Hail the King Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Purple Colored Skill Scroll

Five minutes after in Diablo World.

“Huh? That’s right. There is a strange seal-like mark on your body…… This power is very strong, and it is deeply sealed into your conscious. However, it is also very small and couldn’t be detected easily.”

Inside Rogue Encampment, Priestess Akara who mastered all magic spells related to spiritual and healing carefully scanned Fei’s body and gave her opinion.

“Damn, I knew there is something wrong!”

Fei instantly knew where the problem was.

Somehow, that mysterious man left a mark on his body without him knowing, and that was why Fei couldn’t get away from the man even after he switched to Assassin Mode. It was because of the seal and not because that man was too strong.

It was terrifying. “A powerful warrior who can leave a mark on me without any trace…… how strong is he?” Fei was scared after thinking about it.

Fei suddenly realized that he was still too weak despite the recent increase in strength.

Although he defeated several Executive Knights of Zenit, shook all the noble families and affiliated kingdoms, and got a lot of fame, those Executive Knights were only Six-Star Warrior. Compared with the Moon-Class Elites and Sun-Class Lords who were able to move mountains and change terrains, they were too weak!

Also, Zenit Empire that Chambord had no chance of taking on was only a small level 1 Empire on the Continent. Even level 9 Empires on the continents can’t say that they were invincible. On the continent that was said that even the gods could fully travel, what kind of powerful existence could there be?

In comparison, he shouldn’t be proud just because he shocked people at Zenit.

After thinking about that, Fei’s blood boiled as he felt an unprecedented motivation.

“I have to increase my strength!”

A short-term goal – Advance to a Moon-Class Elite.

“Priestess, is there a way to get rid of this mark?”

After setting the goal for himself quietly, he focused back on the issue at hand. If he couldn’t get rid of the seal, it would be like a time-bomb on his body, and the controller was in the hand of the mysterious man. If that man wanted, he could be killed at any second.

“Eh, I can, but it will take a while.” Akara lowered her head, thought for a while, and gave an answer slowly.

“A while? How long exactly?” Fei asked again.

“Depends on your luck and attitude.”

A serious expression appeared on her face. Akara walked back into her small and ragged tent that was actually fancy and huge inside and returned with a book that was about five centimeters thick.

“This is a skill scroll that has no name.” She said as she passed it to Fei: “According to tradition, only the Supreme Leader of the camp can read it. You qualify for it. In legends, this book can increase the size of one’s consciousness and broaden it like a sea. However, it takes talent and luck to get the power in the scroll!”

Fei caressed the purple scroll in his hands.

It was a book that was decorated with vine shaped purple metals frames. The paper used was soft yet sturdy; Fei didn’t know what it was made of. However, it was really heavy; Fei felt like he was holding a piece of metal.

“Huh? Godly Scroll, empowerment and improvement of spiritual power?”

Fei saw the first sentence on the first page of the book. He thought of the possibility this book presented and got excited.

It was a really interesting book.

The characters were written with the blood of some creature that was really powerful. Despite the age of the book, the characters were still in bright red as if they were still in the liquid form. The characters also contained a powerful energy surge; Fei’s fingers hurt as he touched these characters with his hands.

The book was written in an ancient language that was used in Diablo World. Thankfully that Fei study with Akara for the last while and learn about it; otherwise, he would be a real loser for not being able to read it.

Fei was instantly attracted by the content of the book.

Soon, an hour flew by, and it was approaching the limit of the gaming time for the day. Fei thought about it and didn’t use up all the time; he left 20 minutes for emergencies. If he encountered that mysterious man again today, he could try to enter Diablo World to escape momentarily.

After all, the seal on his body wasn’t eliminated.

According to Akara, Fei’s spiritual power had an arbitrary level of 150. Only after Fei’s spiritual power level goes above 300, she and Cain would be able to get rid of the mark from Fei’s body by using the ancestor altar.

However, the book carried a mysterious power. If Fei brought it with him, it would be able to block off anything traces of the mark so he couldn’t be traced by the mysterious man.

Before leaving Diablo World, Fei switched to Druid Mode and summoned a raven. He sent the raven through the portal and made sure that the man had left, then he stepped back to the real world.


Four hours had passed, and it was already the evening.

Fei carefully sensed his surroundings and found that the man had left long ago. Without wasting more time, he walked back towards the campsite of Chambord.

When he was about 500 meters away from the campsite, he walked in a few big circles. After figuring out that there weren’t any traps, he walked in.

When he was at the gate, he suddenly laughed. If that man could sense the mark on his body, the man could trace him anywhere; there was no point in setting up traps. It seemed like he was really scared by the assassination, and he was over-reacting.

It wasn’t his fault.

Fei was really risk-averse. Although his recent behaviors looked arrogant and risky, they were all under careful calculations. After deciding on the strategy, he intentionally created the character of being like a mad-dog and confused a lot of people; it was actually a really clever protective tactic. However, since he didn’t know the reason for this assassination and where the man came from, he was more worried.


Fei suddenly saw his fiancée by the side of the tent.

Angela was waiting by the stone pillar with a face full of anxiety and worry. Although she was wearing a furry coat, she was still shivering as the cold wind fluttered her long black hair.

She was obviously waiting for him.

Fei was heart-broken by the scene. He dashed forward and hugged the girl in front of him.

“Ah….. Alexander, you are back? Everyone in the area is talking about you……” Angela was surprised. But after she sensed the familiar warm body scent, she knew who it was. She hugged onto Fei as her racing heart finally returned to normal.

At the same time, both Fei and Angela didn’t notice a beautiful mercenary standing by the river and looking at the Moro Mountains from afar. Her valiant figure seemed to be merged with the scenery, and it felt a little lonely.

In Chambord’s campsite, the atmosphere was really cheerful.

All the soldiers were preparing the final details of the celebration.

Outside of the camp, many envious and respectful stares focused at Chambord. However, no one dared to walk within 100 meters of Chambord. After defeating the Executive Knights and shaming the two young genius, Fei was feared by many.

Inside the central tent, old Zola and young Modric walked in as Fei didn’t even have the chance to drink some water. They brought a shocking news.

“What??? Most of the important members of the superpowers who came and watched the duel today were killed? Got assassinated? What happened?” Fei was shocked to a great degree as he read the intelligence report.

“After the six Executive Knights, Matt Razi, and your majesty left the stage, a ton of assassins came from nowhere. They were all powerful, and they came so unexpectedly that the casualties were high. The old leader of Beag Family was instantly killed, and the genius mage of Dean Family, Dean Kazola, died on the way back to St. Petersburg after being severally injured. All other important figures were assassinated! Except for Beyonce who survived, almost everyone else died!”

Zola carefully described what happened to Fei after the duel.

After hearing everything, Fei thought: “Looks like I wasn’t the only one. It was more just one incident…… there is more to it……”

Table of Content

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