Hail the King Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: Sky Frost Fist – Covering the Sky


The huge chainsaw-like sword that was now floating in front of Kelud seemed to be dragged by an invisible force; it started to spin rapidly as its teeth tore through the air. The high-pitched scream of the sword made tens of thousands of people in the crowd cover their ears as if an unknown beast had just roared.

Something strange occurred.

Like a whale that sucked away the water, all the blood mist and energy around the stage were all sucked to the blade, and the blade was covered by a layer of red flames. These flames looked bloody as if even space itself was about to be burned.

“As you wish. I will wipe your existence out of this world with this one strike. I will let those people who dare to challenge the Executive Knights to know what they would be getting into! Advanced Combat Technique – [Hell’s Ode to Blood]!”

Kelud suddenly grabbed onto the handle of the sword, and all the bloody flames instantly covered the knight as well if he had oil on his body. A red light flashed as Kelud stomped the ground and dashed towards Fei. Although the ground of the stage was protected by the magic array, spider-web like cracks appeared in the area where he was standing.

The knight’s body surpassed the limit of space and time as he instantly appeared above Fei and chopped down onto Fei’s head. A huge red sword that was made from warrior energy covered the blade, and a ton of mysterious patterns was covering it.

After seeing this, Fei’s expression became a little more serious.

This sword was made from pure warrior energy, and it had emitted an immense pressure. Although the body of the sword looked vague, it had magic arrays on it already. Upon a closer look, Fei already sensed a bit of the rule of nature in it …… this advanced technique was impressive; it was far more powerful than the Golden Sun Knight’s Gold Lance Tsunami Strike.

“Haha, not bad!”

As Fei laughed, his long black hair fluttered in the wind as he stomped on the ground as well. The power of a level 40 Barbarian exploded as his body shot out like a bullet. He punched out more than fifty times in the blink of an eye, and that lightning-like speed was beyond a regular people’s sensing ability. To them, it felt like Fei punched out fifty times spontaneously as if he had fifty fists.

The fifty fist marks seemed to combine together in the air, and every single pore and vein was visible on this huge transparent fist mark.

This fist mark looked spectacular.

The fist mark was about the size 10 meters from the index knuckle to the pinky knuckle. The simple fist shape gave people the feeling that this fist grabbed onto the essence of a punch. It looked like it could turn into hundreds of thousands of variations in a second.

“Sky Frost Fist – Covering the Sky”

Fei shouted as this fist mark flew across the sky like the will of a god.

At that moment, a scene appeared that no one witnessing this couldn’t forget in their lifetime.

The transparent fist mark flew in the air like it was about to create a hole in the space.

The red sword chopped forward like it was about to divide the world in half.

This moment finally came.

At the First Sword-Testing Stage, in the campsite, outside of St. Petersburg, under the Moro Mountains, everyone held their breath as they witnessed the clash between the lively fist mark and the red sword that was more than a hundred meters long.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosion sounded like a continuous thunder.

An eye-piercing white-light appeared in the very center, and invisible energy waves were sent into the surrounding like a nuclear bomb. These energies smashed into the magic barrier waves after waves, and the protective shield made by magic powers shivered. Dust and cracks appeared on the stage as if it was about to collapse anytime.

This was the most intense collision since the beginning of the battle.

This was also the collision that would determine the outcome of the battle.

Everyone was watching.

Everyone was nervous as their muscles tensed up.

Everyone didn’t know what was about to happen next.

There was only the sound of explosion that could be heard in the entire world

Everyone’s heart seemed to stop bumping.


A light crackling noise was heard.

Although it was very quiet, it sounded louder than a huge bell to the crowd. It knocked on everyone’s mind as they all stood up and stared at the stage that was fifty meters tall with full concentration; their breathing stopped, and their minds went completely blank…… For that moment, it seemed like time around the stage froze.

Soon, everyone knew where the crack came from.

