Hail the King Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Aggressive Collision


The king swore habitually as he crossed his dual blades in front of him. The power of the level 46 Barbarian was fully unleashed, and a huge fire cross appeared in the air after it was buffed by the level 7 Green Items from Diablo World. However, this huge fire cross was barely able to defend against the huge green sword.

This suddenly battle put Fei at a disadvantage.

In addition, his opponent was a lot stronger than him.


A huge amount of energy broke through Fei’s defense and poured into his arms through the dual blades.

At the same time, the huge green sword lightly shook and destroyed the fire cross. It dashed at Fei’s head and targeted the location between Fei’s eyebrows. Just the energy surrounding the sharp blade created a deep scar on Fei’s forehead before the blade touched him.

This sudden release of energy also knocked the dual blades out of Fei’s hands.

However, the momentary blockage bought Fei a second of reaction time.

He used [Leap] and got himself into mid-air.

The huge green sword that was more than ten meters long with mysterious symbols on it dashed through under Fei’s feet, and the sharp energy around it almost made Fei’s legs numb; he almost lost his balance and fell down.

After it dashed by Fei, the sword went straight at the magic arrays protecting the battlefield.

“Shiz!” Fei shouted.

This sword energy was destructive. If it hit any of the magic arrays, it would trigger them and create a series of explosions. It was possible that the mountains and forests within a ten-kilometer radius would be destroyed.

However, just the second before the sword collided with the magic array, it disappeared.

Terrifying control!

Fei, who just landed on a piece of rock, was shocked by what he saw.

The thin figure in front of him had unbelievable control of his energy. Fei knew that he was able to create a strike on the same level as this sword energy if he gave his all, but he couldn’t control it to this degree.


The chilly breeze blew by, and Fei’s helmet shattered. The pieces fell to the ground.

This helmet was a level 6 Orange Crafted Item from Diablo World; it was one of the best items in the same category. Fei just bought it for 50,000 gold coins from the NPC Ormus in [Kurast Docks]; who knew it would be destroyed by this man in front of him so easily.


Absolutely terrifying!

Blood slowly slid down Fei’s head and covered his left eye.

“Second Strike …… [Strike of Blade]!”

The emotionless voice sounded again.

Then, a dashed of green energy slowly formed behind the man. It was almost identical to the previous attack, but this time, the energy formed a green blade. As if this blade traveled through the void to get here, it slowly moved forward out of the green energy until it completely revealed itself including the handle. It was also ten meters long.

On this blade made from warrior energy, there were also a ton of mysterious symbols and runes. Fei was able to clearly see every part of the blade as the blade was frozen in the air.


The blade dashed forward and tore through the air.

The green blade dashed at Fei through a strange trajectory. It was so fast that it looked like bean of light. However, despite its speed, it somehow looked slow.


Fei was too triggered.

Another mysterious yet devastating attack.

The [Strike of Blade] was even more terrifying than the [Strike of Sword]. It had less lightness but more domination. The determination and domination in this strike even shocked Fei who was a Barbarian.

“Sky Frost Fist……”

Fei punched out continuously, and the transparent crystal fist marks formed in the air one after another. All of them were targeting this blade energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The energies spilled all over, and the crystal fist marks got chopped apart one after another as well. The energy waves moved the space, and all the rocks in the way of the blade got turned into clouds of dust.

Finally, the blade showed itself on top of Fei’s head. After a short moment of pause, it chopped down and completely enveloped Fei in it. It made Fei feel like it was doomsday.

“Covering the Sky!!!”

Fei roared as numerous crystal transparent fist mark consolidated into a huge hand that was ten meters tall and ten meters wide. The hand was so clear that every line on the palm could be seen. As Fei roared, the hand slowly closed its palm and formed into a fist; the fingers left a series of afterimages in the air, and it looked like a crystal flower that slowly closed its petals.


The huge crystal transparent fist mark collided with the huge green blade. At that moment, time froze. That short moment was as long as a century.

Then, like an erupting volcano, energies splashed in all directions. The battlefield was now a complete mess. The splashing energies triggered more than a dozen magic arrays, and the erupting colorful magic elements looked like beautiful fireworks as they lit up the nightly sky.

Fei didn’t have the luxury of enjoying the scenery.

The huge repulsion force pushed half of his body into the ground, and he puked up a mouthful of blood. Although the green blade got weakened by the crystal fist mark, it wasn’t shattered. The green light around it dimmed as some cracks formed on its body. It chopped down again and didn’t leave Fei a moment to breathe.


At the critical moment, Fei’s body suddenly blurred and disappeared.


The green blade chopped down and left a huge deep void in the ground.

Fei already appeared on top of the man’s head.

Fei teleported himself there using [Telekinesis] after he switched to Sorceress Mode.

He then switched back to Barbarian Mode; he had no choice.

Currently, the barbarian was his most powerful character, and he was most comfortable with it. He pulled out a pair of swords made from [Demon’s Remains] and [Black Stone Essences] from his storage space. With momentum, he pierced down at the man’s head.


It was a part of Fei’s plan.

The best defense is a good offense. If he just stood there and took it, he might not be able to withstand the third strike from this man. Therefore, he had to use [Telekinesis] and initiate the attack.

“[Strike of Palm]”

Although Fei seized the perfect opportunity to counterattack, the man wasn’t moved by it.

The emotionless voice sounded again. The man stood still, but a huge green hand appeared on top of his head. This hand was similar to Fei’s [Sky Frost Fist], but it was more unpretentious; it only had the shape but not the details. However, it still easily blocked Fei’s attack.


Both the green hand and the blades cracked.

Fei was shocked.

It was the first time that he saw weapons made from [Demon’s Remains] crack. The weapons made from [Demon’s Remains] naturally could counter warrior energy. It was obvious that the green hand was made from warrior energy, and it still didn’t shatter under the attack. The quality and the thickness of the green warrior energy was impressive.

“Who is he?”

“Who is he?”

“Who the fu*k is he?”

Fei shouted in his mind, but he didn’t dare to slow down. Using the repulsive force from the collision, his body shot up the sky and disappeared.

Fei switched to Assassin Mode and disappeared into the nightly sky using the stealth techniques.

After assessing the situation, he knew he couldn’t win directly. He carefully observed the man’s body and presence as he tried to find a weakness.

Fei carefully changed his locations continuously as he kept on observing.

Finally, he got to the front of the man and had the chance to see his face.

It was a very common face with soft edges and thin lips. The man still had his eyes closed, but his eyebrows were sharp like knives. There was a vague powerful sensation circulating around his body.

Fei had never seen this man before.

Also, he didn’t sense any murderous intent.

He was also sure that this man wasn’t the assassin who tried to kill him in the past. What was more surprising was that somehow he felt like he had seen this man before.

“[Strike of Arrows]!”

As Fei was trying to find a weakness, the voice sounded again. The green warrior energy covered the man’s body, and numerous green arrows appeared around him.

Fei’s face changed color. He knew he couldn’t hide anymore.

Table of Content

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