Hail the King Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: The Heart of Fulfillment

West in St. Petersburg.

The eleven giant black towers stand loftily at the Imperial Knight Palace.

The main black tower was in the middle. In the spacious hall on the first level of the main tower, there were two giant statues of knights brandishing their swords on horses vividly; each of them was at least as a hundred meters tall. At the foot of the status, a stalwart figure stood backward with bright red cape spread out which made the figure taller and greater. Out of the quietness, a sense of natural nobility and dignity spread out invisibly.

“Your Highness!”

Six figures timidly kneeled down on the glossy ground.

They were the six Execution Knights who just came back from NO. One Sword Testing Stage in the campsite ten kilometers out of Imperial Capital.

“Well, Second Knight, are you dissatisfied with me for calling you back brashly?” the stalwart figure hadn’t turned back, but his golden hair went down quietly along the bright cape till his waist. His voice contained the power to affect people’s soul.

“I…dare not”

The Second Knight’s eyes revealed a sense of unwillingness and hatred which however was quickly replaced by thick fear and respect. In front of this tall and great man, strong and fearless Second Executive Knight didn’t dare to have any disobedience. To others, he was the second most powerful figure in the Imperial Knight Palace, but a small thought of this man in front of him would make him lose everything with no doubt.

“well, no? That means there is dissatisfaction, right?” The man standing under the statues asked lightly with his back still facing these Executive Knights.

“No, no. I, I just …” The Second Executive Knight was suddenly too nervous to explain.

“Enough! No explanation is needed. You all know my taboo. Whoever dares to manipulate the Imperial Knights will prepare to be killed! You really think I know nothing about what has happened this time?” The giant figure suddenly turned over with an exotic black mask under golden long hair. Without the appearance of his face, the pair of sky blue pupils sent out cold lights. “It looks like the Imperial Knight Palace has been quiet for too long. Someone has forgotten the bloody history happened before. The Second Knight, why did you make things difficult for King of Chambord and dare to break the fairness of the Sword Testing Stage in front of tens of thousands of people? Are you going to challenge the dignity of the laws made by Emperor Yassin?”

The Second Knight lowered his head to the ground right away with terror.

“The Imperial Knight Palace’s reputation is damaged because of your doing!” The giant shadow walks toward the gate of the tower with a series of steps with the bright red cape dragged on the ground smooth as a mirror; it looked like a river filled with boiled blood running through the hall.

“The Second Knight, the Fourth Knight, and the Fifth Knight, you three had done things without regards to knight’s code and will be sent to black prison for 30 days. The Third Knight, the Sixth Knight, and The Eighth Knight, you three will also be sent to black prison for 10 days!”

The figure covered by the bloody red cape disappeared while his voice still resonated in the hall.

No one dared to question such order.

“Yes, your Highness!” the six took the order with knees down.

Suddenly, a red flare comes out of the ground and surrounds the six knights. The glossy and hard ground becomes soft as a swamp, and it swallowed the six knights instantly. When the red flare was gone, the six people disappear completely.

All of sudden, the whole tower had no one inside, and it was filled with unspeakable coldness and emptiness.

Inside the tower, there were hundreds of stone pillars sculpted with all kinds of knights fighting with swords, telling the histories either with sadness or from a long time ago. At the center of the whole tower, the two giant status of knights could be sensed with unspeakable fairness and mercy, but the giant white swords looked like they were contaminated by something blackish like rust.

On the top of the gate of the St. Petersburg.

Zenit’s God of War, Andrew Arshavin, quietly looked at the No.1 Sword Testing Stage. His looked at the figure thousands of meters away; that man had his arms open as if he was embracing the world…

Beside the young military leader, there was a group of solid solders under metal armors.

The atmosphere filled with tension coming out of nowhere.

“Unexpected, really unexpected…his power has already become so terrifyingly strong. In this world, is there really such unbelievable genius? ”

Arshavin’s hands gently rub the cold walls with an unknown feeling running inside him. The person who let the number one battle legion, Iron-Blood Legion, and always stayed calm and emotionless suddenly had complicated feelings inside that he has never felt before.

