Hail the King Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: Where Is This?

Inside the central tent. Angela and Emma were comforting the eight terrified girls.

The girl who got whipped hard by the cavalier was completely healed by Fei’s [Prayer] skill under Paladin Mode. In addition, the girls who got bruises on their bodies from kneeling and begging also got healed by the auras of the Paladin. The two noble-like girls who didn’t speak the language of Zenit still couldn’t hide the fear in their eyes, but they trusted Angela and Fei more; they no longer only stuck around Lampard.

“Keep them in the camp for now, and they can keep you guys company. You can let them do things that a man can’t do.” Fei felt pity and wanted to keep the girls safe. He laughed as he said to Angela: “After we return to Chambord, we can help them to settle down at Chambord and get registered as Chambord citizens if they want to!”

Registered residents. It was a new term.

In order to manage all the people at Chambord, Fei used the policy that people used on Earth. Although this policy was controversial on Earth, it was effective for Chambord’s situation. The officials at Chambord was able to utilize this policy and got everyone at Chambord registered. Only the ones who were registered were the official citizens of Chambord.

Angela and Emma led the eight girls away and tried to settle their issues once for all.

After that, the key leaders of Chambord’s Expedition Force such as Lampard and Cech came into the tent after the guards notified Fei.

“Your Majesty, aren’t you afraid of the Imperial Knight Palace coming back to bite us in the a-s? After all, we gave all the evidence to the [Godly Knight].” After they all sat down, Lampard asked the question that was on a lot of people’s mind.

The warriors of Chambord felt great after teaching the arrogant cavaliers a lesson.

After the investigation, it was found that the cavaliers brought in the “evidence” to Chambord’s campsite in order to frame Chambord. The [Divy Crystal] recorded all of these proofs and they are crucial to proving Chambord’s innocence. However, Fei gave all of these key artifacts to the [Godly Knight], and the warriors of Chambord were worried.

“Under the current situation, we couldn’t really fight against the Imperial Knight Palace.” Fei lightly shook his head as he said: “There is no use in keeping the evidence. In addition, we can’t really do anything with the evidence. After all, we used some degree of torture when questioning them, and they could say that they were forced to say what we wanted to hear. Remember, all the conspiracies and dirty tricks are like jokes in front of brutal strength. I wasn’t planning to get to the truth by questioning those cavaliers, and I’m sure that the [Godly Knight] knows about it. I just wanted you guys to vent off your anger, and I wanted to warn the people who are planning to put their hands into Chambord; they are dreaming if they think they could touch us using these dirty tricks!”

The warriors of Chambord felt a pressing confidence as the king explained everything to them.

Not long ago, Chambord was the adjective that represented weakness and shame; the people of Chambord were bullied and treated like garbage by others. But now, even the level 1 affiliated kingdoms and the high-level nobles had to treat Chambord with respect…… All of these changes took place because of the young man in front of them.

“Could it be that Your Majesty already know who is behind this?” Cech’s eyes lit up.

“Not entirely sure, but it is not hard to trace it. Only a few forces got a piece of Blood-Edge’s treasure. As long as I ask Paris or Elder Princess to trace where these treasures went, we should be able to see who is behind this.”

Fei rubbed his chin and continued: “However, dirty tricks like this aren’t effective and not damaging to us. What you guys need to focus on is to improve your strength. After all, these tricks are nothing in front of pure strength. In this aspect, our Mr. Warden did a great job!”

This made everyone laugh out loud.

They all knew what the king meant.

About twenty days ago when Oleg questioned the northern slave capturer team of Blood-Edge, he wasn’t able to extract any useful information from them. That made everyone doubt this warden’s questioning techniques that himself was proud of. But today, Oleg showed everyone what he was capable of. His techniques were not the cruelest, but they were the most suitable and effective. After the process, all the tough men of the Imperial Knight Palace had to spit everything they knew. If the fatty wanted, he could probably get information on the color of the cavaliers’ underwears.

After receiving the king’s appraise, a bright smile appeared on the flatterer’s face. He bowed habitually and flattered: “Your Majesty! It is you who taught me everything!”

This was technically correct. A lot of the techniques that the fatty used today were the techniques that Fei described to him. Fei had seen a lot of movies that contained a lot of torture scenes, and he told Oleg about them after making some adjustments.

“If I’m not wrong, the Imperial Knight Palace won’t come after us anymore. Of course, we have to have our guards up. From now on, everyone has to be more aware. If anything happens, just follow the plan that we set up!”

“As you wish, your majesty!”

After the key leaders left the central tent, Fei thought for a while and made sure that he didn’t forget anything. He recorded some ideas and thoughts on the notepad he had for reflections, and he then used the skill [Summon], created the teleport portal, and entered the Diablo World.



“Hey, where are you taking us?” Priestess Akara asked impatiently.

Three minutes ago, Fei arrived at [Rogue Encampment] in a hurry. He disrupted Akara’s and Cain’s work and took them to a remote location in the camp mysteriously. He then opened up a portal and invited them in.

“Yeah, my time is precious. Didn’t you always say that wasting others time is like killing them slowly? I tell you what, I made another discovery today! Hahaha, remember that you wanted me to crack open that teleport portal? I have cracked open about a hundred out the three hundred sixty-five magic pathings. I’m busy……” Oldman Cain was also very impatient.

“You guys will know after passing through this portal. It is a good place.”

Fei didn’t spoil it for them. He waved his hands at the two elderly and walked into the portal in front of him.


After a light buzz, Fei felt like he had passed through a temporal and spatial tunnel.

In the next second, Fei appeared in the dim room that had the silver energy on the walls. A thick black book was floating in the air, and the most eye-catching thing was the golden skeleton that felt like a huge mountain that no one can get over.

This was the secret room that Fei found in the underground hall of Blood-Edge.

Fei had destroyed the teleport portal that was in the underground hall and left spatial coordinates using magic in this room. Using the coordinates, Fei was able to use the skill [Summon] that was leveled up to teleport himself into the room.

Now, Fei was the only person who could come to this room!

Buzz! Buzz!

After some more buzzing noises, Akara and Cain both appeared in the room through the teleport portal.

“God, where on earth is this? I had never been here, but I sense something familiar……” Akara who was always calm and collected all the time gasped. She stared at the light yellow walls and the [Demon King’s Wisdom] that was floating in the air in astonishment.

“Oh god….. This…… This……”

Cain immediately focused his attention on the golden skeleton that was in the middle of the room. His eyes shone as he stared at it. Like a hungry man in front of a fancy dinner, he drooled a lot. If the sensation coming off of the skeleton wasn’t that powerful, Cain would have grabbed the golden skeleton and kissed it.

“Tell me, Fei, where is this?” The two “scientists” finally calmed themselves down as they asked Fei in unison.

“Weren’t you guys unwilling to come here?” Fei slowly told the two people about this mysterious room.

“Eh…… you told us nothing useful!” The two of them weren’t satisfied with Fei’s explanation at all.

“To be honest, I don’t know where this is. However, it is obvious that there are a lot of secrets hidden in this room. I want to see if you guys can discover them. Also, that book is called [Demon King’s Wisdom]. I think you two would be very interested in it!” Fei shrugged his shoulder as he said.

To put it in simple terms, the king wanted two free labors who could help him unveil the secrets of this place.

Table of Content

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