Hail the King Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: The Name of King of Chambord

No one expected the King of Chambord to start attacking.

With a shocking force in his shout, the most terrifying memories within these three Executive Knights’ minds were awakened. This unreasonable and unforeseeable fear instantly filled their consciousnesses. Because of it, all three Executive Knights froze at this critical moment.

During the battle with the high-level warriors, one second could determine the outcome of many things.

The attacker’s initiative for example.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three loud explosions sounded and almost broke the eardrums of people in the crowd. With a blank expression, more than tens of thousands of people watched the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Executive Knight getting knocked away by Fei’s punches like cannon balls.

“How …… how dare you?”

As soon as the Second Executive Knight landed on the ground 30 meters away, an angry and shocking expression appeared on his face. He didn’t expect the King of Chambord who was like a sheep in his eye to attack him like a maniac.

“Kill him!”

The Fourth Executive Knight shouted angrily with a visible deep fist mark on his chest armor. He dashed back towards Fei even faster as his green warrior energy lit up around him. Without any mercy, it looked like this man was trying to kill Fei with this one strike.

“Haha, you guys are funny. Why can’t I attack? Yuck! You three idiots, since you want to break the rules of the duel and frame me, then I will beat your arrogant faces up so you won’t dare to show yourselves in front of me ever again!”

Fei laughed and, as if his voice was filled with magical power, all the people in the crowd felt their blood start boiling. In the center of the spotlight, Fei took a step forward in the face of the three strong enemies, and his long black hair fluttered in the wind.

As soon as he stepped on the ground, a loud explosion sounded as if a huge mountain fell onto the stage. The entire stage that was 50 meters high started to shake, and the level 40 Barbarian’s force was completely unleashed. The pure release of physical force made the atmosphere ten meters around him very dense, and various colored lights appeared on his body as a complete set of armor appeared. With the ancient and magical sensation surging on the armor, Fei’s strength went up another level.

A huge phantom that was more than 100 meters tall appeared behind Fei like a totem.

This figure looked very vague, but from the rough edges, people could tell that this was a huge muscular golden figure who had a full-on beard. Like a pillar that separated the land and the sky, the figure stood quietly behind Fei. However, it released a tiny bit of its power, and this power was enough to block out the light like an ancient Barbarian Lord.

“Sky Frost Fist …… Covering the Sky!”

A huge transparent crystal-like fist mark thrusted out and collided with the Fourth Executive Knight who was coming at Fei. After the fist mark and the man paused in the air for a split second, a loud noise sounded as shock waves were sent in all directions. Although the fist mark cracked, the Fourth Executive Knight also lost balance as he flew back like lightning as blood spurted out of his mouth.

He had injured the Fourth Executive Knight with just one strike.

“This is the real strength of the King of Chambord?” People thought.

At the same time.

Second Executive Knight and Fifth Executive Knight were already dashing towards Fei with magnificent momentum like two beasts covered in vicious armor.

The Second Executive Knight’s body was upside-down as he struck downwards from the sky with fire element warrior energy around his palms.

The Fifth Executive Knight simply kicked at Fei forcefully.

At this critical moment, Fei didn’t have the time to consolidate the crystal fist mark. However, without a change on his face, he punched out. One of his fists smashed into the Second Executive Knight’s palm while the other one collided with the Fifth Executive Knight’s feet…..

Boom! Boom!

The huge noise made some people in the crowd start bleeding from their ears, as waves of devastating forces were passed through Fei’s arms continuously.

For that moment, even the Moro Mountains seemed to be shaking.

After another round of loud noises, the stone floor under Fei’s feet cracked even with the protection of the magic barrier. Everything under Fei’s knees was driven into the ground, and dust and chipped stones flew into the air and blocked everyone’s vision.

Three powerful forces that were beyond the crowds’ imagination were colliding and eating at each other ferociously.

Various colored warrior energy shot in all direction like fireworks exploding in the magic barrier.

In the short moment, all three of them seemed to achieve an equilibrium.

At this moment, a figure suddenly dashed into the dust like a phantom, and his sword lightly whistled as it dashed towards Fei’s heart with a sword energy shooting out of sword even faster.

