Hail the King Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: Special gifts

“I like your answer. Wanting to protect something is a very powerful source of energy that can make you fearless in the face of all difficulties, and it will stimulate your potential so that you become more powerful. Therefore, young King, don’t give up. To protect someone is your mission, and this is a reason to be proud of. In my opinion, you are very lucky to have this girl, you should take good care of her!”

After he finished talking, Fei laughed and turned away.

“Mister, may I know your name? From now on, whenever you need any help or assistance from me, the Byzantine Kingdom and I are willing to help you, no matter the cost…” The young King saw Fei start to leave, and he hurriedly chased after Fei.

Fei took a long walk and didn’t look back, “Hahaha, the King of Byzantine, if you are interested, you will soon know who I am.”

The crowd made a path for Fei wherever he went.

Now, the people around were looking at the young King of Byzantine with different eyes. The sympathy and compassion that were in their eyes no longer existed, but pure envy and jealousy appeared. No one had even imagined this dramatic turn of events. This unlucky King, not only did he live, but he also managed to have his strength increased tremendously. Moreover, he also made a super powerful friend. This was simply luck falling from Heaven! For a time, everyone dreamed to be the young King of Byzantine, so that they could get in touch with the superhero in front of them.

However, just then, Fei suddenly stopped.

He turned around and looked at the fat middle-aged man wearing a purple gown, Eric, frowned his eyebrows and asked, “Are you the head minister of the Byzantine Kingdom?”

The purple robed fat man Eric thought that Fei wanted to have a word with him. He was overjoyed and immediately walked towards Fei as he replied, “Yes, Lord, I am, my name is … …”


With twenty meters apart, Fei suddenly blasted a punch at Eric.

With a muffled Sound, this guy who always attempted to flatter the people around and tried to scheme behind people’s backs was instantly transformed into a smashed watermelon.

The crowd was blown away.

Fei didn’t like this person.

Eric switched his faces just like the hookers switching their pants in the brothel. Fei easily thought of that ambivalent and manipulative Bazzer, the head minister of Chambord. Based on Eric’s behavior and his previous acts, he was obviously not a good guy. Killing Eric may instead help the young King.

After he had finished all of this, Fei laughed. His clothes were fluttering, and his black cloak was flying in the wind. Fei’s figure flashed at a very fast speed and disappeared in the vast darkness and snow.

In the Byzantine Kingdom’s camp, Eric’s body was left in the middle of a group of stunned people.


After leaving the Byzantine’s camp, Fei did not continue to stroll and look around. He soon returned to Chambord’s Camp.

At this time, the night had come. The gathering crowd had gradually gone away. The thick silver snow had covered everything under the sky including the entire campsite. Within the ten kilometers radius, the camp noises had gradually stopped. The only sound that could be heard was the snow drifting down from the sky as a gentle wind blew. Within four days, the Military Practice would officially begin. The peaceful drifting of snow was like the calm before the storm.

In Chambord’s camp, there were solders practicing in the snow. Fei did not disturb them and went straight to the Magic Tent located in the center of the camp. He opened the curtain at the gate and went inside. The hollow crystal magic lanterns had lightened up the entire camp, and the silver light warmed the people’s hearts and made everyone feel sweet and peaceful.

“Alexander, you’re back,” Angela said. She was embroidering something in front of the lamp as she saw Fei flying into the camp. She approached Fei with a smile of surprise; after taking Fei’s snow-covered cloak over and hanging it neatly on the hanger just like a gentle and thoughtful little wife, she tapped away the dust on Fei’s body and asked Emma to get a bowl of hot soup for Fei.

Fei felt a sense of happiness.

“Come on, let’s see. I’ve got some interesting presents for the both of you,” Fei said. He then took the presents out that were previously bought from the stores from the storage rings and placed them all on the table.

“Wow, a pretty fur coat! Oh, this crystal mask is beautiful as well, ah, thank you, Alexander!”

Angela and Emma still were little girls at heart. These gifts were not precious, but they were still somewhat fun, rare and interesting, especially since they were picked by Fei. The two girls looked cheered up by these small gifts.

“Hey, what’s this thing? It looks weird!”

Angela suddenly exclaimed and then picked one of the pineapple-shaped oval small stones out of the small gift pile and held it in her hands. She looked surprised as if she had discovered treasure.

