Hail the King Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: You Can Only Die Like a Bug

“No one was able to take this strike!” With one hand holding onto the magic wand, Fei drew various magic symbols in the air with the other hand.

Blood-Edge leader’s expression turned even more serious.

He sensed a terrifying fire magic element surge from the flames around here. Some kind of force was being summoned.

“If you can take on this strike, I won’t come to this part of the city anymore!” Fei said in a cold confident voice as a light red sphere appeared around his body.

The leader was feeling even more pressure; he had to concentrate his energy and spiritual power more.

This mage with the mysterious mask was giving him enough pressure already. This mage had a thick magic shield around him when he was casting spells, and it was hard for the leader of Blood-Edge to sneak attack. The leader was put in a very reactive situation, and all he could hope for was to endure this strike so this reaper would leave.

“Get ready!” Fei shouted.

The leader of Blood-Edge got even more focused as the blue robe that he was wearing gave off a blue light; it was made from the skin of a demon beast, and it was able to increase one’s defensive ability. All he could do now was to wait for his opponent’s deadly attack.

At this moment –

An invisible ripple suddenly appeared behind the leader of Blood-Edge.

A strangely shaped knife appeared out of nowhere and pierced through the leader’s protective warrior energy shield quietly; no one saw it coming. The blue robe the leader was wearing was also pierced through, and the knife stabbed into the leader’s body.

“S–t! Die!”

The leader’s attention was completely focused on Fei, and he didn’t expect someone would get this close to him at a time like this. He also didn’t expect there would be such a weapon that easily broke through his warrior energy and armor-like blue fox battle robe.

When he realized that something was wrong, it was too late to react.

A strangely shaped black knife actually pierced through his heart like the touch of the Grim Reaper; this knife was so sharp that it looked like it would tear through anything.

The knife was in the hand of a small figure.

“No……” The leader of Blood-Edge cried in desperation. With his last breath, he used all the warrior energy he had and struck at the sneak attacker. This movement worsened the wound on his body, and blood spurted out of the bloody hole. The strangely shaped knife was designed to deal the maximum amount of damage, and it left a devastating wound on his body.

“Cough…… cough…… you……. You cheater……. You……” The leader of Blood-Edge staggered around; it felt like he couldn’t stand up anymore.

“Cheat? Hahahaha, really? This counts?” Fei who was standing on the stone statue dashed forward and stopped ten meters away from the leader. Then, Fei slowly walked towards the leader of Blood-Edge while leaving behind a trail of fire and said: “Why do I feel like I’m not despicable enough? With a garbage like you, I want to use the hundred cruelest penalties on you. I want to kill you more than a hundred times. However, you only have one sleazy life…… Do you want to die before me like a warrior? Yuck! You are not worth it!!”

“Cough…… you…… Who…… Who are you?” The leader of Blood-Edge murmured as unwillingness filled his mind.

His vision was already darkening. If his opponent didn’t stand in front of the fire, he won’t be able to spot his opponent’s figure. There were multiple shadows in his eyes for the same object, and the world was becoming more chaotic in his eyes…… before he died, he wanted to know who killed him.

“I’m……” Fei walked up to him and murmured into his ears like an old friend.

“You…… are …… Ch……” The leader of Blood-Edge opened his eyes wide as his eyes were filled with shock.

“Since you now know who I am, you can die peacefully now!”

Fei walked to the other side of the leader, pulled out the knife that was still in his body as blood gushed out, and grabbed onto the leader’s head with his other hand. Whoosh! The black knife moved, and the deadly mercenary that terrified the region for many years got decapitated.

“Bloody knife for the revenge. No one can leave here alive! Ahahaha!” With the devil-like mask on, Fei laughed under the nightly sky. With one evil knife in one of his hand and the head of the leader of Blood-Edge in the other, he looked like a devil from hell standing in front of the fire.

This terrifying scene mixed with the thick murderous spirit coming off of Fei, more than a thousand mercenaries of Blood-Edge mentally collapsed.

“Ahahah, he killed the leader……”

“Leader has died, the leader has died!!!!”

“It’s over, Blood-Edge Mercenary Group is done for. Devil, he must be a devil from hell!”

“Let’s escape, we can escape!”

A series of screams and whines sounded from the sea of fire. The mercenaries of Blood-Edge lose their courage and willingness to fight. With such momentum, they couldn’t stop the collapse of Blood-Edge. Until now, the Imperial Patrol and imperial soldiers still hadn’t shown up, nor did the reinforcement came from Fellon Family. This was enough to show that Blood-Edge had offended someone they shouldn’t have. A terrifying power was trying to destroy this mercenary group, and even Fellon Family couldn’t stop it.

Blood-Edge Group was ditched!

Mercenaries started to scramble as the fire burned. Some of them still tried to grab their savings and treasures before escaping, and some of them already targeted the treasures of Blood-Edge that the group accumulated over the years. Although it was a critical moment, a lot of the mercenaries were high risk-takers, and they were willing to gamble to have the chance to win big……

Under the leader of Blood-Edge, there were six leading fighters.

One of them was captured by Fei already several days before. The bald man, who was left in the pub by Fei, witnessed everything. His face was completely pale as he watched the leader who was invincible in his mind get killed by Fei and the fire devouring up the headquarter of Blood-Edge. Now, he was scared; really scared. However, he didn’t have the chance of redo. A Saint Seiya who was guarding him chopped his head off using an axe and threw his body into the fire……

The rest of the five leading fighters all had their own plans. Some of them gathered their henchmen and tried to escape with their treasures, and some of them bit their teeth as they charged towards the warehouse where a lot of the treasures of the Blood-Edge was kept……

Some of them chose to revenge for their leader.

“You killed the leader, and I will take revenge for him!!!”

A figure dashed out of the fire. His clothes and armors were all lit up by the fire, and his skin and muscle were obviously burned. This man had been hiding in the fire for a while and wanted to kill Fei with the surprise attack…… this man was respectable.

However, his loyalty was used on the wrong person.

With a cold expression, Fie dashed away using the skill – Telekinesis and then cast a series of fireballs. After that, his body disappeared. As this sneak attacker barely dodged the fireballs, the strangely shaped knife dashed through his throat……


The corpse fell to the ground.


Fei threw the knife forward, and a thin figure appeared out of nowhere to catch it.

“Your performance isn’t that good. After striking the target, you should have dashed away immediately. When you pierced his body, why did you pause for a second? He was able to seize the opportunity to injure you…… Eh, it was fortunate that he was distracted by me and got injured already……. Otherwise, you would have been killed……” Fei said slowly.

“Master, I got it.” This thin figure was Fei’s first disciple – Philip Inzagi.

Inzagi’s strength wasn’t high, but his natural stealth technique was just too powerful. He was able to travel through space quietly and invisibly; Fei wasn’t even able to discover him without trying intentionally. After getting trained by Fei, Inzagi had a better control of this technique. In order for Inzagi to become a real assassin, Fei wanted him to get real battle experiences. That was why Fei distracted the leader of Blood-Edge and got Inzagi to deal the lethal attack. Of course, the knife Inzagi was using deserved some credits; it was made from [Demon’s Remain] and [Black Stone Essence], and it was as sharp as god-tier weapons. That was why Inzagi was able to pierce through the leader of Blood-Edge’s warrior energy, robe, and body.

“Assassins, are opportunistic.  You have to remember that. When you become the master of seizing opportunities, you would be a god-tier assassin.”

“Yes, master!”

Table of Content

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