Hail the King Chapter 261

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Chapter 261: Maybe One Day

All four exits were guarded by Chambordians.

At the first exit, a red-haired warrior with a huge sword was guarding it. This man had a lightning elemental warrior energy, and his punching speed was so fast that it was hard to catch. Arshavin who was a six-star warrior was only able to roughly see where this man’s fists were. It would be very difficult for him to dodge the fists if he tried. Arshavin knew this man mastered a lightning elemental combat technique.

At the second exit, there were two huge men wearing strange armors. One of them was black-haired, and the other one was white-haired. Their muscular bodies would allow them to create a dragon-roaring noise whenever they swung their fists, and it made them look like two beasts in human skins. In addition, their combat techniques were advanced; those two techniques felt ancient and mysterious like the stars.

At the third exit, there was a beautiful female magic archer who Arshavin saw on the Peak of East Mountain at Chambord. Compared to a month ago, this magic archer’s power had almost quadrupled. The storm-like arrows and vast magic power on those arrows told [Zenit’s God of War] that this archer didn’t use any combat techniques. The damage was purely done by this archer’s lightning, ice, and fire magic power as well as her archery skills. However, this girl wasn’t weaker than the red-haired warriors who was guarding the first exit.

At the fourth exit, there was a handsome blonde young man. This man’s archery skill was like an art. He looked like an elf who was dancing under the moon as he used the bow and arrows. What was the most surprising was that there weren’t any magic power on the arrows that this young man shot out, but they contained a mysterious power. Arshavin didn’t know what power that was, but he felt like those arrows could pierce through any armors; the bodily protective warrior energy of four-star warriors couldn’t protect again these arrows at all. Beside this young man, there was a huge fat dude. Although he hadn’t got the chance to show what he had, he had a chilling and demonic sensation around him; it was obvious that he was a great warrior as well.

Four exits, six master warriors.

The six warriors with these powers would be invited and recruited by the superpowers at St. Petersburg as well as the top ten battle legions.

“Since when did the monster-like King Alexander of Chambord cultivate these master warriors? Since when did Chambord acquire such an impressive amount of power?”

Arshavin who had been through a lot of life-and-death moments on the battlefield was shocked by the one-sided massacre.

Besides the shock, [Zenit’s God of War] who was very influential in the empire sensed a vague threat.

“If this trend continues, would King of Chambord be strong enough to stand up against Zenit?”


In the sky, on top of the dark cloud.

The talkative number one traveling poet of the empire, Matt Razi, stopped talking for some reason. He squinted his eyes as he looked at the battle happening below him; he was so taken that he even forgot to drink his wine. The flames were getting bigger and bigger, and it symbolized the end of Blood-Edge Mercenary Group…… The speed of this ending was just a little bit too fast. It was so fast that Matt Razi even closed the mouth that he was not willing to close.

However, the eyes of Krasic who was beside him lit up.

Matt Razi caught that.

“Old friend, I feel like you are moved. Are you really going to do it?” Matt Razi asked.


“You know what kind of strength Chambord has now, and do you know what that would mean for the empire?”


“So you are still going to do it?”


“Ah…… There so many things that are not controllable in life. What can you do with powerful strength? What can you do with noble status? What can you do with everyone respecting you? It is all just a game, and only the most powerful person would win the final prize!”

Matt Razi said as if he was summarizing the journey of life.


Krasic moved, and he turned into the dash of light that disappeared into the darkness.




When Fei reached out for the [Demon King’s Wisdom], a series of silver energy rippled, and an invisible shield appeared to block Fei’s fingers.

The repulsion force from this energy shield was so strong that Fei wouldn’t even make a tiny dent on its surface.

At this time, Fei found out surprisingly that there were six stone lanterns that were also floating in the air. There weren’t wicks nor fuel in the lanterns, but there were green fires burning inside them. The six stone lanterns were chained together by eighteen stone chains that had a ton of symbols and characters on them, and they together surrounded [Demon King’s Wisdom] as if they were moons that surrounded the earth.

Perhaps Fei’s attention was completely drawn by [Demon King’s Wisdom], and that caused him not to see the stone lanterns and stone chains.

He tried to get the book several times, but he wasn’t able to do so.

Fei frowned as he tried to come up with plans. He had to get everything in here; the golden skeleton, the [Demon King’s Wisdom], the stone lanterns and chains, the silver energy and symbols on the walls…… they were all secretive, and he couldn’t let them fall into the hands of others.

Soon, he had an idea.


He used one of the three miraculous skill [Summon] and created another sky-blue portal.

He walked through it and appeared in [Rogue Encampment].

It looked like that mysterious stone room didn’t block Fei from using his skills nor his portals. Since that succeeded, he was able to continue with his plan.

If the plan worked, he would be able to turn this stone room into his own backyard garden.


After ten minutes.

Blue lights flashed, and Fei reappeared in the dark pit in the underground. When he stepped on the same footprints, the cranking mechanism gear noises sounded again. After a light buzzing noise, the portal disappeared.

Fei used his spiritual power and pushed all the bones to aside.

Behind those footprints, there were two foot-shaped mechanisms.

They were like two paddles, and two mid-tier magic stones would be pushed into the magic array on the wall to activate it when someone stepped on them. When they were stepped on again, the two magic stones would be taken out of the array, and the teleport portal would close due to a lack of power.

This explained why Fei was able to activate the portal the first time.

After observing the mechanisms, his feet sent a force downward and destroyed all of them. The mechanisms were turned into dust along with the bones, and no trace was left behind. Then, Fei placed his palms on the wall and rubbed it. After he took his palms off of the wall, a ton of stone dust fell off, and the magic array was completely wiped out. Since the walls in the pit were rough to begin with, no one would be able to tell that there was a magic array on this wall before.

After Fei inspected it again and made sure it was clean, he jumped out of the deep pit.

The underground hall was still being lit up by the treasures and valuables, and it felt like nothing had happened. Fei was sure that even Sun-Class Lords won’t be able to enter that mysterious stone room without that magic array to lead them.

Also, Fei suddenly understood what was going on.

It was obvious that another person came to this underground hall and entered that mysterious stone room frequently.

If Fei wasn’t wrong, it was the leader of Blood-Edge.

That man was really lucky. It seemed like this man was trying to build a deep underground warehouse in this pre-existing cave, but he was able to activate that mysterious magic array and entered the stone room. After he saw the golden skeleton and [Demon King’s Wisdom], he realized the value of them, and he killed all the workers to keep the secret to himself.

However, since this leader of Blood-Edge wasn’t that strong, he couldn’t approach that golden skeleton and get that war axe, and he couldn’t break away the shield guarding [Demon King’s Wisdom]. He was only able to see the knowledge that was being displayed from afar and learn the basic magic traps and mechanisms.

It seemed like all the magic traps that were set up in the entrance were done by the leader of Blood-Edge to prevent others from coming in.

Table of Content

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