“Ha, there are another two here!” The little Lolita Emma also found the other two stones. She said as she was frustrated after staring at it for a long time: “Well, it seems like nothing special. Just like two useless hard stone eggs! ”

Fei felt a little bit embarrassed. He thought: “This little girl is so blunt and straightforward.” He almost felt a little regret as he took out these mysterious old stones that the old man said he got from some Mythical Ruins.

“No, this stone seems like it contains life. I can feel it.” Angela carefully held the piece of oval stone by her jade-like ears while quietly listened. Soon, her brow wrinkled as she frowned: “Strange ah, I can clearly feel something that seems to call from inside, but as I get closer, that feeling is gone.” She said.

“Well, Angela, you can investigate into them further. If you like, you can keep these three stone eggs!” Angela’s behavior made Fei wonder if the stone eggs possessed some secrets. The old man felt very mysterious to him, and perhaps these three stone eggs really had some linkages or connections with Fei’s own Beautiful fiancée who had an unparalleled affinity for animals and plants.

“Thank you, Alexander!” Angela liked this gift very much, and she found a delicate, soft, fire-insulated magical box to store the three pineapple-shaped eggs in for safekeeping.

“Oh, yes, your majesty, after you left the camp, there were a lot of royalty and important people from the imperial capital coming to visit you with gifts. Since you didn’t come back, these people dropped off their gifts here and left.” The Blonde little Loli Emma remembered something as she opened the curtain on the right side of a magical tent. It looked like a hill of treasures in the back of the curtain as it was made from with a variety of exquisite magic armors, powerful magical swords, magic training scrolls and warrior energy training scroll in precious boxes, as well as a variety of other valuable gifts.

“These people understand what my preferences are. If I was still the poor Chambord King, this armor and weapons is very alluring to me… …” Fei touched his chin and said.

Suddenly, he remembered what Harry Redknapp, one of the supervisors of the Soros Merchant Group, had predicted. Harry predicted that after the battle of Dual-Towers Mountains, Fei would surely become famous in the imperial capital. Originally, Fei thought that he was just challenged by the seventh executive knight, and these important people from different groups may just wait-and-see. Fei didn’t realize that some forces and groups had begun ‘advance investment’ in him.

“Haha, your majesty, there were some gifts sent to you that you will definitely love.” The blonde little Emma squeezed her eyes.

“Oh?” Fei was a little curious by the look of Emma.

The little Loli Emma turned around and got out of the tent. After a while, she opened the curtains and came back with four beautiful young girls behind, all dressed in a tight white gauze with perfect body shapes. They were wearing snake-shaped gold exquisite armbands, and they were apparently well-trained and expertly dressed. Looking at their lovely movements with timid expressions, it was easy to arouse desire in any man.

“Who sent them?” Fei felt a glimmer of curiosity.

“It’s the Blood-edge Mercenary Group, on behalf of so-called the Fellon family from St. Petersburg ……” Angela saved the three large pineapple-shaped stones, turned, and smiled back at Fei as she explained: “I know that Chambord has a feud with the Blood-edge Mercenary Group, and the Fellon Family is not easy to deal with either. I had asked the four girls privately and realized that they had been kidnapped by the Blood-edge before and were taken as gifts. The girls’ life experiences are all very sad. If we returned them back, their fate may be worse, so I decided to keep them with us!”

“Well, you handled this matter well!” Fei was very satisfied with what Angela did.

Angela smiled and pointed at the gifts at the door as she continued: “For these gifts, I do not know that which ones are acceptable, so I have labeled each one of the gifts with where they came from. If you do not want to receive these gifts, Alexander, I can send someone tomorrow to return them.”

“Hahaha, these are free gifts, why don’t you accept them? If someone gives you free food and sends it to your mouth, why vomit it back?” Fei smiled and hugged his fiancée, “These gifts, we will award them to the soldiers tomorrow. After leaving Chambord City, they must be exhausted. They deserve it.”

“Well…” Angela was getting used to her Majesty and was not as shy as before.

“As for them …” Fei looked at the four timid-looking girls waiting for their fates and said, “Angela, I will leave all of them to you. I have a battle with the seventh executive knight at the first Sword-Testing stage, so I need to prepare for it in the evening. Do not let people bother me, and you should also sleep early tonight. If there are any other things that need to be arranged, Angela, you can deal with them on behalf of me!”

Fei finished talking, kissed the bright forehead of his fiancée, and turned to the left side of the tent.

Soon, the sky-blue portal appeared and Fei stepped into it, instantly disappearing in place.

Table of Content

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