Hail the King Chapter 262

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Chapter 262: This Man is A Blood-Edge Member

However, since the leader of Blood-Edge didn’t understand the knowledge recorded in the book in detail, he wasn’t able to do it properly. The design of the traps made Fei who was great under Assassin Mode clap his hands, but the leader of Blood-Edge butchered the implementation and execution of it. If Fei was the only who created the traps, the power of those traps would at least double; they would easily block the path for six-star or seven-star warriors.

This also explained why Fei was able to find books and scrolls that covered the translation between the ancient text and modern language. It was probably because the leader of Blood-Edge was really careful and didn’t want to let translators see the content of [Demon King’s Wisdom]. He decided to learn the ancient text himself and slowly understand the book.

It was fortunate that the leader of Blood-Edge was careful, and the news of that mysterious stone room didn’t leak out. Otherwise, the superpowers at Zenit would have detected it and secured this treasure before Fei.

In fact, Fei’s guesses were 90% accurate.

That was what happened.

A man can only plan for so much. After the leader of Blood-Edge discovered this place, he held onto the secret tightly; even his closest henchman didn’t know about the mysterious space in the underground hall.

From now on, Fei was the only one who knew about the existence of that mysterious stone room.

A lot was gained unexpectedly in this operation to take out Blood-Edge.

The only thing that made Fei a little upset was that the calling sensation came from the golden skeleton, and that skeleton made him feel very familiar and intimate. However, Fei couldn’t get close to the skeleton under his current power level, and he couldn’t really understand what message that calling sensation was conveying.

It looked like he had to take it slow.

As Fei was turning around and getting ready to leave.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


After a series of loud explosions and gear grinding noises, Fei knew that other people had come in. It was obvious that master warriors were using their warrior energies to destroy the magic traps. Also, a series of soldiers whining and screaming noises were also mixed in with all these other sounds.

Actually, Fei wasn’t really surprised.

After he walked into the tunnel, he didn’t seal the entrance to the underground hall. All the other forces at St. Petersburg saw the end of Blood-Edge and wanted to come and take their share of the resources. When they saw the tunnel behind the throne, they all rushed in one after another with their minds filled with greed. They encountered the magic traps and mechanical obstacles, and they were using brute force to pass through them.

Fei didn’t try to hide his existence.

As the exploding and colliding noises became closer and closer, Fei used the last bit of alone time to search the underground hall to make sure that he didn’t miss any treasures that were important.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

“We passed! Finally!”

“Quick! Get in! I smelled treasure!”

“Who dares to fight with our Beag Family?”

“Fight? Don’t forget our agreement!”

After the last bit of dense exploding noises, the magic traps and mechanical obstacles were all cleared. A lot of people were shouting at each other as they rushed in, and Fei was quite familiar with some of their voices. All these people were literally charging at the treasures with their red eyes.

“Ah, gold, magic gems….. Haha, mountains of them!”

“Damn, Blood-Edge has a lot of accumulations. We already cleared ten treasure warehouses, and there are more here in this basement?”

“Huh? God, so many items…… weapons …… armors…… so sturdy and so sharp…… Used hundred-forge technique? So many?”

“So many items made from refined iron…… Enough to equipment a medium size cavalry team.”

“Every piece of weapon or armor would worth more than a hundred gold coins, and there isn’t enough supply for all the demand. How can these bastards of Blood-Edge get so many of these precious items?”

The first ones that charged in were the frontline soldiers of these superpowers. They were all promised a lot of rewards as long as they cooperated with the master warriors. They used their lives to help the master warriors to get through the magic traps like suicide squads. Under the pressure of death, those soldiers were all thirsty for treasures and ignored everything else. With wounds on their bodies, they shouted and ran around like prisoners who saw a lot of beautiful women.

Greedy and raw desire shone in their eyes.

If the superpowers didn’t pressure them down, they would be killing each other.

At this time, a man saw Fei. “Huh? There is someone else here.”

“Must be a member of Blood-Edge who wasn’t killed off. Looks like he is not a low-status mercenary. Let’s all kill him and use his head for rewards!” Someone clenched his blade as he suggested to everyone around him. Since they knew Fei wasn’t one of them, their desire to kill grew; they didn’t care if Fei was really a member of Blood-Edge. In fact, those soldiers even wanted to kill their peers to keep all the treasure to themselves.

That provocation worked.

“Let’s go!”


They saw that Fei was young and was alone, and the last bit of hesitation in their minds was gone.

“I’m not a member of Blood-Edge.” Fei said clearly.

“Bullsh*t! Kill him!” The soldiers shouted: “If you don’t want to die, drop your weapon and let us search you.”

“Huh! Greedy bastards!”

Fei didn’t bother to explain himself twice to the soldiers who couldn’t think clearly. He sneered, and an invisible energy shot out of his body. More than twenty soldiers who were running at him were knocked back like eggs smashed onto stones; they flew back while puking up blood. When they landed on the ground, they all looked at Fei in shock; they couldn’t even stand up.

Fei already held back.

If these soldiers weren’t from the superpowers that he had an agreement with and he didn’t care for these soldiers, he could have used his level 40 Barbarian’s strength and turned these soldiers into blood mists and bones.

After sensing Fei’s power, all the soldiers started to back off while staring at each other’s face.

At this moment –

“What is going on? Who is he?” A man and a woman walked into the hall as the man asked with an arrogant voice.

The one in the front was a young beautify woman who had a perfect figure. She was wearing a silver armor, and she was the princess Beyoncé Beag of Beag Family.

This woman had met Fei once before, and they had a confrontation. As the VIP audiences of Fei’s duel were targeted by the Spartax Assassins, the genius of Dean Family was killed, and Beyoncé’s grandfather was killed as well. But under the protection of her grandfather, Beyoncé survived. However, both Fei and Beyoncé weren’t expecting to see each other tonight. It was obvious that Beag Family was one of the participates in tonight’s operation.

Behind Beyonce, there was a young mage. He was wearing a black robe and a silver crown with a ruby inlaid in it. There were five stars on the robe of the mage, and it showed his five-star mage status. Since the young man was only twenty-three, twenty-four years old, he would be considered a genius with his five-star power. Although the man was young and handsome with the brown long hair, he looked arrogant as if he was better than anyone else.

“Huh?” Beyonce was surprised to see Fei here.

“You know him?” The young mage frowned.

A strange light flashed through Beyonce eyes. After a short moment of pause, she said something made Fei a little surprised.

“I don’t know him.” She said.

The young mage was a little relieved. He looked around and said to one of the soldiers that were on the ground: “Lafa, what is going on?”

That soldier slowly got up, looked at Fei viciously, and kneeled down in front of the young man. “Your Highness, this man is a member of Blood-Edge. He is arrogant, and he is not willing to surrender.” Lafa said in a wronged tone.

“Oh? Kill him!” The young mage said lightly.

After he couldn’t sense any warrior energy or magic power from Fei, he looked at Fei in disdain. He then quickly moved his eyes onto the items in the hall. It was obvious that he was more interested in the treasures and weapons.

But after a while.

The young mage looked back at the soldiers who were hesitating; the soldiers didn’t execute on his command.

“Huh? What? You guys dare to disobey me?” The young mage got angry.

“Your Highness…… He…… He is too powerful. We…… We couldn’t defeat him……” The soldier named Lafa stuttered as he said.

Table of Content

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