Hail the King Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Let Me Handle This

The Third Executive Knight’s face changed color.

The meaning of the Second Executive Knight’s action was very clear; he wanted to destroy this new rising star.

But since when did Fei offend the Second Executive Knight?

Could it because of Golden Sun Knight’s defeat? It didn’t seem plausible. Maybe other people didn’t know, but the Third Executive Knight knew that the two weren’t that close. After all, Sutton was still an arrogant young man who had just became an Executive Knight. It was not possible that the Second Executive Knight was looking to take revenge for Sutton.

Then, there was the question!

There did the feud lie?

The Third Executive Knight couldn’t figure it out.

But he knew that he had to save this young king.

It was just because he liked this young man.

The situation of the empire needed him to.

The under currents of the empire were getting more and more complicated. As Emperor Yassin was getting older and older, the fight for the throne between the princes became more and more aggressive. All the noble families and ministers were using their best judgment to support one of the princes to get more resources for them in the future. On top of the internal matter, the enemy of Zenit – the Spartak Empire had stacked their troops at the border and was ready to give Zenit a blow.

At this chaotic time, a new six-star young warrior could help the situation a lot.

The King of Chambord was very young, he was only eighteen. A six-star warrior who was only eighteen was much more important than any other six-star warrior.

With this level of talent and improvement speed, the Third Executive Knight was almost certain that this young king could break through the threshold of the star-class and become the youngest moon-class elite in the empire.

The Imperial Knight Palace noticed Fei as soon as he defeated Sutton on the Dual-Tower Mountains. The Third Executive Knight and a few other knights who had similar vision watched Fei closely and after they saw the result of this duel, they were more certain on the idea of cultivating the young king.

That was why despite the fact that he was facing the Second Executive Knight who had a higher rank than him, he was stilling trying to help the young king by reasoning his way out.

“It is common for injuries to occur during duels. In my opinion, the King of Chambord has done no faults. We should quickly help the Seventh Executive Knight heal up……” The Third Executive Knight said as he slowly moved in front of Fei to block the Second Executive Knight’s path.

“Humph, the Third Executive Knight, are you sure you want to go against me?”

The Second Executive Knight sneered. He didn’t say anything more, but his surging warrior energy was getting stronger and stronger; like a wave, he was trying to push the Third Executive Knight away. As the Second Executive Knight moved, the Forth and the Fifth Executive Knight also released their warrior energy. Like a huge mountain, their combined energy made the First Sword-Testing Stage that lost the protection from the magic barrier shiver; it felt like the stage was about to collapse.

“You……” The Third Executive Knight’s expression became gloomy.

Behind him, the Sixth and the Eighth Executive Knight also stepped forward and stood shoulder to shoulder with the Third Executive Knight. Together, the three of them also released their warrior energy. The invisible forces collided in the air viciously, and the colorful warrior powers lit up more and more on their body as the light colored half of the sky.

The crowd looked at each other as they didn’t know what was happening.

No one expected the duel would come to this stage. The six Executive Knights who came here to witness the duel self-divided into two group and confronted each other. From the looks of it, they might start fighting very soon.

“Quick…… back off!”

“Shiz, the Executive Knights are about to fight. Without the magic barrier, who can protect us? Any residual power will kill us all!”

“Oh my god, how did things turn out this way?”

The tens of thousands of people watching this trembled. Like dogs who saw a dragon, they were shocked by the power that was being emitted; people who were closer to the stage felt weak in their legs and collapsed onto the ground.

The people who could still move quickly started to rush away.

Even the noble figures in the VIP area were quickly moving out of the area under the protection of guards. If the six Executive Knights actually started to battle, their area would be affected first without the magic barrier’s protection.

The only group of people who didn’t move were the people in the magic carriages from the Holy Church and the cavaliers guarding it; they were silent and didn’t get anxious at all.

“Haha, great! I didn’t expect to see another team fight following the duel!”

The number one traveling poet in the empire Matt Razi was excited to see this. He drank from his wine cup as he fanned himself. With wine on his beard, he watched everything up close as if he didn’t feel the devastating forces from the six Executive Knights.


A loud buzzing noise sounded, and the sky-blue colored magic barrier appeared again!

Now, the terrified crowd finally stopped moving and turned back their heads.

They looked back at the stage with craze in their eyes. If the six Executive Knights actually started fighting, it would be an insane battle. To them, this would be the opportunity of the lifetime to witness the fight that would be documented in history up close.


“How are you? Don’t push me!” The Second Executive Knight had a violent and mad expression on his face. Although his face was covered by his mask, his eyes showed his emotions.

“Hehe, you three. Don’t forget that you are no match to us!” The Fourth Executive Knight sneered at three of his peers in provocation.

“You can’t be sure unless we test that.”

After thinking everything through, the Third Executive Knight didn’t have the confused and angry look on his face anymore. He calmed down and didn’t change his stance. Beside him, the other two Executive Knights also didn’t change.

“Last warning, I don’t want to fight you, so don’t push me…… otherwise, the fame and honor of Imperial Knight Palace would be stained by you three!”

The Second Executive Knight said as he slowly clenched his fist and unleashed his fire element warrior energy to the max.

The Third Executive Knight didn’t move. With a mocking smile, he said, “Maybe the honor of the palace would be stained, but the ones who stained it won’t be us!”

They were going at each other head-on.

The battle could start at any second.

At this moment –

“Cough…… can I say something?”

Fei who silent coughed and drew everyone’s attention at this moment. After he saw everyone looking at him, he slowly walked up as he rubbed his chins. Then, he patted the Third Executive Knight’s shoulder like an old friend as he said with a smile, “Mr. Executive Knight, you are drawing attention from me……”

The Third Executive Knight looked at Fei with a confused expression.

“Oh? Don’t know what I mean? …… The Executive Knights of the empire fighting to the death in front of all affiliated kingdoms aren’t something good for the empire. Therefore, bro, just let me handle this!”

After hearing this, everyone was shocked.

“Are you sure?” The Third Executive Knight woke up from the shock and asked with an earnest expression.

“Of course!”

Fei said as he walked up and faced the three other Executive Knights. His expression was so calm that everyone admired him for his courage.


After seeing the young king ignoring their efforts, the Sixth and Eighth Executive Knight sighed anxiously. The Third Executive Knight shook his head and brought the two Executive Knights to the edge of the stage. They were just going to watch the king of Chambord handle this on his own.

“Ok, so you are willing to go to prison?” The Second Executive Knight signed in relief. He didn’t really see this eighteen years old boy as a threat. Although this boy defeated the Seventh Executive Knight, it didn’t mean that the young king could escape from him and the other Executive Knights who were on his side.

“F–k you, dumbass!”

Fei shouted as he suddenly punched out.

Table of Content

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