Hail the King Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Unparalleled Talent

Inside Diablo World.

Fei stood on the plain outside of Rouge Encampment as he heard the cold and mysterious voice tell him that his Barbarian Character had dropped from level 40 to level 39. After thinking back to what happened, he sweated even more.

If he didn’t summon Duriel in time to become a sandbag, he would be killed.

Although it didn’t cost anything to summon the NPCs from Diablo World into the real world, there were a lot of restrictions on summoning monsters.

These restrictions actually included two criteria.

One, the monsters that Fei can summon were the ones that died under Fei’s blades. If Fei didn’t defeat the monster or demon, he couldn’t summon it.

Two, Fei had to pay a number of experience points; the higher the level of the monster, the more experience points were charged.

Normally, this cost wasn’t unbearable. Summoning a [Fallen Sharman] or anything in that manner only cost about a few hundred points. However, the summoning of Duriel, one of the four Demon Lords, cost Fei 50,000 experience points.

Although it wasn’t much to a level 40 Barbarian since the amount of experience points needed to level up was in the millions, Fei just leveled up, which meant he had less than 50,000 points as a level 40 Barbarian. Therefore, he dropped in level.

“Have to re-train again.”

After thinking about the fact that the mysterious assassin could be looking for him, it would be dangerous for him to return to the real world. Therefore, after relaxing a little bit, he didn’t hurry back to Azeroth Continent.

Instead, he found Elena and send her to the real world via the skill [Summon] to tell his people that he was safe. Fei, on the other hand, went to [Tal Rasha’s Tomb], the location of the last quest in the second map [Lut Gholein], and tried to get his 50,000 experience points back.

Therefore, [Tal Rasha’s Tomb] which was covered with blood the day before was covered in blood again.




The screams of various monsters and demons filled the space.

Fully equipped with top-tier items, Fei swung his blades as the blood of the monsters covered his body. A thick blood mist formed a tornado on top of him, and anyone could sense the murderous spirit from afar.

“Sky Frost Fist …… uh, what should I name this strike?”

As Fei swung the two blades, a sword energy dashed out and hit a [Sand Maggot] two meters away. Although this strike didn’t seem to do a lot of damage to this heavy armored monster, it instantly fell into a deep state of unconsciousness.

This was exactly the strike that knocked the Fifth Executive Knight out of consciousness so Fei was able to throw him at the [Black Flame Snakes’ Kisses] of the Second Executive Knight. Normally, it was easy to defeat or kill a warrior on the same level, but it was at least four times harder to control the other warrior.

The reason why Fei was able to do it today was that of the effect of skill [Stun].

[Stun] allowed Fei to stunned an opponent for a short period, and that opponent couldn’t react to external conditions.

During today’s fight, Fei didn’t completely merge the effect of the stun into his Sky Frost Fist. He had level 2 Stun which could stun the target for a second, but the Fifth Executive Knight was only stunned for less than that.

After another hour of fighting in Diablo World, Fei had finally completely merged [Stun] into his Sky Frost Fist. Now, he was even able to use techniques similar to the crystal fist mark by using blades; sword marks were able to be sent out to attack the enemies. This made Fei excited for a while.

“Eh, I will call this, the third strike of Sky Frost Fist – Sleeping Baby! Haha, the name is very accurate.”

After another two hours.


A crisp and pleasing sound resonated around Fei’s ears.

A milky beam of light shone down from the sky and enveloped Fei. It instantly cleansed all the dirt and blood off of Fei’s body, healed all the wounds, and restored all the health and mana. Fei looked fresh and spectacular as if he was reborn.

After a series of killings, Fei regained the 50,000 experience points and re-leveled up.

“Eh, it is about time to check what is going on.”

Fei stopped the training for today.

The effect was there.

After the series of battles, Fei was able to use the skills and abilities of the Barbarian more smoothly in real battles. He was able to understand the variations of techniques and all aspect of the Barbarian. In fact, the level 40 Barbarian under his control dealt much greater damage than he remembered from his previous life.

This was related to Fei’s extraordinary talent.

Recently, Fei realized that his talent and intelligence in terms of cultivation was beyond the understanding of mankind.

For example, he used the traveling path of Zen Energy under Assassin Mode to create new techniques with the help of basic techniques on Azeroth Continent. He first thought that he was lucky to have the knowledge of his previous life and the Diablo World, but he slowly realized that it wasn’t that simple.

The real reason was that he somehow became a super genius.

An unparalleled genius.

He had been gifted a god-like comprehension, observation skills, and creative abilities.

It was pure talent.

This was discovered by him after facing a lot of powerful opponents.

He was sure that the real Alexander didn’t have this, and he didn’t have this in his previous life…… to put it another way, this talent was formed somehow after he got to Azeroth Continent through nurture.

This was really strange.

Fei was unease about it at first.

As if something strange happened and something didn’t belong there appeared in his body, Fei felt uncomfortable after the initial surprise. This came from the fact that he had limited knowledge of what was going on.

It was a human tendency.

Therefore, Fei tried hard to think through his experiences and tried to locate the source of this mystery.

After a while, he was able to focus on one explanation.

After he completed all the quests from the first map [Rogue Encampment], he got three miraculous skills from the ancestor altar: [Give], [Learn], and [Summon]. Among these skills, [Give] and [Learn] were tightly associated with this unexpected talent.

When Fei first got these three skills, he wasn’t happy.

These skills couldn’t instantly increase his strength and didn’t look cool. To Fei at that point, these rewards sounded flashy but weren’t as useful as a lot of experience points or better items.

But now, it seemed like Fei back then was an idiot.

Change of talent, ability to learn quicker and exceptional added creativity were real gifts! Levels, items, skill points were like garbage compared with these!

The three miraculous skills! They could even change something intangible like talent!

The effect was shocking!


No wonder they were called miraculous skills!

Only skills with the effects of such degree could be crowned the name of Miraculous Skills!

Table of Content

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