Hail the King Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: You Scared Now?

“Idiot! Since you put your face out there, why shouldn’t I?” Fei looked at the fourth prince as if he was looking at an idiot.

“AHHHHHH! Alexander, you are dead! I swear! You will die soon! How dare you hit me? I’m the fourth prince of the empire!!” Chrystal’s handsome face now looked like pig’s face, and his slit-like eyes were filled with vicious intents. He struggled to get up, and his hoarse scream filled the entire underground hall. “I swear, you will die! All the people around you will die! Chambord will be destroyed……”

“You arrogant a-s!”

Fei moved and another transparent crystal palm mark flew across the air.

It was still too fast for the crowd to react to, and the fourth prince who just barely got up was hit again. With blood slashing around, his body turned a full circle in the air as he smashed into the wall behind him again.

This time, the other side of his cheek swelled up.

Most of the people in the hall were experienced warriors, and they were able to tell that the King of Chambord didn’t hold back his strength in the last two hits. If the fourth prince Chrystal wasn’t a five-star mage and had good strength himself, those two slaps would have smashed his head into meat paste. Even with his current strength, his cheekbones were shattered, and he had fainted.

This level of injury wasn’t really lethal; it wasn’t deadly.

Both the priest from Holy Church and Royal Healing Mages would be able to heal Chrystal up without leaving any sequelae.

However, the shame that came with being beaten and getting cheekbones broken was worse in Chrystal’s mind than death.

The fourth prince Chrystal would live in this shame forever…… unless he could return this shame to Fei a hundred times over…… But was it possible? Chambord’s improvement speed was shocking, and everyone was clear about it. That was unstoppable, and Chrystal can’t match that speed even if he was riding a dragon.

For a moment, the underground hall was completely silent.

Except for the people who expected this outcome, everyone else heard their own gasps.

“You…… King of Chambord…… How dare you hit a prince of the empire? You…… are you trying to commit treason?” Beyoncé finally reacted, and her eyes were filled fear and shock. Also, there was a slight excitement and gloat. As soon as she opened her mouth, she stated the word “treason”; it was obvious what her intents were.



Fei’s response was simple – Another transparent crystal palm mark.

“Eh….. Puff!”

Like a fly that was being slapped, this beautiful girl got hit and flew back in the air. Blood and teeth also flew out in the air following a strange trajectory. Half of her face instantly swelled up, and she also hit the wall far away.

Beyonce obviously didn’t have the strength that was similar to Chrystal. This princess of Beag Family fainted after one hit.


“Is this King of Chambord’s heart made from iron? This beautiful girl is chased by a lot of noble young man, but this king is able to destroy this flower?” The crowd thought.

“Eh! Arrogant woman!”

Fei sneered as he turned around and looked at the eleven warriors of the [Bronze Spear] Guard from Fellon Family.

“You…… unspeakable! This won’t end here. King of Chambord, you have committed huge crimes. You offended everyone!” The number one warrior of [Bronze Spear] Guard shouted in anger. He was wearing a crystal mask and no one could see the expression on his face. However, the surprised, scared, and angry emotions in his eyes sold him out.

He was also afraid.

“Offended everyone? How? I’m only using the same reasoning technique you guys used, how can I offend everyone?” Fei sneered as he walked forward. “On another note, you will soon realize one thing – offending me is scarier than offending everyone else!”


Before he finished talking, his hands already moved. A transparent crystal fist mark instantly formed, and it smashed towards Cande ruthlessly.

This attack was much more vicious than the transparent crystal palm mark, and the wind created by this strike made everyone feel like there was a tornado in the underground hall. Their bodies got pushed back by force as the transparent crystal fist mark thrust forward and make a trail on the hard stone ground; a long trail about one meter in width appeared on the ground, and chipped stones flew everywhere.

Cande was shocked by this even more.

“[Formation of God] …… Combined Attack!”

Cande shouted, and the ten warriors behind him took a step forward in unison. Warrior energy flames on their bodies grew wilder, and the energies consolidated into Cande’s body. Cande, on the other hand, was constantly making different hand gestures. He used his own warrior energy to tie all the other warrior energies in various colors together, and he used that combined warrior energy to defend against the approaching transparent crystal fist mark.


The entire underground hall shook as if it was about to collapse.

Fei only lightly moved after the collision of forces.

On the other side, all eleven of them backed off four to five steps. They all breathed heavily with their chest moving up and down violently.

“Huh? Interesting…… you can block one punch. But if you think you can deal with me using that, it would be funny …… Haha, take this, the second Sky Frost Fist!”

Fei stepped forward as his power grew, and he slowly clenched his fist. A huge transparent crystal hand slowly appeared in the air, and it clenched into the fist at the same time as Fei.

This clench looked like the hand had grasped onto the fate of the world.

“Sky Frost Fist – One Strike to Kill!”

After Fei optimized and refined the second Sky Frost Fist, this strike no longer chased after the stacking of fist marks. Instead, it focused on the speed. This punch was so fast that it looked like it teleported itself onto Fei’s opponents.

“[Formation of God] …… Maximum Strength!”

After sensing the murderous intent of the King of Chambord, Cande’s face changed color. He unleashed all of his warrior energy, and the ten warriors behind him stood in an arc and also unleashed everything they had. They roared in unison, and the colorful warrior energy flames filled the entire hall; they were clearly doubling down.

Just like the last time, Cande combined everyone’s warrior energy into one and used it against the fist mark. However –


It was a dull muffle noise.

The transparent crystal fist mark easily shattered the colorful combined warrior energy.


It was another dull muffle noise.

The transparent crystal fist mark hit Cande’s body ruthlessly. In a split second pause, the bronze armor on Cande’s body turned into black dust. At the same time, his crystal mask also shattered into tiny bits.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

A series of noises followed as the transparent fist mark went through Cande’s body. After it destroyed Cande, it smashed the ten warriors behind Cande into the air.

One strike!

The elite group in [Bronze Spear] Guard of Fellon Family lost!

“Ahahaha…… No!” Cande was almost completely naked. His warrior energy flame flashed as if it was trying to save something. He screamed out of desperation like a dying vicious beast, and his strong body collapsed at the next moment. It was turned into a cloud of blood mist and disappeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Almost at the same time, the ten warriors behind Cande also exploded and turned into blood mists.

None of them survived.

Bloodiness and killing spirit filled the underground hall.

The fourth prince who just woke up a little screamed and fainted again after seeing this; he was too frightened.

Until now, the crowd shockingly realized that there was also another huge fist mark ironed into the wall behind Cande and his men. The punch from the King of Chambord was so powerful that it still had residual force after killing the eleven warriors. It only went away after venting off the rest of the force into the wall.

Terrifying punch!

Terrifying person!

At this moment, everyone looked at the handsome man who had a disabled little dog in his arms. They knew his identity – the second prince Dominguez, a tricky individual who gave headaches to the forces at St. Petersburg. This reckless prince with power saw his half-brother getting beat, and the crowd wondered what he was going to do.

“En? Finished? This quick? Good…… Eh, now no one will bother me in my sleep.”

Tired Dominguez who was standing there quietly yawned and stretched his body. He closed his eyes and said something that surprised most of the people in the crowd.


At this time, some smart individuals already saw the similarities between the King of Chambord and this second prince in front of them. The two of them were both reckless, they were both mad and hard to predict, they were both willing to do anything for revenge when getting offended!

Mad! Absolutely Mad!

They were two madmen!

They were the same kind of people!

Like vicious wolves; they would let anyone who dared to offend them pay a hefty price.

Table of Content

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