wounds on Fei’s arms, and the blood that continuously flowed out of the wounds stained Fei’s hands. In fact, except for the vital spots and Fei’s face, there were wounds everywhere else.

What was more devastating than the wounds on the surface were the green warrior energies that entered Fei’s body. These warrior energies rushed around and were continuously damaging Fei’s muscles and organs.

Was Fei able to do any damage to the opponent?

No! Fei didn’t even get close to the opponent! The closest he got was five meters away from the mysterious man.

However, despite the injuries, Fei’s eyes were brighter than ever.

Fei finally knew who this man was.

After the ten strikes, Fei suddenly realized something and knew who this man was.  The reason why this man was familiar to Fei was that this man was the person who chased after that mysterious assassin! This battlefield was the masterpiece of his.

Fei had been observing and sensing the residual energies A.K.A Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals of the two master warriors for a while now, and he was very familiar with this man’s sensation. He wasn’t able to identify it because this mysterious warrior hid some of his power sensations. But as this man used more and more powerful strikes, Fei recognized it.

For some reason, Fei felt a sense of safety and intimacy after identifying this man.

It wasn’t just because this man injured the assassin who tried to kill him; his level 46 Barbarian’s sixth sense told him that this man was a friend and not an enemy.

“You recognized me?”

The man’s emotionless voice sounded again as the moonlight landed on the man’s face, shoulder, and fluttering hair and robe.

“Yeah…… elder!” Fei thought about it and chose the word “elder”.

“Eh, you are pretty good!” The mysterious man said as he waved his hand. Like a whale that was sucking in water, streams of green warrior energies flowed out of Fei’s body and flew back into the man’s hand.

Fei was stunned.

He knew that the man was taking back the warrior energy that was in his body.

However, he didn’t expect this mysterious man to be able to control the green warrior energy that was in his body. In a sense, this mysterious man could easily command the warrior energy in Fei’s body to self-explode. If this didn’t kill the king, it would at least severely injured him.

Such a terrifying control!

Fei suddenly recalled the scene where this man took back his warrior energy when his [Strike of Sword] was about to trigger the magic arrays…… Compared with all of Fei’s previous opponents, this mysterious man had godly control of his own power!

“Ten strikes had passed. Come again tomorrow!”

The cold voice sounded again. Fei wanted to ask something, but he felt like his vision blurred. After a blink, the thin figure was nowhere to be seen in the moonlight. With the power of the level 46 barbarian, Fei couldn’t tell how the man left.

One can only see the head of the dragon but not the tail! (An old Chinese saying describing how a person is mysterious and hard to track)

Since Fei wasn’t able to react that fast, he already opened his mouth and raised his arms trying to stop the man from leaving.

After a while, the king slowly lowered his arms and rubbed his chin. He felt like what happened today was still too strange.

This mysterious man must be a big character in Zenit; he was too powerful. However, a man like this appeared here for no reason, and he asked Fei to endure ten strikes. After that, the man disappeared without giving an explanation.

“Could it be that this super powerful warrior is just bored and wants to beat me for fun?”

Fei thought: “Or……”

Fei suddenly recalled what the man said before he left. “Come again tomorrow!”

“Come again tomorrow? So he wants to come here and beat me again? Does he hate me that much?”

Fei giggled. He seemed to understand what this man was trying to do. However, only time can prove if his guess was correct or not. At least for now, he was sure that this man didn’t have any malicious intent.

After thinking about this, Fei signed and relaxed. The fatigue and soreness hit him hard after the tension was gone, and Fei had no strength left in him anymore. As the chilly breeze blew by, Fei collapsed onto the ground as his legs gave out. He didn’t want to move at all.

Table of Content

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