It was the Fourth Executive Knight who rejoined the battle.

The defeat of that one encounter shamed him, and he was in a frenzied state. All he wanted to do now was to put a huge hole in Fei’s body while he was busy dealing with the other two Executive Knights.

“F–k off!”

At this moment, Fei roared as another set of forces exploded from his body. He forced the Second and Fifth Executive Knight off of him. Although Fei’s body sunk into the ground more because of the impulse, he suddenly tilted his body and dodged this attack as he stared at the Fourth Executive Knight closely. Although he survived the attack, the sharp sword energy wounded his shoulder, and blood spurted out of it.

However, thanks to his level 6 Unique Items from the Diablo World and his Barbarian Passive Skill that increased his defense, this level of injury posed minimal effect on him.

All of this was under Fei’s calculation.

Then –

“Roar – !!”

[Battle Cry] that belonged to Barbarians revealed itself to the world.

This terrifying shout deceased enemies’ defense ability and damage.

Under this shout, the Fourth Executive Knight, who was feeling unlucky that his sneak attack missed and was about to reorganize himself for another attack, suddenly felt like he was under the envelopment of a strange force. As if something on him was slowly rotting away, his body stiffened a little subconsciously.

Then, he witnessed how the King of Chambord’s fists smashed right into his chest!

“Puff – !”

A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth as if his mouth was shooting out a bloody arrow.

Without any doubt, his body that was in the heavy armor flew back like a metal ball, and two deep fist marks were clearly imprinted on the front of his chest. After he fell onto the ground 60 meters away, he tried to stand up. However, he staggered and finally half-kneeled onto the ground as blood continued to spurt out of his mouth as if these blood were free……

Making the Fourth Executive Knight of the empire to lose the ability to continue fighting with one strike.

“Roar – !”

At this moment, Fei roared again. But this time, he was using the skill – [Shout]. He used up all of the mana he had and slowed down the attack from the other two Executive Knights by a little bit. He smashed the ground with his palms, and he used that impulse force to push himself out of the ground and into the air.

“Sky Frost Fist …… One Strike to Kill!”

In the air, Fei chugged down a bottle of [Mana Potion] followed by attacking aggressively. He punched out more than a hundred times within one breath, and everyone in a dozen punches would trigger the effect of the Barbarian’s passive ability [Bash]. All of these punches soon formed six huge crystal-like fist marks, and these six fist marks struck towards the two Executive Knights.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

A series of loud noises resonated in the sky as the two Executive Knights were hit by the fist marks.

Although these fist marks won’t defeat the two Executive Knights, the effect of [Bash] contained the extra damage that was able to damage the two Executive Knights’ body behind the armors. These fist marks interfered with the energy flow in the two Executive Knights’ bodies, and the knockback effect of [Bash] did by Fei more time.

As long as Fei could separate the two Executive Knights, he was confident that he could defeat them one by one.

In a few seconds, the outcome of these attacks were displayed. All of the people in the crowd gasped as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They didn’t expect the King of Chambord to suddenly attack the three Executive Knights, and it seemed like this famous young king was having an upper-hand in this battle against the three very powerful Executive Knights.

Having an upper-hand in a 1 vs. 3 battle?

This result was completely different from the outcome people had in their minds.

Even the Third, Sixth, and the Eighth Executive Knights were shocked; they all looked at Fei with an astonished expression as if they were looking at a monster.

After looking at the Second and Fifth Executive Knights who were furious after getting knocked back, everyone knew that these three Executive Knights lost big time, even outside the actual outcome of the battle. All three Executive Knights attacked the King of Chambord, and they didn’t get any advantage. Instead, the Fourth Executive Knight was injured severely. Once this news got out, King Alexander of Chambord’s name would instantly spread across the empire like a tornado!

However, the King of Chambord who was still on the stage didn’t seem like he was going to go easy on these Executive Knights.

Like a bolt of lightning, he dashed towards the Fifth Executive Knight as he attacked with both of his fists mercilessly.

Table of Content

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