Hail the King Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: River of Blood

Dark clouds slowly moved from the east and covered the huge battlefield from the moon.

The chilly wind mixed with the terrifying cries of demon beasts was really frightening. The powerful magic arrays around the huge battlefield were triggered regularly as the unlucky low-tier demon beasts walked by; they were either burned to ashes or froze into ice cubes.

Like a phantom, Fei was able to wander around the battlefield freely. He started from the west end of the battlefield and moved towards the center.

Out of nowhere, sharp and powerful warrior energy would suddenly appear and struck by irregularly. Whatever they hit were exploded into pieces, and the dust was getting everywhere…… They were the residual warrior energy left by the two master warriors. The two warriors were so powerful that some of their attacks were frozen in space, and these saved attacks would reactivate randomly like time-bombs. Contained within them, the power of one full blow was able to easily take out a six-star warrior if he or she wasn’t careful.

Fei was only able to get around under Barbarian Mode when he was very sensitive to danger. He could sense where the residual warrior energies were and avoid them all together.

“Both of them came from the west. One of them was running, and the other was chasing. The chaser caught up with the runner here and they had to battle it out……”

“The one who was running was the person who tried to kill me……”

“Terrifying power! Any of their strikes were able to break mountains…… the mountains and hills in a two to three-kilometer radius were all shattered. Numerous numbers of animals and beasts didn’t even get the chance to escape…… they were all buried alive here……”

“They residual energy consolidated and froze in the air. The fist and sword spirit are able to maintain themselves in the space like my fist marks. This is on another level!”

“They didn’t battle for long…… they were done in less than ten minutes……”

“Huh? Looks like the assassin who wants to kill me got injured; severely injured…… his presence got really weak…… less than six-star…… Huh? It seemed like he used some secret techniques to get away alive!”

“Who was the person that injured that assassin to this degree? This chaser didn’t chase after that assassin after this point……”

Fei was able to roughly tell what happened by sensing the residual energies left by the two master warriors. Just like an experienced hunter who was able to tell what happened by looking for traces around him or her, Fei’s Barbarian instinct was able to tell him a story about what happened around here half a day ago.

The fact that assassin lost was a great news for Fei.

At least for a while, that terrifying assassin won’t be able to go after him with that level of injury. Fei had gotten quality time to improve his own strength and set up tactics and traps.

“Who is that assassin? Why is he after me?”

“Who defeated him? Why did that person go after the assassin?”

Those were the questions that bothered Fei the most.

After spending more time going around the battlefield and looking for more traces, the conclusions were still pretty much the same.

It was getting really late and Fei decided to leave.

Using the same tactic, Fei switched to Sorceress Mode and danced with the Grim Reaper again. Using the weakest link in the arrays, Fei carefully got out of the battlefield like a tired dog.

Just like last time, his spiritual energy was depleted.

He switched to Assassin Mode and set up some magic traps around him. After switching to Sorceress Mode, he started to train his spiritual energy according to the purple skill scroll.

After 20 minutes, Fei opened his eyes out of satisfaction; his spiritual power increased again to level 220.

“Hahahahaha…… maybe in less a month, I will become a Moon-Class Elite Warrior!”

Fei put away the magic traps around him and roared. As the demon beasts on the Moro Mountains howled back as a response, Fei turned into a shadow and quickly disappeared.

It was an hour away from the dawn.

Otherwise, Fei would try to go through the magic array a few more times and use this extreme tactic to improve his spiritual energy.



As days went by, it got colder and colder.

The snow that fell from the sky two days ago wasn’t going to melt soon. What made the people even colder was the bad news.

It had been a few days since the assassination incident, but both princes weren’t making satisfactory progress. The “white terror” was still clouding above everyone’s head. People were being arrested every day.

At this critical time, both princes used extreme tactics.

The imperial soldiers were authorized to arrest anyone who they suspected, including the royalties of the affiliated kingdoms including the kings themselves; the soldiers were ordered to arrest the kings when appropriate.

This cruel and “no-one-can-escape” policy had some effects.

On the third day after the assassinations, the identities of the assassins had been confirmed. They were all warrior from the enemy empire – Spartax Empire. They were sent into Zenit long time ago; some of them sneaked into St. Petersburg whiles others were connected with six affiliated kingdoms that were from different levels. After those kingdoms had their treason charges proven, everyone from those kingdoms in the camp area was executed; from the kings to the servants. They were decapitated and their heads were displayed on spears to deter other kingdoms from doing the same thing.

What was interesting was that each of the princes identified three kingdoms. In another word, the two princes matched each other in the first-round.

This result made the supporters of the two princes anxious. Emperor Yassin was getting more ill, and he could kick the bucket at any time. Since there wasn’t enough time for the players of the game, they were fighting among themselves more aggressively.

Slowly, the operation of clearing assassins changed the flavor, and a lot of people couldn’t understand it anymore.

In a short time, cruel killings had been spreading from the camp area into St. Petersburg. From the information the two princes got, some of the noble families in St. Petersburg was also involved in this…… that was why the assassins were able to clearly locate the position of the influential figures of the empire. Therefore, blood started to stain the ground of the capital as well.

Soon, numerous heads were placed on display on the defense wall of St. Petersburg.

Out of the people who were killed, some of them were still very powerful and wealthy a day before. But now, they didn’t even die in one piece, and they were turned into sacrificial lambs between the fight for the throne.

However, what surprised everyone was that the trace-less Spartax assassins got crazier after the cruel punishments Zenit had been placing on them and their leads. They re-appeared and started the second wave of assassination –

The next leader of Garo Family who controlled the [Blizzard Legion] was assassinated!

The only son of the Finance Minister of Zenit was assassinated!

The military headquarter of Zenit was attacked, and more than a hundred officials died!

The elder princess Tanasha was attacked and almost killed by the assassins!

In a short time, those assassins targeted the influential figures and their families as if they wanted to get their revenge. Although their success rate wasn’t that high, they were able to make everyone at St, Petersburg live in fear; the people were all worried that they would be targeted next.

Under the challenging circumstance, both princes had asked permission from Emperor Yassin to delay the competition between all affiliated kingdoms.

This suggestion was taken by the emperor.

It was the first time that the competition was delayed in twenty years.

Other than the six affiliated kingdoms that got wiped, the other affiliated kingdoms were ordered to stay where they were. Any kingdom that moved without permission would be charged with treason and executed on the spot.

At the same time, Imperial Knight Palace started to make their appearance in this operation under the permission from Emperor Yassin.

The atmosphere around the camp got even more terrifying.

Rivers of blood were being formed every day.

However, everything happening around the camp didn’t affect Chambord at all.

Under the leadership of their captains, the Bylaw Enforcement Officers and Saint Seiyas were using this time to improve their strengths. The main officials like Oleg and Torres had also been practicing crazily.

Except for going into Diablo World to level up, Fei had been visiting the protected battlefield in Moro Mountains. He went through the magic arrays multiple times every day just to train his spiritual energy more effectively.

After six days, Fei was finally able to increase his daily gaming time in Diablo World from four hours to four hours and ten minutes.

Table of Content

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