Hail the King Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: The Wait

The humphing noise made by the seventh Executive Knight sounded over the noise made by tens of thousands of people. Everyone was waiting for the response of the King of Chambord.


However, one minute passed, two minutes passed…… After more than a dozen minutes, the roar or trash talk that everyone was expecting to come from Chambord’s Campsite didn’t appear. The sunlight shone on the silver snow, and there was a long moment of silence as people were waiting for an response.




After hearing nothing back from his opponent, the seventh executive knight didn’t get angry as people expected. he only sneered and didn’t do anything else. He stood calmly on the stage and closed his eyes to meditate. The bloody red warrior energy enveloping him made it hard for people to see his face clearly. Looking from a far, he looked semi-transparent. It was really strange.


This man was waiting.


To be exact, there were still ten minutes until noon.


The atmosphere around the stage was very intense.


Everyone knew that this seventh executive knight was mad.


No one around the first Sword-Testing Stage dared to speak loudly. Just the bloody sense coming off of this figure on the stage made them feel like they were standing in a pool of blood and corpses. People who were brave didn’t dare to breathe heavily, and people who were timid were all pale from nervousness.


The name of the Bloodthirst Knight was so terrifying that everyone from the affiliated kingdoms feared him.


Even the influential figures sitting on the VIP seats didn’t make any jokes, they remained silent in unison. The Imperial Knight Palace was the bloodiest and the darkest institute at Zenit. They were only under the direct command of the emperor, and they had the strict power to oversee all 250 affiliated kingdoms and all noble forces and families. They weren’t restricted by the regular laws of the empire, and many famous and power kings of affiliated kingdoms and nobles were either punished or unjustly burned to death on the copper pillar in the palace after being accused by them. Even the members of the seven most influential noble families at Zenit were executed by them. Moreover, on the first Golden Pillar in the Imperial Knight Palace, three brothers of the emperor and four princes were killed by impalement for treason.


The prison in the Imperial Knight Palace represented cruelty and the darkest of deaths.


The seventh executive knight was named Bloodthirst Knight for a reason. He was tough and cruel like no others. The reason his golden metal element warrior energy turned red was because he crawled out of blood, stepped over numerous corpses, and absorbed the essence in the blood of his enemies. All ten executive knights were special and had their own uniqueness, but in terms of murderous spirit and cruelty, Kelud was number one!


Among millions of people at Zenit, the only people who weren’t scared of the executive knights, who had that much power, were the emperor himself and the Martial Saint of Zenit.


“King of Chambord, how dare you?”


After a few more minutes, Second Executive Knight – [Massacre Knight] suddenly spoke. He was in a set of armor with a ton of sharps hooks welded onto the back, looking like a terrifying weapon himself. The helmet with two blades on the sides blocked his face, but his murderous eyes were exposed.


What he said had dropped the temperature in the area for a few degrees.


“A dog from a village can’t handle this despite having some strength.” The Fourth Executive Knight – [Giant Blade Knight] said. The Fifth Executive Knight- [Ruthless Knight] nodded as if he was agreeing with it. Beside them, the other three executive knights who were also in majestic magic armor and covered by all kinds of warrior powers maintained their silence. They looked at each other through their masks but didn’t react.


On the VIP zone, some people had discovered that the six executive knights were somehow sending out a strange vibe. The six of the knights didn’t sit close to each other. They seemed to be divided into two smaller groups!


“So the ten executive knights aren’t as united as people think!” Some people thought. The sunlight got hotter and hotter and there were only three minutes away from exactly noon. Some people already started to think that the king of Chambord was too scared to show up. But at this moment.


A series of thunder-like clip-clopping noises sounded. The gate of St. Petersburg opened, and a group of cavalry knights charged out. In fact, there were so many of them that they looked like a huge dark cloud together. Different from the noble families before, these cavalry soldiers were only riding on normal horses. However, they were so in tune that they appeared more majestic and holy. In a few seconds, they had arrived by the stage.

