Hail the King Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Any Other Reasons?

Fei only took a step forward, but the force coming off him was pressuring everyone else like a tsunami. The few mercenaries of the Blood-edge mercenary group who survived the fireballs all kneeled onto the ground uncontrollably as they felt their fragility when faced with this force.

Most of these mercenaries were weak. They only had a faint sense of warrior energy, and they weren’t even star ranked warriors. Under Fei’s barbaric power that was equivalent to a six star warrior, most of their bones broke just under the pressure. They were as weak as chicken that encountered a tiger.

As Fei walked closer, a series of balloon exploding noises sounded. Other than Captain Harry, who had the two huge hammers, all the other mercenaries were smashed into piles of meat paste by an invisible force. They didn’t even have the chance to scream.

This level of power was devastating.

The crowd outside of the camp were all shocked to see this. They opened their mouth and eyes wide, and they looked like Fei as if they saw a demon king arriving from hell.

As Fei’s Barbarian level increased and got more battling experience, Fei’s control of Barbarian’s physical force had reached another level. As he walked, none of his force was exerted onto the people of the Byzantine Kingdom. Without even moving his body, no one except Captain Harry could make him move.

“You……Who are you?” Harry unleashed all of his power and struggled to stand up. He shouted as fear took over, “We are members of Blood-edge Mercenary Group, how dare you attack us?”

“I’m killing Blood-edge bastards for a reason.” Fei sneered. He didn’t waste any more words and punched out directly.

Harry raised his hammers and wanted to defend.

But the booming noise sounded. Chipped iron pieces flew in the air, and the invincible black iron hammers looked as if they were weak like paper. They weren’t the only things that were destroyed. Harry’s arms were also destroyed. Then, the huge amount of force went through this criminal who was threatening the Byzantine Kingdom a few seconds ago and turned him into a cloud of blood mist. The snow falling down around him was turned into red.

Only more than a dozen seconds had elapsed, and a team of Blood-edge Mercenaries who was capable of suppressing a small kingdom was wiped out. None of the team members was able to escape. The difference between the two parties was just too big.

Without a single drop of blood on him, Fei stood there quietly as he glanced through everyone with his cold and sharp stare. Finally, his eyes locked onto the young king of Byzantine.

“You…… who are you?” After sensing the eyes of the Demon King like figure locking onto him, the young king forced himself to calm down as he protected the girl Izabella behind him.

Fei suddenly lowered his head and fell into a moment of silence; he didn’t answer the question of this young man.

The atmosphere was really stifling.

No one in the camp nor in the crowd outside of the camp dared to move. In fact, they didn’t even dare to breathe. They were scared that this powerful demon king like figure would instantly move and squish them into a pancake.

Soon, everything around the campsite was silent, and snow was falling down from the sky.

Suddenly, Fei raised his head.

He reached out, and an invisible force seized the young king of Byzantine. After pulling the young man close to him, a small ball of dark green liquid flew from Fei’s palm into this young man’s mouth.

“AHHAHA…….Ouch……Ouch…… what did you force me to eat? So painful!” The young king’s body quickly started to shake violently in pain.

“Let him go…… No!! Let him go, what did you do to him? You devil……”

Izabella’s face was filled with terror. After seeing her lover being forced to drink the poison-like dark green liquid and starting to cry out in pain, her love for the young king overtook her fear of Fei as she tried to rush over and save her lover……

However, she was so weak that she couldn’t get pass the invisible force field.

“You dirty woman, what are you doing? Do you want to offend this master warrior and bring disaster to the Byzantine Kingdom?” As the head minister, the fat man in purple was scared and mad at the same time. He smiled in flattery at Fei as he shouted, “Quick, someone stop that woman. Don’t let her offend this great master.”

A few guards who were loyal to the head minster walked up and dragged Izabella to the back without saying anything.

At this time, the young king who was stabilized in mid-air by this invisible force was struggling and crying even more violently. His entire body turned to the dark green color, and he looked like a terrifying monster. With his veins bulging, his blood vessels looked like they were about to burst. His handsome face also twitched and changed shape with the intolerable amount of pain. His voice also got hoarse as he gradually lost strength to even resist.

This terrifying scene made everyone in the crowd shiver subconsciously.

By just looking at the expression of the young king, they would clearly understand what kind of experience the king was going through. Now, everyone was looking at Fei with a different look. On top of respect, now they also viewed Fei as a mentally sick man.

However, more people was feeling lucky.

They were glad that this devil like man didn’t choose them as the target of torture. Otherwise, they may have already bit their tongues to commit suicide. Now, they were all staring at the young king with pity in their eyes.

But at this moment, things turned.

Not sure when, but the greenness on the young king’s body started to disappear. Except the sweat on his body, no trace of what happened couldn’t be found on him. Without the sweat, people would have thought that they were hallucinating.


Fei waved his hand and the force that seized the young king disappeared; the king fell directly onto the ground.

“Your majesty….. your majesty, are you ok? You are fine? You scared me……” Not sure where the girl got the strength from, but she got free from the guards and rushed to the side of the young king. After she cried in surprise and happiness, she turned around and kneeled in front of Fei. She begged, “Please, I beg you. Please don’t torture him anymore……”

Her tone was so desperate and sad that the people in the crowd also had tears in their eyes after hearing that.

“Ah…… what happened? I….. this is power…… I’m filled with power!”

A gasp suddenly sounded. The young king of Byzantine suddenly realized something as he stared at his hands. He couldn’t believe it as he sensed the power flowing in him. After a moment of stun, he suddenly struck the ground with one of his fists. Boom! The hard ground cracked, and a spider web like dent appeared on the ground.

Everyone who saw this had their mouths wide open.

“What happened?” They all thought.




The young king’s strength somehow advanced! From his punch, people were able to tell that he was on the level of a two star warrior. A few moments ago, this king was only a one star warrior. What happened?

Some smart people in the crowd already stared at the man in the cloak; they had got a hang of everything after linking everything together.

“This……” The young king of Byzantine who was surprised knew what was going. After he helped his lover to stand up, he wanted to kneel down and thank this man. However, he found that he wouldn’t bend his kneels at all; an invisible force was stopping him from doing so.

“We are on the same level as kings. You shouldn’t kneel down to thank me.” Fei said lightly.

“Then…… thank you, I……” The young king who was filled with gratitude was so excited that he couldn’t put his speech together. After all, the man in front of him didn’t just kill the members of Blood-edge ground to save them, the man also used some magical method to help him with his advancement; but he had misunderstood the man’s intent.

“Mister, please forgive me for my ignorance. I didn’t know……” The young girl stopped crying and smiled. With some tears still in her eyes, she bowed at Fei to apologize.

Fei smiled back, he didn’t mind it at all. He then turned around and asked the young king, “Under that kind of pain, you could choose to bite your tongue and commit suicide, why did you resist?”

“Because the Byzantine Kingdom still needs me. I can’t abandon my loyal subjects……”
Fei shook his head as he continued, “Other than that, is there anything else?”

“I……” The young king paused for a second and responded, “I have to live.” He clenched his fists and said, “I have to protect Izabella. Without me, she couldn’t survive in this world!”

Fei laughed out loud at this answer.

Table of Content

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