Hail the King Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: Seven Injure Fist

After switching to Barbarian Mode, Fei grabbed in the air, and a great amount of force suddenly pulled on the King of Byzantine. In gasps, this young king was seized onto the stage.

“Nice to meet you, your majesty. I, Constantine, hasn’t thanked you for your help yesterday.” The young king quickly got out of the surprise and excitement as he saluted. The young king’s name was Constantine.

“Don’t worry about it. I saw some of my past in you.”

Fei seemed very patient. He quickly told the young king about his experience, and it sounded just like what Constantine was going through. Both of them inherited the throne as their fathers passed away. Also, both of them had sly and greedy ministers who wanted to take over as well as lovers and warriors who protected them. The only thing was that Fei’s fate as a little bit better than Constantine’s. After hearing this, the young king knew why Fei was willing to help him, and the last bit of confusion in his mind as cleared away.

“Your strength is not bad, but you lack proper Warrior Energy Training Scroll and Combat Techniques. If you meet an opponent on your level, you would be at a disadvantage…… eh, I have created these techniques. If you are interested, I can teach you……” Fei said as he took out a thin booklet from his storage space.

“Uh? Seven Injure Fist?”

“Yeah, this is the Seven Injure Fist. It is something that I developed and created after I got an inspiration. This technique is fancy and powerful. If you master this technique, there would be seven kinds of forces contained within one punch; fire-like direct force, water-like soft force, contraction force …… all of these forces would silently injure the internal organs of your enemies……” Fei started to bullshit again and made up a story. However, the power of the technique was real.

This so-call Seven Injure Fist was a knocked off version of one of the techniques that he read in a Wuxia Novel in his past life.

This was a technique that Fei created based on a Metal-Element Training Scroll he had and the energy pathing under his Assassin Mode. When Fei was testing it, he found that although this new technique could increase the strength of the trainee in a short time and it was really powerful, it had the shortcoming just like the technique he read in the Wuxia Book on Earth; it would deal a lot of damage to the internal organs of the trainee as well.

Due to this shortcoming, Fei hesitated and didn’t let anyone close to him to training under this method. However, now it seemed like the best gift for this young king. After all, Fei wasn’t such a nice person where he would give out these precious training scrolls to everyone he meets. If this young king wasn’t annoying or didn’t use his power evilly, Fei would try to come up with ways to eliminate the shortcoming for him in the future.

Of course, Fei didn’t lie about the negative consequences as he explained everything to the young man.

“Thank you, your majesty! I’m willing to learn it. I understand that I need to sacrifice things in order to become stronger!”

Constantine looked at the training scroll in his hand as he quickly thought through all the pro and the cons. He was very excited to know that this scroll would grant him power in a short time. If there weren’t other people watching and he didn’t need to still uphold his status, he would single-kneeled on the ground to show his gratitude.

Fei glanced through everyone’s face and saw variations of expressions. He knew what he did got people’s attention, and the young King of Byzantine was receiving more attention too. From now on, it would depend on the young man’s intelligence whether he would seize the opportunity or not.

“Since you are talking with me in front of tens of thousands of people, it might cause trouble for you in the future. Of course, the troubles could turn into opportunities too. Are you afraid?”

“Your majesty, I’m only here because of your generosity. I won’t forget this!” The young king immediately understood what Fei was trying to do. He got more grateful as he bowed.

“Oh, since this is the case, you can leave now!”

Fei waved his hand again, and an invisible force carried the King of Byzantine down the stage that was more than 50 meters tall. After getting back to his guards, the young king left with his men without any hesitation.

“Who was that? It seemed like he is really close to the King of Chambord……”

“He looks like the king of another affiliated kingdom…… Hmmmmmm, probably a southern kingdom……”

“What a luck……. He was spotted by the King of Chambord. With this relationship, he could soar to the sky……”

“He is the King of Byzantine, a level 6 affiliated kingdom.” Someone in the crowd recognized Constantine.

“I need to inform His Majesty about this. Looks like the plan we had needs to be changed. We can’t get on the bad side of Byzantine; otherwise, the King of Chambord might be offended by it!”