The result of the collision was clearly displayed in front of everyone –

In the air, the huge red sword with magic arrays on it had a thin white crack on it; that was where the fist mark struck it. Then, like it was slow-motion, the crack started to expand to other places like a spider-web…… until finally the entire sword was cracked.


As a muffled noise sounded, the huge red sword collapsed into numerous pieces.

It broke!

Kelud lost!

The Bloodthirst Knight who almost everyone thought would win lost!

After breaking the sword, the huge transparent fist mark still had a ton of forces. It went up in the air and struck Kelud who was still in the air and couldn’t dodge instantly.

The huge transparent fist mark covered the Seventh Executive Knight inside of it.

A huge blood mist appeared in the sky as if there was a red cloud.


A figure that was covered in blood flew back and smashed into the sky-blue colored magic barrier that was at the edge of the stage. Kelud was forced to take on the remaining power of Sky Frost Fist, and blood shot out of his wounds like fountains. Severe visible injuries appeared on his body, and his limbs broke so much that his white bones could be seen by the crowd!


The Seventh Executive Knight whose name deterred 250 affiliated kingdoms for more than 20 years lost completely. The man that could be considered one of the top warriors was destroyed in a crushing manner!


As if all his life energy left his body, Kelud’s body fell to the ground after smashing into the wall-like magic barrier. Blood stained the stage and flowed in the cracks between the stones like a river……

“The duel is over…… the Winner is King Alexander from Chambord!” Matt Razi’s voice soon sounded in everyone’s ear, and this announcement made everyone feel like they are dreaming; it didn’t feel real at all.

At the same time, the flashing magic barrier also disappeared.

Everything under the sky was quiet.

A long lasting silence.

“How dare you hit him so harshly?”

An angry shout shouted as three figure dashed onto the stage from the VIP area. Everyone felt like their eyes blurred, and three powerful figures were already standing on the stage. They surrounded Fei, and the Second Executive Knight said with anger flashing in his murderous eyes, “How dare you? You only need to win in the duel, but you attacked to kill. King of Chambord, do you really think that the Imperial Knight Palace couldn’t fix you?”

“Arrest him, and throw him into the prison.” The Fourth and Fifth Executive Knight said as their warrior energy started to surge around them. The way they looked at Fei reminded the crowd of police looking at a criminal.

It suddenly got noisy around the stage.

Loud chatter and murmurs sounded around the stage like waves in the ocean. Many people didn’t expect this to happen after the duel. The fact that the Executive Knights were doing this to the winner of the duel screamed corruption. It was obvious that they were using this as an excuse to deal with Fei for personal matters. Booing noises sounded from around the stage soon after.

“Humph.” The Second Executive Knight sneered, and the air around the stage got cold. The people who were making noises instantly quieted down.

Although they weren’t happy about this, no one dared to challenge these knights. Most of them were from affiliated kingdoms, and they were used to obeying the orders from the Imperial Knight Palace. Even the people who were from noble families and wanted to recruit Fei into their group decided to wait and watch for now!

“Surrender!” The Fourth Executive Knight reached for Fei’s chest.

“You want to die?” Fei sneered, he wasn’t afraid at all. He punched out, and the Executive Knight also punched out. In a second, their fists met numerous time, and the Fourth Executive Knight was knocked back for several steps as his face paled. He breathed heavily as he couldn’t believe he lost that.

The noises around the stage sounded again.

Some younger and braver people were already cheering Fei on; the ruthless behaviors of the Executive Knights were making these people mad.


Another shout sounded as three more figures appeared. The Third, Sixth, and Eighth Executive Knight appeared on the stage and blocked the other three knights.

“It is normal for people to overuse their power in duels, you don’t have to get so upset over this.” The Third Executive Knight was actually on Fei’s side.

“Humph, I won’t change my decisions. How dare this reckless man injure an Executive Knight of the empire? He should be punished.” The Second Executive Knight didn’t bother to change his stance.

Table of Content

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