Hail the King Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: The arrival of the Era of Chaos

Fei didn’t expect such a huge incident would happen after he went into Diablo World to escape the assassination.

No wonder he felt like the atmosphere was a little weird after he returned to the real world. Almost everyone at the camp area was a little self-defensive. At first, Fei thought that the crazy-image he created made other people feel threatened, but now he knew the real reason.

Who planned such a horrifying operation?

Fei rubbed his temples as he had a headache just trying to comprehend the situation. How can there be a force in Zenit who dared to assassinate so many influential figures? They would become the common enemy of many.

Or…… “Could it be some people outside of Zenit?” Fei thought.

He felt like he caught on something, but he still can’t figure it out.

“How did St. Petersburg react after this?” Fei raised his head and asked.

“The three battle legions protecting the camp area started to move, and it felt like they are trying to surround the area and capture all the assassins. The most elite force – [Iron Blood Legion] had marched out of St. Petersburg and camped one kilometer away from where the affiliated kingdoms are at. Empire Yassin who is really ill at the moment was raged. Everyone thought that the empire would send this legion to the border in case the Spartax Empire invades, but the elder prince, Zenit’s God of War – Arshavin, and the second prince Dominguez were both ordered to investigate into what happened, and both of them were ordered to move independently……”

Old Zola gradually got into the zone as he explained concisely, and young Modric would jump in here and there to add more details. Slowly, the two of them got more and more compatible.

“Independently? Not restricted from each other?” Fei suddenly voiced. He smiled as he tapped the handle on his stone chair: “It sounds like the two princes are competing.”

“That’s right, your majesty. That’s what a lot of people are saying. It seems like the empire is trying to use this to see who shall inherit the throne. After all, they are the two most prominent candidates.” Old Zola analyzed: “It was heard that after the empire sent the order, almost all forces at St. Petersburg started to take their sides. After this assassination incident, the battle for the throne that occurred for more than a year now will finally be settled. All the nobles were getting anxious, and even the affiliated kingdoms started to make moves.”

This was old man Zola’s hidden reminder for Fei that Chambord was facing the same choices.

Of course, Fei got what Zola meant, however –

“We don’t have to hurry on this topic. The battle for the throne isn’t that simple. Also, the spot the affiliated kingdoms are in is different from the noble families. To us, we can wait quietly for the winner to appear. Even if some kingdoms what to take the bet, the ones who jumped too early are just gambling addicts.” Fei who had the secret cheat code wasn’t huge on getting more influence in the empire, and he was able to remain cool in a heated situation like this.

Both Zola and Modric were interested and talented in collecting of information, and they weren’t good at managing kingdoms. After seeing the king made up his mind, they didn’t say anything else.

“Right now, the atmosphere is really tense. The [Iron Blood Legion] of the elder prince and the people of second prince both made arrests here, and more than 1000 people were arrested today. Both of them established a curfew; no one is allowed to walk outside of their own campsite after evening…… a few groups of soldiers came by to do searches. But after knowing that your majesty was here, they were all very polite. After some easy search, they all left.”

As Zola said that, both he and Modric looked at the man in front of them with admiration and proudness.

For a long time, Chambord was the one who was bullied and harmed. All the adjacent kingdoms were able to step on them easily. The status of people from Chambord was only a bit higher than slaves who lost their freedom, and killing a Chambordian wasn’t a crime in the empire; it was treated as if someone killed a stranded dog.

But now, it was all different!

After Fei defeated four Executive Knights in front of tens of thousands of people, Chambord’s status changed drastically. Now, everyone greeted members of Chambord, and even the people from level 1 affiliated kingdoms had to give them respect. Even the soldiers of the empire that caused a lot of trouble and mess for almost all affiliated kingdoms had to be polite after knowing that this was Chambord’s camp.

After thinking about that, the Zola and Modric’s blood boiled in proudness. Right now, everyone at Chambord was feeling the same way.

Even the lowest grooms at Chambord could straighten their backs in front of the vicious soldiers.

This king was enough for them to go crazy.

This king was enough for them to die for.

“Oh, so the atmosphere here is like a zone of fear? A lot of people would get screwed over in this……” Fei signed. That couldn’t be prevented. It was only the beginning. In the next period, more crazy stuff was going to occur, and many more would be famed for political reason, and many people’s fates were about to change……

Fei had a feeling that the chaos was revealing itself, and a murderous bloody era had arrived.

In this era, the fates would be only controlled by the real powerful people.

The weak ones could only cry as life abandons them.

“What is up with the Byzantine Kingdom?” Fei suddenly thought about the young king who was similar to him.

“We followed your command sent by Ms. Elena a few hours ago. Mr. Cech had sent multiple soldiers to carefully monitor the campsite of Byzantine. The assassins didn’t effect Byzantine at all, and imperial soldiers were friendly towards them as well. In the last while, some ministers of affiliated kingdoms and members of noble families had visited the king…… everything seems normal.”

“Only these?”

“Three hours ago, the King of Byzantine and his finance came to visit you, your majesty. Because you weren’t here, Angela her highness handled them!” Zola suddenly remembered to tell Fei this.

Fei nodded.

“This young king of Byzantine is really good. He is smart, and his performance is not back.” Fei thought. He didn’t waste time helping the young man to get more exposure.

After finished reporting, Zola and Modric left the central tent in proudness as Fei looked at them with appreciation.

During their time at the mine pits in the Blackstone Kingdom, they used every opportunity to get information as they tried to help other people from Chambord survive in such terrible situations. Maybe they got it from being always in danger, this old man and the young man were really sensitive to information and had great analysis. They were drawn towards the job of figuring out the truth behind a large quantity of information, and they were trusted by Fe with handling the intelligence agency of Chambord. Only in half a month, they were able to demonstrate their surprising skills and abilities. Under their efforts, the intelligence agency of Chambord had its rough shape.

Soon, people like Cech, Torres, and Oleg all came into the central tent.

“Your majesty!” They single-kneeled.

“Get up.” Fei glanced at all of them as he nodded in satisfaction.

The strength of Chambord was growing every day. As leaders, these people’s progress was satisfactory; even the laziest of the bunch, Oleg, was approaching a high-tier three-star warrior. All the fat on his body condensed, and he looked a lot tougher.

“Is Uncle Lampard still not here?” Fei asked.

According to Elena’s information that she got from Chambord City, Lampard and the people he was leading should have arrived yesterday. But for some reason, they still weren’t here after a full day.

“It may be due to the snow on the way here; they might have to travel slower. Mr. Lampard is really strong; no one in the affiliated kingdoms on the way here can match him. Also, with Pierce, Drogba, 50 City Bylaw Officers and 25 Saint Saiyas, they could sweep the affiliated kingdoms on the way. No need to worry.” Cech analyzed.

“You are right.” Fei nodded.

At this moment –

The entryway to the tent opened as a guard rushed in.

Table of Content

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