“I didn’t expect this. With the support of King of Chambord, even those level 1 affiliated kingdoms might not even want to stand on the other side of Byzantine…… the benefits that the Byzantine Kingdom will receive from this competition could be already projected. That little king is so lucky.”

“Quickly investigate the relationship between Chambord and Byzantine! This is urgent!”

“Haha, this is an opportunity! A great opportunity! Follow my command and quickly send gifts to Byzantine. Tell the King of Byzantine that we are willing to establish an alliance. Haha, if we can get to know the King of Chambord through this link, it would be even better!”

People chatted among themselves, and what just happened stuck in many people’s head.

The adjacent kingdoms to Byzantine who wanted to divide up its territory after this competition got scared. They were glad that they hadn’t executed on their plans yet. Otherwise, before they get any benefits, they would suffer great loss. King of Chambord even dared to attack the Executive Knights, let alone their little kingdoms.

The kingdoms who had friction and conflicts with Byzantine were concerned as well; they were thinking of ways to apologize and settle it once for all.

“Hey, are you even listening?” On stage, the princess of Beag Family – Beyonce got angry as she walked to Fei. With her chin high-up in the air, she said with a naughty tone: “I order you to apologize to me for your rudeness!”

“How dare you? As the king of a little level 6 affiliated kingdom, there is only so much you can do with your individual strength. How dare you reject our Dean Family?” The genius from Dean Family also got offended.

Fei turned around and walked away without saying anything.

“You…… stop!” The princess-like girl got even more infuriated after being ignored by Fei.

“Haha, great! King of Chambord, if you walk down this stage today, you will regret this decision for the rest of your life!” The magic genius made another warning.


Fei stop and looked back. His chilling stares made the two people feel like they were staring at a lethal weapon. These two young people quickly look away to ease their nerves.

“Humph.” Fei sneered.

“You…… Humph. King of Chambord, you are very powerful. However, you can’t protect the whole kingdom yourself. You will regret being so rude to me. Any men who are rude to me would pay ……”


Fei instantly dashed to Beyonce as he grabbed onto this girl’s neck. Without any mercy, his iron-claw like fingers clenched her neck tightly that she opened her eyes wide and had a hard time to breathe.  She dry-coughed and cried, but the warrior energy inside her body seemed to be locked; she couldn’t put up a fight.

“How dare you? Let go of Miss Beyonce.”

The warriors of Beag Family were all shocked to see this. They shouted as six of them quickly dashed onto the stage from the VIP area. Several warrior energy that had different colored flames targeted Fei’s back.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Fei lightly waved his hands, and an invisible force surged.

As those warrior energy collided with this force, they disappeared like snow colliding onto a hot wall. Then, these guards physically smashed into this invisible wall. They gasped and whined as they fell down; blood dyed the color of the sky red.

“Idiot! In front of me, put away your arrogance and pride! If you dare to say anything else, then die!”

Fei’s cold tone and even colder stares instantly melted away all of the girl’s defense.

Her haughty body collapsed first. Her body started to shiver as she felt her mind had gone blank. An unprecedented fear appeared in her mind as she looked at Fei. She didn’t doubt what Fei said; she knew that this hand around her neck would instantly crush her if she said anything more……


Fei threw this arrogant girl onto the ground, and clouds of dust were instantly sent into the air.

“Also, this idiot!” Fei turned around and stared at the genius of Dean Family. Fei didn’t hide his murderous spirit, and this young man felt like the sky was collapsing on top of his head. Didn’t matter how hard he tried to use his magic power, he couldn’t defend against it. Soon, he was forced to kneel down on the ground with his hands propping his body up; he couldn’t move at all.

At this moment, this magic genius realized how powerful this King of Chambord was.

This man was thousands of times more powerful when he was the one experiencing it; after all, this didn’t occur to him when he was watching. He had a feeling that this king could turn him into a pile of minced meat if the king just stared at him harder.

“If you guys try to bother me more, your lives won’t be more precious than the stray dogs!”

Fei got ferocious as he looked at these two young people as well as other people in the VIP area. Didn’t matter who they were, they didn’t dare to look back at Fei in the eyes.

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Table of Content

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