“Cavalry knights from the Holy Church.”

“What is happening? Why is the Holy Church interested in this fight?”


“Who came? It couldn’t be Bishop himself, could it?”


It was the people on the VIP zone’s turn to be surprised; even the six executive knights had senses of surprise flashing through their eyes. This was a simple duel, but it was still understandable for the executive knights to show up since one of their peers was in the duel. However, it was quite unexpected for the high-level people in the Holy Church to show up.


After these knights arrived, the stage got even more silent.

Under the stares, the simple yet noble black magic carriage stopped by the Sword-Testing Stage. There were no more movements; no one walked out of the carriage, and everything just seemed so strange and bizarre.


Finally, it was about noon. The time for the duel was about to arrive.

Suddenly, a dash of silver light came from the direction of St. Petersburg.

In everyone’s surprise, it passed by the stage. In a blink of an eye, the light turned into a light figure in a white robe.


The man slowly landed on the stage, and everyone was able to get a good look at him. He had a feather fan glided with gold in one hand and a fancy golden wine cup in the other. With his black hair fluttering in the wind and a golden magic leather bag on his waist, he looked extremely fly. He was standing on the stage while fanning himself; he didn’t look like he was affected by the Bloodthirst Knight at all.


“It’s time for the duel, and the count down begins. If the King of Chambord doesn’t show up in ten seconds, it would be treated as he is afraid, and he would lose!”


After chugging down the wine, the figure in white announced.


When he was talking, he didn’t shout nor using any magic items. However, his voice somehow covered the chatting noises created by the tens thousands of people and clearly passed into everyone’s ear. It felt like this man was speaking into their ears clearly, and his voice was so magical that everyone couldn’t help but to listen carefully.


This man was the number one Travelling Poet of Zenit – Matt Razi. This man was very mysterious. He travelled around the continent and lived a playful lifestyle. He was very strong, but he never displayed his strength to others. In fact, no one doubted it since this poet who loved gold, swearing, and spotting out geniuses was a great friend with Emperor Yasin. He also had great relationship with the man on the Martial Saint Mountain.


According to the tradition, people could invite a famous traveling poet to the duel to be the judge. The shocking duel between two six star warriors was the best duel people could see in years, and people weren’t that surprised to see this mysterious and famous traveling poet Matt Razi’s appearance. The crowd was hyped up and stimulated.


“Ten…… nine…… eight…… seven……”


Matt Razi kept on chugging the wine, but his voice somehow sounded clearly without using his mouth; it was as clear as a bell ring.


“Five…… four…… three…… two……”


As the man was going to say the word “one”, a loud thunder-like rumbling noises sounded from afar and was traveling towards the stage rapidly.


“He is here……King of Chambord is appearing!”


“Here he comes……”

“Damn! He is really brave enough to take on this challenge!!”


The shocking appearance made almost everyone around the stage stand up and look for the cause of this noise. They couldn’t spot anything, but they sensed a force so great that made them have a hard time standing up straight. Many people staggered and fell as a great force passed by them from the above.


The sensation the King of Chambord was giving off wasn’t any less the Seventh Executive Knight! It was below almost everyone’s expectation!




A cold sneer overtook the surprised noise made by the crowd. On the red figure on the stage lightly shook his shoulders.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The air-piercing noises sounded as four dash of sword energy shot towards the sources of that pressure mercilessly; these four dashes of sword energies were so powerful that the sky turned to red.

A figure finally showed itself in the air.


The figure blinked as it tried to dodge the four murderous strikes. This figure was so smooth that it would dodge the attack at the last possible second before getting struck. Theoretically, it was impossible for a human to change the direction in the air with using any outside help, but this man just did it easily.

After a series of afterimage was left in the air, a man stood straight on the stage.




At the same time, the last syllable came out of Matt Razi’s mouth. At this last possible second, the other party in the duel, King Alexander finally appeared!


The king of Chambord got on stage before the count down.


The duel was still in effect.

Table of Content

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