Hail the King Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: Eight Beautiful Girls

Since the inception of Imperial Knight Palace, the Executive Knights and the cavaliers only followed ordered from the emperor. They were able to monitor the actions and words of every single noble family in St. Petersburg, and they were also able to travel through all affiliated kingdoms representing Emperor Yassin. In addition, the black jail at Imperial Knight Palace had the right to retain and question the nobles as well; numerous nobles died in the black jail. For all of these reasons, even a low-level cavalier of Imperial Knight Palace was able to stand straight in front of a high-class nobleman.

However, with this power that was almost not restricted, everyone at Imperial Knight Palace gradually got arrogant and reckless.

They did whatever they wanted, and they had never encountered someone like Fei who dared to ignore their power. If this was before, the cavaliers of Imperial Knight Palace would have taught a  king like Fei a lesson; they had thousands of ways to make a person regret of being even born.

However, the King of Chambord was a special case. Although Chambord was weak as a kingdom, Fei’s individual strength was unparalleled. He was able to battle with three Executive Knights on the Sword Testing Stage, and he was reckless as well. Somehow, he got the support from both the elder prince and the second prince as well as a few influential figures from the Holy Church. To top it off, the first Executive Knight Captain Akinfeev that controlled Imperial Knight Palace didn’t have a clear attitude towards this young king. Therefore, the arrogant cavaliers of Imperial Knight Palace felt powerless for the first time; they couldn’t defeat Fei in terms of combat abilities nor influence.

The leopard-eyed cavalier leader was planning to beat this king, but he felt weak after thinking back to the nickname of [Sky Covering Fist] that Fei had. After looking at the KingKong like Drogba who was guarding in front of the central tent and Fei who was standing in the middle of the camp, he said: “King of Chambord, the search order is from the emperor. Do you want to commit treason by blocking our operation?”

Fei only sneered; he didn’t even look at this leader.

A character like this wasn’t qualified to talk to him.

You……” The cavalier leader was infuriated.

The atmosphere instant became tense and pressing.

Of course, this tension was only felt by the people from other affiliated kingdoms who were observing this from afar.

Recently, almost every affiliated kingdom was searched multiple times every day. As one of the 250 affiliated kingdoms of Zenit, Chambord couldn’t avoid it even if their king was famous and dominating. However, the previous search teams were very careful and respectful. None of them dared to behave the way that these cavaliers did.

Within the camp area, everyone knew about the friction between Imperial knight Palace and the King of Chambord.

Since they knew about this, they were paying extra attention to this search. Many smart observers were able to tell that these cavaliers of Imperial Knight Palace came after the King of Chambord. Although these cavaliers were very strict while performing searches in other campsites, they weren’t quite as vicious as they were now. They were clearly after Chambord.

More than a dozen affiliated kingdoms were all looking at this scene quietly as they waited for this to play out.

In Chambord’s Campsite.

The cavaliers felt like they were in a very difficult situation. Without the order from their leader, they couldn’t back off. However, they also couldn’t move forward as Fei’s dominating presence was way too pressing. After about five minutes, Emma and Angela slowly walked out of the central tent.

This was actually quite fast already.

Angela was weak to start with. She stayed up all night to wait for Fei’s return, and she only slept at dawn in Fei’s arms. She was in a deep sleep, and the various magic arrays on the central tent blocked a lot of noises. Therefore, she only woke up after the cavaliers whipped the central tent, and she got dressed with the help of Emma.

She didn’t want to cause trouble for Fei because of minor issues.

As Angela walked out of the tent, the cavaliers of Imperial Knight Palace felt like their world brightened up. As if they saw a goddess, they quickly put their swords into the scabbards. In addition, the vicious cavaliers also lowered their heads as they felt like their rude behavior wasn’t appropriate.

The leopard-eyed cavalier leader was also surprised.

His status wasn’t low at Imperial Knight Palace, and he had seen a lot of noble ladies. He felt like even those beauties that were famous in the capital couldn’t be compared to this girl. None of the women he knew was able to deliver such a surprise.

He heard that King Alexander had a goddess-like queen. He thought it was only a rumor, but now he knew that the “rumor” didn’t even capture the whole truth.

Angela stood by Fei’s side, and they looked prestigious and natural together. The man was handsome and had a powerful strength, and the woman was beautiful and breath-taking. Everyone around them were envious; it felt like these two people captured all the essence of the world.

After another few minutes, everyone at Chambord got to the center of the campsite.

A few cavaliers searched around carefully a bit more, and they murmured something to their leader. Afterward, the cavalier leader nodded and glanced at the people of Chambord viciously. He then took out a thin booklet and started to call the names on it.

This booklet was given to the Imperial Patrol by Fei after the expedition force of Chambord arrived here. Not only Chambord, all other affiliated kingdoms also had to give a list of who was here to the Imperial Patrol. It was better for the management of the camp area, and it could prevent spies of enemy empires from sneaking in. For the last couple of days, both people from [iron Blood Legion] and Imperial Patrol came here to count the people.

“You…… You…… You eight bitches come over here!”

After going through the list, the eight beautiful girls who weren’t called didn’t know what to do. After hearing the shout, they were so scared that their legs got weak. Any of them who walked slow got whipped by a cavalier. A small girl who was walking behind the others got whipped so hard that a few bloody whip marks appeared on her back. She cried out of pain, and she almost collapsed.

A long-awaited satisfaction appeared on the leopard-eyed cavalier leader’s face.

Fei frowned.

These eight girls weren’t a part of Chambord.

Six of the girls who were in white maiden dresses were the gifts that the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group presented to Fei on behalf of Fellon Family. It was a pity that these poor beautiful girls who were in their prime were kidnapped by Blood-Edge by force and sent around as gifts.

Because Fei did pity them, he asked Angela to take care of them.

After some investigations, it was found that the families of these girls were either killed by Blood-Edge or escaped due to fear. Since they had nowhere to go, Angela allowed them to stay at Chambord’s campsite. Since all soldiers of Chambord were tough guys, they couldn’t really serve the King. Also, Emma was a little careless. Therefore, these six girls who were able to assist Fei as maids.

The other two even more beautiful girls who were in red dresses were the two slaves that Lampard saved when he killed [Earthy Tiger] of Blood-Edge.

These two girls were outstandingly beautiful, and it seemed like they were nobles from how they behaved. They weren’t ordinary girls, but no one knew how they got captured. After they were saved, their guards were high toward everyone except Lampard. Also, both girls didn’t know how to speak the language used at Zenit, and there was no way to find their origins. Therefore, Fei allowed them to stay at Chambord’s campsite.

“Why aren’t your names in the booklet? Quickly state your identities!”

The cavalier leader waved the booklet as he glanced at the eight girls ferociously. He was as cold as ice.

Mixed with the crisp banging noises made by the cavaliers who were knocking their weapon against their armor, everything felt bloody and murderous. All of these cavaliers were elite soldiers who had been through battles, and they were able to create this atmosphere easily.

The beautiful girls had never seen anything like this. They were so scared that they couldn’t even speak properly anymore.

“Humph! Pale faces, stuttered speech. They are obviously the assassins from Spartax! Arrest them and bring them back to the black jail!”

The cavalier leader didn’t give the girls a chance to explain themselves. He determined the fate of them in a few words.

The cavaliers around the girls brought out the metal capture tools with irons spikes on them.

This tool was very vicious. If one was placed in it, the iron spikes would pierce through a few important bones on a human body. Even a tough guy could die in it, let alone a few weak girls.

Table of Content

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