Hail the King Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: Actually, I Have a Dog Too (Part One)

Dominguez murmured. He looked at Fei as he scratched his head, and he looked nothing like a prince with that messy hair. Instead, he looked like a hooligan and stood there casually. In addition, the dog in his arms also stared at Fei out of dissatisfaction and barked at him,

“Hehe, baby. Quiet down a little.” Dominguez rubbed this little dog that was ugly and disabled. The latter breathed heavily and licked Dominguez’s smooth face.

Fei was really surprised.

“Ok, so this is the second prince who I tried to get information on. So this is the second prince that even Zola couldn’t get anything information…… SO he is like this.”

“Actually, I have a dog too, and its name is Black Tornado. He is my mount.” Fei said as he paused for a second.

“Oh, interesting. A huge dog named Black Tornado? I heard about it…… Hahaha, that is why I like you. This little guy is called Oka as well…… Yes, Oka as in Oka Dominguez.” The second prince of empire said.

Fei was secretively sweating.

The prince in front of him looked like an idiot.

But if Fei treated this man as an idiot, then Fei would be the number one idiot in the world

How could an idiot matchup against the team of [Zenit’s God of War] and [Zenit’s Goddess of Intelligence]? How could an idiot earn the loyalty of someone like Paris and Granello? Also…… how could an idiot get to become a legitimate candidate for the throne from an identity of love-child?

Since Dominguez wasn’t dumb but acted dumb, there was only one possible explanation:

Act like a fat pig and eat tigers when needed!

A prince who loved to act low-key.

Fei signed and said: “Alright, Oka, thank you for your liking.” Fei clenched his a-s as he said that subconsciously. He forced himself to continue: “However, I need to leave now since dawn is approaching.”

After Fei said that, he felt like hitting his head against a wall.

“WTF? Shiz, what is going on? What I just said sounds very gay!”

“Alright, but I think we will meet very soon again. Haha, all of these are yours!” Dominguez laughed as he patted Fei’s shoulder. As if he was copying Priest Balesi, he waved his arm, and the small mountain of gold coins and magic gems were being pushed to Fei under a powerful warrior energy surge.


The treasures were moved.

However, most people in the hall wanted to cover their faces up out of embarrassment.

Only a small portion of the gold coins and magic gems were actually pushed to Fei. After the second prince waved his arm, the small mountain of treasures was blown to everywhere like straws after a storm…… The scene was really messy.

“Eh……. My bad, my bad.” The second prince scratched his head and he murmured: “Interesting, that priest just waved his arms, and he was able to do it. Could it be that he is a lot stronger than me?”

Fei was completely speechless.

This second prince became a very interesting character in his mind. If everything Dominguez was doing to act like a fool, his acting skills were exceptional.

From what he just did, Fei sensed that this prince’s warrior energy level was about four-star. Compared to Balesi’s vast Holy Power, he was really weak. From this, it could be said that the second prince’s individual strength was far from Arshavin’s six-star warrior energy.



“I didn’t expect His Highness to be so fond of you, Alexander.”

After walking out of the underground hall, meeting up with Chambord’s warriors like Lampard, joining with Cech and three other Saint Seiyas outside of Blood-Edge, changing into Imperial Patrol’s uniforms, and heading out of St. Petersburg, Paris said to Fei casually. With an influential figure like Paris leading the way, the return trip was very smooth.

“Really? Should I be thankful for that?” Fei smiled.

“I know that being liked by the second prince isn’t something big in your eyes, but that is because you don’t know much about Dominguez His Highness. After getting to know him, I’m sure you guys will become good friends.” Paris knew what Fei was thinking about, so she explained as she walked forward.

“Eh…… His Highness is a very interesting person.”

Fei had to admit that the second prince left a very good first impression tonight compared to when he first met Arshavin. Although both princes almost destroyed Chambord during the battle on the Peak of East Mountain of Chambord, Fei knew the law of jungle – He would only be respected after getting a good level of strength…… if Fei had to choose between the two princes to support in the future, he would choose the second prince for sure.

Didn’t matter if the scene today was set up by the second prince or the legendary second prince was really like this, Fei had to admit that he was moved after seeing the prince treating a disabled dog as a friend.

Humans can lie and act.

But animals can’t.

Fei loved animals, and he was able to clearly sense the emotions of animals. Fei clearly sensed that the disabled dog named Oka had complete trust in Dominguez, and it relied on Dominguez. This meant that the second prince treated the dog like a friend in front of people and behind everyone’s back. The second prince really this disabled and ugly little dog that would die in three days in it was left on the street.

Fei believed that a man who treated an animal like this…… couldn’t be a bad person.

However, after thinking about Tanasha, Fei suddenly felt he shouldn’t be standing on the other side of that pair of mesmerizing blue eyes.

“The second prince seems to really like that little dog named Oka.” Since the topic of the race for the throne was a little too heavy, Fei tried to change it.

“Hehe, I knew you would ask.” Paris said: “Oka has nothing special, and it has a simple background. When His Highness was summoned back to St. Petersburg six years ago by Emperor Yassin, one of the wheels of the carriage rolled over this little dog’s hind legs. When Oka was dying in its blood, His Highness sensed something and got off of the carriage to save its life. His Highness got the most famous doctor in St. Petersburg to treat Oka, and Oka had been with His Highness since then……”

“Maybe he felt like his situation was very similar to Oka when it was lying in the pool of blood,” Fei said.

Fei could imagine what a powerless love-child of the emperor was facing when he walked into the center of power of Zenit. He could imagine what Dominguez went through.

“You……” Paris opened her mouth as she stared at Fei. “If I don’t know what kind of person you are, I would assume that you are attacking His Highness.” After a short pause, she continued: “But what you said is correct. For a while, His Highness compared himself to the poor little dog, and that was how it got its name Oka.

Fei suddenly thought of something and asked: “I’m curious as to where the name Oka came from. The royal family name of Zenit is Andrew, so why is His Highness’ name Oka Dominguez?”

“Oka is the family name of His Highness’ mother. Although His Highness gradually got used to his identity of the second prince, grew his influence and power, and is now competing for the throne, he kept his last name firmly. Even though he was attacked by a lot of nobles and ministers on this, and even Emperor Yassin expressed his dissatisfaction, Dominguez His Highness isn’t willing to back off.” Paris sighed.

It started as a filler conversation, but Fei started to get more curious about Dominguez after hearing the story.

“Dominguez His Highness said there are only two people at St. Petersburg can call him Oka, and I’m the third one. I’m curious to know who are the other two?” Fei thought about another question and asked.

“I’m sure you can guess it……” Paris smiled as she fixed her hair. After pausing for a second, she said in a soft tone: “One of them is Mr. Granello of Imperial Patrol; most people at St. Petersburg call him [Red Beard]. The other person is very close to you……”

Table of Content

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