“When we met the first time, he was only a small king who was barely able to step into the level of a five star warrior and had to survive depending on those dirty tactics like fake death. But now, he could defeat four Execution Knights by himself…  ”

Arshavin was speechless with his head up.

He thought of the suggestion that the elder princess Talisha made, and he has to admit that this wise sister of his was correct once again.

“Before it gets dark, have someone to send a congratulation gift to King of Chambord on winning his battle in my name.”

“Yes, your Highness!”

At the campsite ten kilometers away, around No.1 Sword Testing Stage.

The cheers continued.

The kings of affiliated kingdoms looked serious and start to leave under the protection of the guards. The shadow on the Sword Testing Stage made them feel hopeless and tired. After this battle, everyone knows the king of Chambord would shock the whole Zenit empire. Among the 250 affiliated kingdoms ruled by the empire, no one was able to beat this small level 6 affiliated kingdom.

No, maybe there was one person!

[One Sword]


The legendary low-key prince who was secretive in his movement and came from the Number 1 affiliated kingdom ‘Winterside’.


Publicly recognized as the number one prince among all 250 affiliated kingdoms, this young prince had kept a low profile despite his high reputation. He had experienced more than one hundred battles without one lost, especially in the battle with Spartak Empire five years ago at the border of Zenit Empire. He killed a six-star warrior and an important in the royal family of Spartak Empire by himself surrounded by more than a thousand soldiers. This battle made [One Sword] famous five years ago. Since then, he practiced by himself and become more unexpected. He battled less and less; no one knew what level he was on now.

Now, only [One Sword] was able to fight with the king of Chambord.

The kings of affiliated kingdoms left with different thoughts which didn’t prevent others from worship the king of Chambord, especially those warriors from the affiliated kingdoms. Most of them were born into low classes, and some of them didn’t even reach any star level. They lived in ice and fire and walked close to death every day in order to provide for themselves and their families.

Azeroth respected those who were strong. Today what they have seen on No.1 Sword Testing Stage was like a battle of gods. The sky-covering energy, flaming long swords, soaring giant black-flaming serpents, blood fog, dazzling sword sways, and lightning-like movements…all of these were challenging their imaginations. They had never imagined the level of strength before this!

Out of the worship and passion for the winners, they wouldn’t leave with their hot blood still boiling.

Among them, a group of young people wearing animal skins stare Fei; some slaves under broken robe knee on the ground praying like worshiping God of War; some other star leveled warriors sit cross-legged and feel the atmosphere left by the winners hoping to get some hint and break their bondage…

Among a group of people around one hundred meters away from Sword Testing Stage, a man stood there with a clean flaxen cape. He was a little slim but stood very straight. He was so quiet that neither the chaos around nor the drumbeat on the Sword Testing Stage was able to affect him even a little. He didn’t show any strangeness or surge of energy or magic, but he was like invisible to others as no one came to him to ask anything.

“How dare you? Why are you ignoring me?”

On the Sword Testing Stage, Beag family’s princess-like Beyonce stared at Fei strangely as if she was looking at a monster.

“King of Chambord! I give you the last chance. If it were not for your power today, how would Dean Family accept you, the king of a small level 5 affiliated kingdom?”

Dean Family’s magic genius Dean Kazola points at Fei arrogantly and spoke with a threating tone.

Fei has the impulse to slap away these two spoiled kids.

He’s been a man of two lives and had seen too many silly childish people. However, he had never seen anyone who begged with arrogant faces. “Are their brains out of order from longtime comfortable life?” He thought.

“Huh?” Fei suddenly found a familiar shadow under Sword Testing Stage.

The young King of Byzantine Kingdom.

This young king was looking at him as if he was worshipping an idol. Fei realized that something interesting changed since their encounter last night. Fei nod at him with satisfaction.

On another thought, Fei suddenly had the heart to fulfill this young man who shared a similar life story with himself.

Table of Content

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