Hail the King Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: Fei’s Calculation, Death Trap

“Sky Frost Fist – Covering the Sky”

While in mid-air, Fei shouted as a crystal-like fist mark, that was 1000 meters across, appeared in the sky. Fei punched out, and his fist pushed the fist mark, containing all the variations punched into one, into the Fifth Executive Knight.

After the continuous battle, Fei got a lot more experience. His Sky Frost Fist got smoother, and he mastered two killer variations: “Covering the Sky” and “One Strike to Kill”. Covering the Sky was the product of mastering the Barbarian’s pure physical force; Fei was now able to condense 50 punches into one fist mark, and this strike would hit the opponent like missiles. However, One Strike to Kill had the Barbarian Skill [Bash] mixed into it; it could increase the damage and knock the opponent back. However, since Fei’s level 40 Barbarian still wasn’t at his peak, the damage wasn’t there. That was why Fei didn’t really kill either Executive Knights, like the name suggested.


The crystal-like fist mark smashed into the Fifth Executive Knight, and the energy spilled in all directions.

The crystal-like force instantly enveloped the entirety of the Fifth Executive Knight. The Executive Knight wasn’t a match with Fei in terms of physical strength, and he barely blocked this strike when his warrior energy wasn’t flowing in his body freely. Like a punching bag, his body flew back in the air as he puked up mouthfuls of blood.


All the murmuring among the crowd got even louder. Tens of thousands of people from these affiliated kingdoms were shocked. They opened their mouths wide and let out strings of sounds with unknown meanings That was all that they can do to vent the surprise and fear in their minds.

In the crowd, the young king of Byzantine was so excited that his body shivered.

“Powerful……. Unmatched!! Merciless Murderous Spirit, reckless behavior. This is a real king! Not only with powerful strength, but also an equally powerful heart! Compared with him, I’m a nobody!” He thought.

The young king was shocked as well. He knew if he was in Fei’s position, he wouldn’t dare to attack the Executive Knights. After witnessing this scene, he seemed to understand something.

“Learn…… I need to learn from the King of Chambord, everything! Every single action of his resembles the presence of a king!”

On top of worrying for his idol, this little king of Byzantine, who no one paid attention to, had an unprecedented seed planted in his mind.


On the stage.

The strike ‘Covering the Sky’ knocked the Fifth Executive Knight, who was already at a disadvantage, away, but Fei didn’t hesitate as a frenzy appeared in his eyes. He stomped on the ground as his body shot at the Fifth Executive Knight like a cannonball, and his fists punched out repeatedly. As the air-piercing noise sounded, numerous crystal fist marks struck the Fifth Executive Knight firmly.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Although the Fifth Executive Knight was trying to turn the situation around, Fei was able to capture this great opportunity and beat this Executive Knight into the air like a sandbag.

The Fifth Executive Knight backed off as his blood spilled everywhere, but he soon reached the magic barrier. The violent crystal fist mark landed on his body like raindrops, and his green warrior energy was only able to help his body with alleviating some of the forces from the punches and nothing else. Although he tried to fight back, he couldn’t do it.

“Damn it! S–t!”

A terrifying warrior energy exploded from afar. This time, the Second Executive Knight, who was in a set of monster-like armor, finally woke up from the extra-damage and knocked back effect of the ‘One Strike to Kill’ attack. A Dragon-like roar sounded from his throat as the strange black warrior energy flames turned into various black snakes that were flickered their tongues as his body was completely enveloped.

“Oh, this is the Second Executive Knight’s most famous strike! Haha, looks like he is really angry about this!”

Matt Razi was still wandering around as he drank the wine and lightly fanned himself with his golden feather fan. Although the golden wine cup in his hand looked small, to the point where a normal person could even chug it in one go, there was still the delicious smell of liquor coming from that cup. Matt Razi had drunk more than a barrel of wine since the beginning, but there was still drink in the cup. There were also a lot of explosions happening on the stage, but everything close around him was calm. His hair and robes were still naturally fluttering in the light breeze.

