Hail the King Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: Do You know Who I Am?

“You disappoint me……” The young mage said as he pressed his palm onto Lafa’s forehead. A cloud of fire suddenly appeared on his hand and instantly created a burned and nose-piercing roasted smell. The poor soldier cried and screamed in desperation, but that didn’t help him survive the flame. After a few seconds of torture, his body turned into a cloud of ash. “What can you do? Trash……” The young man murmured as he cleaned his hand with a delicate golden handkerchief.

The entire underground hall turned silent.

All the soldiers looked at the young man while shivering; they were all scared by the man’s cruelty. As a response, they all kneeled down and didn’t dare to breathe heavily.

“You can suicide now so you don’t have to go through the pain of getting burned up.” The young man smiled at Fei.

“I’m not a member of Blood-Edge.” Fei shook his head as he said.

“Doesn’t matter if you are one of them or not. I just want to see you die in front of my eyes.” The young man smiled again; he didn’t hide his disdain at all.

“Oh? Interesting.” Fei laughed. The King of Chambord hated people who were arrogant in front of him. He felt like pranking this young man, so he said: “Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t need to know who you are, you just need to know who I am.” The young man said with a cold expression on his face: “I want you died, so you have to die.”

“Oh? Interesting. Can you tell me who you are?” Fei was still smiling.

“Low life, you talk too much.” The young mage started to get impatient. He lightly raised his hand, and red flame reappeared in his palm. The fire increased the temperature of the underground hall by several degrees, and the young mage pointed the flame at Fei as he lightly said his name: “Chrystal, the fourth prince of the empire. Now you know my name, so die!”


A ton of fire spread from his arm, and the fire made everyone feel like the entire hall was being burned. Then, all of the fire circled in the air and formed a huge dragon. In an angry roar, the dragon charged at Fei and soon enveloped his body.

It was Fire Elemental Magic – [Fire of Dragon], a spell on the level of peak Four-Star mage.

Although Chrystal didn’t give it all he got, this [Fire of Dragon] was one of his proudest attack magic.

Every time the fire turned the opponents that he hated into beautiful ashes, Chrystal would feel a satisfaction while listening to the screams and the whining.

Now, he was anticipating the arrogant and poor opponent in front of him to become the source of his joy.

He closed his eyes and couldn’t wait to hear the terrifying screams and begs for forgiveness that was like music to his ears.

However –

After more than a dozen seconds, there wasn’t any “music”.

He opened his eyes.

He saw something that shocked him.

The roaring fire dragon that [Fire of Dragon] created suddenly got quiet, and it wasn’t able to move forward anymore.

One hand grabbed onto the neck of the fire dragon through the heat and fire as if it was a cat. As if that fire that could melt iron encountered something terrifying, it whined as it started to disappear. In a few seconds, the four-star fire elemental magic [Fire of Dragon] was put out.

The method used was to lightly squeeze it with one hand.

Fourth prince Chrystal’s pupil contracted instantly.

He was arrogant, but he wasn’t an idiot. It was obvious that the power the man in front of him had was far beyond his imagination. His opponent destroyed his attack with a single hand, and his opponent told him that he was no match for him with silence.

“Who are you?” Chrystal’s face got serious as he asked. He didn’t try to attack the second time; he knew he would be embarrassing himself even if he tried his best.

“Didn’t you say that you don’t need to know who I am?”

Fei put down his hand as he answered with a smile. However, this smile no longer looked weak in Chrystal’s eyes; it looked like the calm before the storm.

The fourth prince Chrystal paused for a second and said with an ugly face: “Strength won’t give you the privilege of being reckless in front of a prince.”

“Haha, the status of a prince also won’t give you the privilege to be reckless in front of someone who is a lot stronger than you. Your Highness, I need to be honest. From now on, I don’t want to hear any noise from you. Don’t act so superior in front of me because of your little status and shut your mouth. Otherwise, I can’t promise you that I will let you leave here in one piece……” Fei suddenly heard more footsteps from the entrance of the tunnel, and he lost the interest in teasing this arrogant and sick little prince.


The fourth prince got angry, but all the anger and pride disappeared as he saw the ice-cold stare from his opponent. He didn’t dare to say anything that might make himself look better.

The footsteps got louder and louder as another group of people appeared.

“Yeh? Alexander, so you are here. I was looking for you.” Paris’s eyes lit up as she saw Fei. She was in her signature white dress with a red rose in her hand. She greeted: “Hehehehe, looks like you have been here for a while.”

“I just got here.” Fei responded calmly.

Behind Paris, there was [Red-Beard] Granello and a dozen master warriors from Imperial Patrol. In the center of this group of people, there was a handsome young man, who was prettier than a woman, with a little dog that was disabled in his arms. This man was still quite sleepy as he staggered around while his long black hair fluttering in the air.

Fei also saw Knight Captain Romain who protected Elder Princess Tanasha at Chambord. He also saw Ziene, the girl who was pretty yet powerful and protected Tanasha closely as well. Beside them, there were more than a dozen soldiers who were wearing black iron battle armor with the words [Iron Blood] engraved onto their chest plates. Those soldiers had three-star warrior energy surging around them, and Fei knew they were the master warriors from [Iron Blood Legion] that was under the command of [Zenit’s God of War].

Except these two groups of people, there was also a knight who was wearing a bronze battle armor. His body was slender, and his long hair was fluttering outside of the helmet. He had a shiny crystal mask on his face that made him look very mysterious. Behind him, there were also more than a dozen master warriors dressed in bronze battle armor with crystal masks on their faces. Although their faces couldn’t be seen, the chilling lights in their eyes told everyone that they were all elite warriors who had been through deadly battles.

Fei wasn’t sure which force these people belonged to.

Then, a priest dressed in the robe of Holy Church slowly walked down the stairs that led to the hall. He looked peaceful, and his black and white robe was worn by him for a long time. There were a ton of patches on the robe, and these patches looked like dark flowers that blossomed on the robe. The priest was about fifty years old, and his hair and beard were turning white. He was wearing a pair of shoes made from dry straws, and a ton of scars was visible on his feet. Just like the patches on his robe, those scars looked ancient.

“Uh? From Holy Church? Are they also involved in this operation? Something smells funny……” Fei didn’t react on the surface, but his brain was working extra-hard.

This old priest was alone, and he was slow; it felt like he was taking his time with every step.

There was still a ton of people behind him; although those people looked anxious, they didn’t dare to surpass this priest. It wasn’t just because of Holy Church’s name; a powerful energy was coming off of this old priest, and it made the others tremble a little. This power was vast like the ocean, broad like the sky, and warm like the sun; even Fei was moved by it.

The old priest slowly walked into the underground hall, and he looked up at Fei before lowered his head again. He didn’t look at anyone else, and he looked like he didn’t care about anyone else. However, no one in the hall dared to ignore his existence.

After the old priest got down the stairs, more people rushed in.

These people had a grassroots feel to them. They all looked rough and vicious, but they were all very aware of the surroundings. Although they were wearing the same uniforms, they were using different weapons and felt very different from the warriors from Imperial Patrol and [Iron Blood Legion]. Fei sensed a familiar sensation; they were similar to the mercenaries of Blood-Edge.

In the underground hall that wasn’t huge, there were more than a hundred people.

They were all staring at the mountains made from gold and magic gems, as well as the weapon racks with a ton of top-tier items that were enough to equip a medium sized cavalry team. However, no one talked.

Each of the group claimed a spot as they looked at each other with their guards up.

The invisible pressure was dispersing in the hall slowly.

Table of Content

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