Hail the King Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: The Siege of the Masked Devil

The mid-aged leader of Blood-Edge smiled.

Although he knew things weren’t that optimistic, he was able to determine that King of Chambord wasn’t someone who was able to hold back emotions. That fact along decreased the threat of the king in his mind.

However, he didn’t know that Granello, the red-bearded man who was known for evaluating people, made a completely opposite judgment.

The optimism filled the hall.

Then, as everyone at Blood-Edge was extremely confident……


Like a meteor that fell from the sky, a loud booming noise sounded with a heavy earthquake. It felt like it was doomsday.

“What just happened?” The leader of Blood-Edge stood up and walked out of the hall with other members. They all looked at the direction of the noise with a gloomy expression.

Streams of fire appeared in everyone’s eyes.

The fire was bright like a firework in the night.

However, none of them were able to appreciate the beauty of the fire. The merciless flame was devouring the properties and structures of Blood-Edge.

“Haha, here comes the punishment! The massacre is about to happen! After tonight, Blood-Edge won’t be in existence anymore!”

A loud thunder-like roar resonated in the area, and it almost broke everyone’s ear-drums.

“Who are you? How dare you come here? Fu*k off!”

While being crowded by the members, the mid-aged leader was really angry; flames of anger danced in his eyes as a light blue warrior energy erupted from his body. He waved his hands, and the chilling warrior energy dashed out and suppressed the burning fire. His temperament made everyone feel like he was really the boss here.

“You fu*k off!”

A shadow dashed towards the crowd as fast as lightning and landed on a stone statue of a warrior that was more than twenty meters tall.

There was a mystic energy under this person’s feet. There was fire below him; he left a fire trail in the air as he traveled. When he stood on top of the white stone statue, the fire started to burn. Soon, the entire statue was lit up as if it was the God of Fire. The man standing on the statue, on the other hand, was wearing a mage robe, and his red cape was fluttering in the wind. Under the robe, there was a mysterious metal armor, and he also had a huge battle wand in his hands; it was more than 180 centimeters long.

He looked like he was merging with the fire and becoming one with it.

What was surprising was that nothing on his body was burning despite the fact that he was standing on the vicious flames. His long black hair also fluttered in the wind, and his hair mixed in with the darkness and made him look like a devil that walked out of the deep hell.

What was more terrifying was that there was a black mask on this man’s face. The mask was made with craftsmanship as it looked like it was a living being. It fit so well on the face of this man that it traced out all the details. However, on the forehead of the mask, there was a thick black horn that pointed upward at the sky; its pointy tip reflected a terrifying light.

“Who are you?”

After feeling the huge magic surge and tense murderous spirit coming off of this unknown man, the leader of Blood-Edge appeared unprecedentedly serious. He was clear that this was a terrifying opponent; an opponent that won’t leave unless one of them was killed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

What answered him was more than a dozen fireballs that were more than 20 centimeters in diameter.

No chanting! No surge of magic energy! As the man waved his hand, these fireballs appeared out of nowhere and struck towards the members of Blood-Edge who were standing on the stairs.

“You…… die!” The leader of Blood-Edge was infuriated.

The blue chilling warrior energy lit up even more as he waved his hands. Streams of chilly energy met with the fireballs in mid-air.

Bam! Bam! ……

The collision noises of fire and ice were as loud as thunder.

The fireballs were from a strange yet terrifying spell. Even the tiniest bit of fire or spark would immediately ignite the buildings and structures it landed on. As if it was all oiled up, the headquarter of Blood-Edge was filled with fire in just a few seconds. The entire hall was turned into a living hell as the mercenaries of Blood-Edge whined and tried to put out the fires.

This was the power of a mage.

During a 1 v 1 battle, mages would be pressed down by warriors of the same rank. However, the crowd control and damage of the mages were far superior compared to warriors.

This was the reason why Fei chose to use Sorceress Mode at first.

The devil with the mask standing on the lit statue was Fei who switched to Sorceress Mode. He used the skill [Blaze] to light up everywhere he stepped on, then he used the skill [Fireball] to turn the main hall of Blood-Edge into a flaming sea.

It was the dark murderous night.

The perfect time for cleansing the evils that had been committed by these sinners using the pure flames.

This was the only way that would put the innocent Chambordians and other weak people who were killed by these mercenaries to rest.

“Put out the fire first…… I will take care of him!”

The leader of Blood-Edge immediately made the decision. He ordered the people around him to put out the fire as he dashed towards Fei like a meteor that drew a long blue tail in the air.

Like a terrifying beast that roared as it opened its mouth, he struck down at Fei with all of his might.

“[Kiss of the Frost] …… die!”

The leader of Blood-Edge didn’t hesitate and used his strongest technique.

He knew that he had to kill this mysterious mage as soon as he could. Otherwise, the mercenary group would suffer unrecoverable damage! Even an idiot would know that it was asking for death if anyone allowed a six-star mage to cast spells freely on the battlefield!



“Eh? Who…… is that? Why is there a terrifying fire mage under King of Chambord’s command that I didn’t know about?”

On the peak of a tall tower at the headquarter of Blood-Edge, a young figure who was observing the fight suddenly frowned. There was a ton of surprises in his sharp and calculative eyes.

“King of Chambord, just how many more secrets do you have? No, I have to convince the elders of the family to recruit this person! It is worth it doesn’t matter how much we need to pay!!”


“Eh, finally. Killing and Burning, King of Chambord has a good plan…… Sent someone to investigate the origin of this mage.”

On a huge tall tower north of Blood-Edge’s headquarter, a young man murmured as he was surrounded by more than a dozen guards.


[Zenit’s God of War] was also carefully observing this battle from afar.

Arshavin was able to secretly exert his energy into the headquarter of Blood-Edge and screen the area. He didn’t sense the existence of the King of Chambord, so he could only focus on the mage who was wearing the devil-like mask. Numerous guesses appeared in his head, but he was only able to conclude that this mage’s temperament was really different from the King of Chambord. On Azeroth, every powerful warrior and mage had his or her distinct sensation; this sensation was really hard to change. Therefore, Arshavin was sure that the mage with the mask and the red cape wasn’t King of Chambord.

“If he isn’t the King of Chambord, then – he must be a master mage under King of Chambord.”

“Tanasha is very clear about the talent under the King of Chambord. Why hasn’t she told me anything about this terrifying mage?”

[Zenit’s God of War] was really perplexed.

The strange feeling in his head was getting stronger and stronger.


“Huh? This sensation…… Since when did a mage like this appear in Zenit? This sensation is really unfamiliar.”

“What? Old guy, you don’t know who this is? You sure that he isn’t your mysterious disciple?”


“What kind of a magic surge is that? Why did I sense a strange, ancient, and mystic feel from it? As if ……”

“As if it is from the Mythical Ruins.”

“Could he be an assassin from Spartax?”

“No way, we are really familiar with the old guys from Spartax. To my knowledge, there had never been a mage like this in Spartax.”

“Could he be a new talent that is from other remote kingdoms? Time is the greatest force in the world…… Since King of Chambord came into the public eyes, I feel like us, the old guys, are rusting……”

“Whatever, the two princes and other superpowers had come to an agreement…… Tonight is the night of blood…… we don’t need to show up.”

Magic surges and energies containing consciousness shot out of the eight tallest magic towers located in St. Petersburg; these were so subtle that ordinary people couldn’t detect them at all. On top of the holy city, the most prestige mages of Zenit quickly communicated and then quieted down.

Table of Content

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