Hail the King Chapter 257

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Chapter 257: Blood-Edge’s Treasure

At the end of the pathway, there was a stone wall that had nine symbols engraved on it; those nine symbols contained some kind of meaning that Fei didn’t know. The symbols were engraved with a bloody-red energy, and it made the nine symbols look very mysterious. Fei stood in front of the wall, and he was surprised that he had seen these symbols before. However, these symbols weren’t the kind of symbols the monster in Diablo World would drop.

Then, Fei showed his “greedy” personality.

He switched to Barbarian Mode and used his swords to carve out these nine mysterious symbols by using his physical strength. He threw these symbols into the storage space; he planned to show these to Akara and Cain; those two could probably figure it out.

After carving out those symbols, Fei turned to the right of the stone wall.

The pathway turned 90 degrees, and the dreamy light came from there.

There weren’t any more magic traps here, and Fei stayed in Barbarian Mode.

After several 90 degrees turns, there was a huge underground hall.

After stepping into the hall, the light shining off of the treasures lit up the place. Fei was even stunned by this. There were at least 20 dreamy mountains made from piled gold, silver, jade, gems…….

Those were all the treasures that Blood-Edge accumulated over the years.

To be able to get wealth, Blood-Edge literally did anything they could, including capturing slaves and even dirtier trades. The law of the empire had many loopholes, and the evil people were able to exploit them. Under the support of the superpower Fellon Family, the mercenaries of Blood-Edge commit a ton of sins. They should no longer be called mercenaries; they were a bunch of greedy and immoral bandits. As a result, they had stacked a large amount of wealth.

On top of that, Fei was sure that this was only a portion of the money that Blood-Edge earned over the years; after all, Blood-Edge had to give money to Fellon Family and other forces.

This amount of money was enough to buy a hundred castles like Chambord.



Fei’s blood started to boil as he looked at all the treasure in front of him.

Anyone would be stunned and lose the ability to speak when seeing this huge amount of resources.

However, Fei forced himself to calm down.

The reason why he was able to conquer Blood-Edge was that Paris had planned it out. All the superpowers including Fellon Family abandoned this sinister-like group. That was why Fei was able to attack without the intervention from imperial soldiers and Imperial Patrol. According to the agreements, Fei was able to get 30% of the total rewards. If he took all of the resources to himself, the other forces would definitely get mad. Although Fei wasn’t scared of it, it wasn’t worth the trade-off.

Fei didn’t need the entire empire to turn against him.

After all, Fei had access to Horadric Cube, an item that shouldn’t exist in the world. Fei was able to make numerous high-level gems using low-level gems. Normal monetary resources weren’t really attractive to Fei who had a golden-finger like Diablo World.

Fei didn’t take a single gold coin from the first mountain.

He walked by the mountains made of gold and jade.

Behind these mountains, there were more impressive items.

There were a dozen weapon racks that had all kind of weapons and equipment on them. Those items were all rare top-tier weapons and armors. Fei took a long sword from the rack and struck it in the air. A chilly energy filled the surroundings as the thin blade of the sword danced in the air like a silver string. Fei knocked the blade, and one of his falling hairs was cut by the sword cleanly.

Nice Sword!

Fei had to admire the blacksmith who made this sword.

He put back the sword and picked out a few other weapons. They were all sharp and stiff weapons that were obviously made by master-tier blacksmiths. The armors in the area were able to protect all the vital points on the human body, and the connecting areas of the metal plates were stuffed with fur of Demon Beasts. The armors made with such details were light and offered great defensive abilities…… Even only a small portion of the elites could receive items like these in the top ten battle legions and Royal Palace Guards.

However, Fei was still not moved. He put back the weapon and continued to walk forward.

In the mysterious underground cave in Chambord, there was almost an unlimited amount of [Demon’s Remains] and [Black Stone Essences]. With Charsi’s top-tier forging skills, items on this level could be made with ease. The weapons Charsi could forge were actually even better than these items, so Fei didn’t really care.

Behind the weapon rack, there were six bookshelves.

This surprised Fei. “Are these bloody bandits into reading?” He thought.

But after reading the names of the books, Fei understood what was going on.

The books on the shelves were all warrior energy training scrolls, and these scrolls were all pretty high-level. These training scrolls actually even contained combat techniques that deal good damages. Especially on the last wooden bookshelf that had a deep fragrance to it, there were a few ultra-rare mage training scrolls; one of them was the training journal of a six-star mage.

These items were so valuable that Fei couldn’t even overlook them.

That training scroll made by the six-star mage named [Low-level Space Magic Theory – Decryption] could be one of the rare items at any auctions in St. Petersburg, and numerous powerhouses would fight over it.

This time, Fei wasn’t as chill as before.

Without hesitation, he threw those training scrolls along with the bookshelves into his storage space. What Chambord needed the most in order to improve wasn’t money but these training scrolls.

Walking deeper into the hall, Fei saw some well-kept food and water; there were magic refrigerators that were powered by ice-elemental arrays. Except that, there was a full kitchen …… all of the stuff here was enough for a person for a full month.

“Did someone plan to use this place as a hideout?”

Fei was a little confused.

Fei didn’t know that the leader of Blood-Edge was a really calculative character. He knew about the crimes he committed, and he knew about the forces that he offended. Therefore, he had been planning his escape for a long time. This underground hall had been around for a long time, and the leader of Blood-Edge discovered it by accident. After that, he had been renovating the place in secret. He was the only one who knew about this place, and he was planning to change his identity, get a noble status from Fellon Family, and go somewhere remote to spend the last half of his life. The reason why there were so many weapons, money, and training scrolls was that the leader of Blood-Edge was trying to start his own kingdom afterward. At the same time, risk-averse leader of Blood-Edge created a small living space for himself as he was afraid that Blood-Edge would be destroyed one day.

However, he didn’t expect anything like that would occur today. None of what he planned was used, and he was killed by Inzagi in a sneak attack.

This might be karma doing its job.

Everything he planned for in the first half of his life was now an easy piece of pie for Fei.

After going through the food storage area, the light in the area dimmed. The deepest part of the underground pathway was a huge pit. It was so deep that it was completely dark down there, and it felt chilly and gloomy; no one knew what was under the pit.

Fei switched to Sorceress Mode and waved his wand to create a dash of fire that he sent down the pit to light it up temporally.

The things in the pit were now visible.

Fei looked down and his face changed color.

There were numerous white bones in this pit; a huge cloud of blue “ghost flames” ignited as the fire triggered this reaction. Like ghosts who were trying to hurt the newcomer, a dark and chilling sensation filled the area.

“Those people who died in the pit must hold strong grievances; that is the only way that these ‘Ghost Flames’ would be created. But how did they all die here?” Fei thought.

Table of Content

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