Of course –

Before Marr Razi finished, the energy around the Second Executive Knight surged like crazy. Those black energy snakes screamed as they dashed towards Fei.

Advanced Combat Technique – Black Flame Snakes’ Kisses.

The Second Executive Knight’s figure was hidden in the black flames.

Although no temperature could be felt on these snakes, even the ground that was protected by the magic barrier turned black. When the black snakes toughed the sky-blue magic barrier, a series of cracking and sizzling noises sounded as if the energy was eating away the barrier. It was really strange.

As the dozens of black snakes flew in the air, they intervened with each other and formed a series of images. In the end, they turned into a huge symbol that looked like a drill head rotating at a high-speed as it aimed Fei’s back.

The strike was impressive.

No wonder it was the famous combat technique of one of the ten Executive Knights.

Before the strike arrived, Fei who was still 30 meters away felt an intolerable pain in his back as if his muscles were about to be torn apart.

“Haha, great! The Third Strike of Sky Frost Fists ……”

Fei didn’t turn around and counterattack as everyone expected. He didn’t stop attacking and pressuring the Fifth Executive Knight. Fei suddenly punched out at a strange angle, and this fist mark traveled through all other fist marks. There was no way that the Fifth Executive Knight could dodge it.

When it hit, the Fifth Executive Knight felt dizzy as if he lost control of his body.

“Now is the time!”

Fei thought as he used [Leap]. He instantly appeared beside the Fifth Executive Knight, grabbed onto the Fifth Executive Knight’s neck, and threw him out like a dirtbag.

Looking from afar, it looked like the Fifth Executive Knight was voluntarily taking on the Black Flame Snakes’ Kisses……

The Fifth Executive Knight who lost control of his body instantly opened his eyes big as his pupils contracted.

On the other side, the Second Executive Knight’s pupils also contracted.

Black Flame Snakes’ Kisses was the Second Executive Knight’s proudest combat technique, and this technique was the reason why he had the second seat in the Imperial Knight Palace. In the last twenty years, a lot had happened to the Imperial Knight Palace, and a lot of masters were defeated by this technique. Even warriors who had similar power levels to the Second Executive Knight lost to him after this technique.

However, this almost secretive technique also had its flaw; it couldn’t be taken back after being cast.

After he unleashed it, there was zero chance that he could cancel it. If he really wanted to do it, the power of the technique would bite back at him mercilessly, and he would be injured by it severely.

After all, the Second Executive Knight didn’t expect Fei would come up with such a dirty trick to counter this.

He also didn’t expect the Fifth Executive Knight to fly towards the attack like an idiot. He knew the Fifth Executive Knight knew the power of this strike, but he was really mad since it looked like the Fifth Executive Knight was trying to block the attack for Fei voluntarily.


The Second Executive Knight couldn’t do anything but to end the technique forcefully.

Instantly, blood rushed up his throat and filled his mouth; his internal organs were injured by the Black Flame Snakes’ Kisses.

However, such a rushed cancel wasn’t effective.

Although the rotating speed of the drill like snakes decreased, the residual power of it still dashed towards the Fifth Executive Knight who looked defenseless. The residual power of the technique was still so powerful that the ear-piercing noise and the sparks in the air justified it.

With the strike coming so close, the cracked magic armor of the Fifth Executive Knight’s body finally broke into little pieces under this terrifying tearing force.

As the devastating black drill head was about to go into the Fifth Executive Knight who just woke up from the dizziness and destroy him, changes occurred –

A figure appeared in between the drill head and the Fifth Executive Knight from an impossible angle and with impossible speed. With his hands on each side, a golden flame lit up and he grabbed onto the drill head and the Fifth Executive Knight; this death trap was resolved.


The residual power in the Black Flame Snakes’ Kisses was sent away, and the Fifth Executive Knight fell onto the stage.

It was really quiet on the stage.

Around the stage, numerous eyes locked onto the figure that suddenly appeared in the battle.

Table of Content

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